EDWARD DOWD Speculates Gates, Fauci, et al. Will Be Used as Fall Guys in New ALEX JONES Interview

In a new interview with InfoWars’ Alex Jones former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd says Western governments are committing “democide” and speculates Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, et al. are going to be used as planned scapegoats for coming public outrage.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. [This is] democide.” Edward Dowd

Former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd continues to drop proverbial bombs in viral interviews online, highlighting what he believes is a conscious act of democide—or murder by government using, in this case, fatal COVID-19 “vaccines”—across the West. In a new interview with Alex Jones of InfoWars Dowd notes he has new actuarial data that now backs up his claim that the COVID-19 injections have dealt a massive death blow to the U.S. population: specifically amongst the working-age population in the third quarter of 2021. Right after the “vaccines” were mandated by corporations and the Biden administration.

Reiterating what he said in a recent interview with Steve Bannon, Dowd highlights  a publicly available actuarial report from the Society of Actuaries Research Institute (immediately below) evincing a massive increase in all-cause mortality amongst the age groups spanning 25 through 64 in Q3 of 2021. More specifically, a 78% increase in ages 25-34; a 100% increase in ages 35-44; an 80% increase in ages 45-54; and an increase of 53% in ages 55-64. Perhaps not incidentally, there was also a 31% increase for ages 65-74, and a 19% for ages 75-84.

Dowd refers to this massive increase in all-cause mortality amongst working-age people in the U.S. as a “silent Vietnam war” as it amounts to 61,000 Millennials killed by the COVID-19 injections. And while some may argue these deaths were due to drug overdoses, missed cancer screenings, suicides, or other socio-behavioral factors, he notes that doesn’t make sense for several reasons. One being that the spike in deaths recorded by the Society of Actuaries uses data from Millennials who necessarily have jobs that provide healthcare—meaning they’re young, healthy, and fully employed; i.e. not prone to suicide or overdosing.

Image: SoA via Edward Dowd on GETTR

Dowd also notes the spike in Millennial deaths exhibits a very fast rate of change (i.e. it spikes upward quickly). He notes this temporal factor also necessarily excludes explanations like suicides and missed drug screenings as it would be nonsensical to say that this cohort of people all suddenly decided to participate in the same destructive behavior at the same exact time.

Dowd notes that what did coincide—perfectly—with the spike in Millennial deaths in Q3 of 2021, however, were sweeping “vaccine” mandates amongst federal and state governments, as well as corporations. Indeed, the Biden administration, for example, issued two executive orders mandating “vaccines” for federal employees and contractors—amounting to 100 million workers, or two-thirds of the U.S. workforce—in September of 2021. In July of 2021, California—the most populous state in the nation—announced a “vaccine” mandate for its state employees and healthcare workers. In the private sector, Houston Methodist in Houston, Texas was the first hospital system to implement a COVID-19 “vaccine” mandate, which took effect in June of 2021.

Image: Edward Dowd via InfoWars

As for who will take the blame for the massive amounts of death caused by the horrendously dangerous COVID-19 injections? Dowd speculates it’ll be the likes of Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the rest of the World Economic Forum cabal that has been pushing lockdowns, masking, and mandated “vaccines” this entire time. But, unfortunately, he says going after the known “villains” will only be a misdirect; one leading to a new set of leaders who will be nothing more than wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

“If I was an evil person and I wanted to put in a control system, how would I do it? Obviously, I would have some villains, like Klaus Schwab, [Yuval Noah] Harari, Fauci, Gates, some front men who think they’re running the show. But they implement this and it creates a collapse in trust of institutions and society,” Dowd tells Jones. “And the goal is to introduce a central bank digital currency and some sort of social credit score and control. [But you] can’t sell that, so you get these clowns to do it, in such a comical, evil fashion that it’s a joke. We then defeat these people…And then, out of left-field, once these guys go off to jail, some very handsome, well-sounding reasonable people come up with a solution that looks great but… that’s what [the WEF cabal and friends] wanted to implement anyways.”

Dowd explains that the reasoning for his speculation boils down to the Hegelian dialectic. Or, as Dowd puts it, “problem-reaction-solution.” Dowd asks rhetorically, “What’s the problem?” to which he responds “The problem is we got these crazy Bond villain types who want to implement global control.” He goes on to say “The reaction is you and me and people getting madand then there’s an economic collapse [and] a loss of trust in institutions.” And the solution? “[S]ome very nice well-meaning, well-spoken good-looking people come up with a solution that’s not as bad as the one that was pitched to us” by the WEF cabal and puppets. (But still amounts to a horrible enslavement of free peoples.)

Dowd adds that he, of course, can’t be sure this is actually what’s happening. The former BlackRock fund manager and billionaire, however, says that if he had to bet capital on his speculation, he “would make a big bet on it.”

Feature image: InfoWars

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