Lab Director Mike Adams Has Analyzed COVID ‘Vaccine’ Clots, Says They’re ‘Self-Assembling Biostructures’

Lab director and investigative journalist Mike Adams (a.k.a. the Health Ranger) has performed a mass spectrometry analysis of the “clots” turning up in the bodies of dead, COVID “vaccinated” people and found that they’re “self-assembling biostructures” that aren’t alive, but do actively harvest and organize conductive elements from surrounding blood.

In a new interview with Dr. Jane Rubya “medical professional” and “pharmaceutical drug development expert”—lab director and investigative journalist Mike Adams (a.k.a. the Health Ranger) offers his analysis of the now-infamous “clots” that have been showing up in the dead bodies of those who were “vaccinated” against COVID-19. Upon analysis in his accredited laboratory, Adams claims he can say definitively that the clots are “self-assembling biostructures,” which aren’t alive yet still actively harvest and organize conductive elements from surrounding blood.

To analyze the disturbing clots—previously described by the likes of embalmer Richard Hirschman and funeral director John O’Looney—Adams says he performed Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (or ICP-MS), which is a type of mass spectrometry that uses an inductively coupled plasma to ionize the materials being tested. Or, in other words, Adams used ICP-MS to decode the mass-to-charge ratio of the atoms in the clots, and therefore glean their atomic identity. (A brief overview of how mass spectrometry works is in the unrelated video from YouTube channel Evagating immediately below.)

Adams’ findings regarding the atomic makeup of the clots show that they contain the following elements: vanadium, chromium, manganese, nickel, copper, arsenic, selenium, strontium, molybdenum, cadmium, lead, and uranium—all of which should not be in these COVID-19 “vaccines.”

“I don’t know what these clots are, but we are learning what they are not,” Adams tells Ruby in the interview. “The elements that are found in human bodies—the elements that are common in human life, or even mammals, any kind of animals, frankly—those elements were almost completely missing from these clots,” he adds.

Indeed, on the contrary, Adams says “what [the COVID-19 injections] do contain in higher amounts compared to human blood are elements that you might find in circuitry or machinery, or electrically conductive systems.” He adds that the clots accumulate relatively large amounts of tin, which he says is an element that’s used to “repair circuit boards and so on.”

Image: Dr. Jane Ruby Show

On top of the tin, Adams notes he also found sodium and other alkali metals, which are highly conductive. The lab head subsequently notes these types of elements are the kind “you might expect to find in things like AI robots, or circuits, or circuit boards, things like that.”

Furthermore, Adams says that “these clots are, in effect, harvesting and organizing conductive elements from the blood” and that he’s seen “nanowires emanating” from one of the clots. Indeed, on an episode of InfoWars he hosted (embedded immediately below), Adams took a close-up look at one particular clot with a “really high-end” 1,500X optical microscope and observed one of the nanowires. He also says he’s been able to see “a pattern of what kind resembles something like a circuit board interface,” although he can’t be certain that’s what it is.

Although Adams acknowledges there are still many questions that need to be answered regarding the nature of the COVID-19 vaccine clots, he says he can be certain that they’re self-assembling biostructures that “increase in size over time.” Adams notes “these are self-assembling machines of some kind that are biologically compatible for a period of time. and as they grow they take up more and more of the cross-sectional space in arteries and blood vessels.”

Of course, this growth results in the blockage of arteries, according to Adams. The clots “somehow [attach] to the circulatory system walls or arterial walls, but [they can] be dislodged as well,” he adds, noting that if the clots continue to grow they block the arteries and blood vessels that deliver blood to all parts of the body. “And this, I believe,” Adams says, “is the explanation for quote ‘died suddenly’ [deaths being reported in the news]. And is the explanation for people who have to have their hands or feet amputated—because people are losing blood flow to those extremities.”

Image of some of the smaller clots found by embalmer Richard Hirschman. Richard Hirschman via Dr. Jane Ruby

Notably, it appears that Adams’ findings line up well with what immunologist and virologist Poormina Wagh and her collaborators have found inside of the COVID-19 “vaccine” vials themselves. Wagh, who recently interviewed with Navy spinal surgeon Dr. Lee Merritt, said that she found “massive amounts of heavy metal contamination”—as well as an overwhelming amount of graphene oxide—in the 2,300 “vaccine” vials she and her colleagues tested. (Neither of which are supposed to be in the COVID-19 injections according to their manufacturers.)

As for why the COVID-19 injections contain these elements that they most certainly should not? As well as an explanation for why these “clots” are growing in the arteries and vessels of people “vaccinated” against COVID-19? Adams echoes the theories laid out by the likes of former Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon, noting that the COVID injections are likely a “depopulation weapons system.” As a result, Adams says “vaccinated” people around the globe are “ticking time-bombs of clot death” who will die over the next 10 years or so. The lab head says he’s also not aware of any way to dispel the clots, and theorizes that they will kill—at least—tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) of people.

Feature image: Dr. Jane Ruby Show

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