Leaked Video from Israel’s Ministry of Health Proves Country’s Health Authorities Knew About COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Neurological Side Effects that Went Unresolved in 65% of Cases

An undercover video recorded during an Israeli Ministry of Health meeting from early June of this year shows the country’s health ministry knew the COVID-19 “vaccines” had a causal relationship with serious neurological problems (that went unresolved 65% of the time), but still said nothing to the public.

Steve Kirsch, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF) at the beginning of the COVID-19 PHEIC (literally pronounced “fake”) pandemic has come across what may turn out to be a bombshell video leak out of Israel. The leaked video comes via an anonymous whistleblower who recorded an internal meeting amongst members of the country’s Ministry of Health (MOH) and a hired team of scientific investigators, in which they discuss the COVID-19 “vaccines” having a—causal—relationship with serious neurological problems. Neurological problems that did not resolve 65% of the time.

In the leaked video—parts of which are available in the video immediately above as well as the tweets immediately below—we hear shocking admissions from the team of investigators hired by Israel’s MOH to look into the adverse events of the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Yaffa Shir-Raz, a journalist in Israel who reported on the leaked video, highlights several quotes from the meeting in the below tweet thread posted September 1, 2022.

“We’ll have to think [in a medical-legal way]… how to present our findings to avoid lawsuits,” one MOH official says in the video. “Why? Because of quite a few side effects we said: ‘OK, it exists and reports exist, BUT STILL GET VACCINATED.'”

The quotes from Shir-Raz’s tweet thread only scratch the surface of what was said by MOH officials and the commissioned team of investigators in the meeting, however. Take, for example, the below sequence of snippets taken from the conversation; involving one MOH official, “Sasha,” and another unnamed official.

Sasha: “When I took these side effects and analyzed their duration, then here was really a surprise: In most of the reported cases—long-term side effects were reported, which lasted for a month. I set a month as some sort of cut-off point because I thought that for neurological symptoms there were some expectations that they would go away within up to a month, [but] once we look beyond a month, then [there’s] something that suggests something that we didn’t know before. Sixty-five percent (65%) of the time there was actually no end. They said ‘I’ve been in pain for five months and it’s still going on. I mean we don’t really know the ranges in terms of the end. And it turns out that Pfizer claimed, in an internal discussion with the ministry of health, that it did not know about the long-term side-effects. So if the company itself did not know isn’t this a new signal?

An MOH official speaking: “I also really think that the company should be updated, because the last time we at least were present at a discussion, and there was a discussion about long-term effects, they said they had no knowledge. Two additional new signals detected in the study and not listed by Pfizer are digestive side-effects, found especially in children, and back pain. So if these are not new signals, one can only wonder, what is a new signal?”

Shir-Raz noted on twitter that “the IMOH withheld the findings for 2 months, even from their own expert committee which decided 3 weeks later to clear the vaccine for infants. Only on August 9, two months later, the IMoH decided to publish a formal report.” (Here is the report in Hebrew.) “Yet, in contrast to the researchers’ findings and conclusions presented to them – the IMoH blatantly claimed in the report that there were NO NEW SIGNALS found in the study that are not already known,” Shir-Raz added.

“They also manipulated the reporting rate of AEs by using a denominator of TOTAL doses administered ~18 million,” Shir-Raz went on to say. “The new reporting system was launched on Dec 2021 when majority of Israelis already got 2-3 doses, which means -AEs in the study represent a tiny portion of vaccines[.]”

“Even worse!” Shir-Raz continued on, “They calculated the denominator of vaccines against the reports of menstrual irregularities using TOTAL NUMBER OF ADULT DOSES – meaning, men were included in the equation of how common menstrual irregularities were.”

“And if all this is not enough, the MoH also framed the findings as representing the ENTIRE POPULTION, hiding the fact that only one small HMO out of the 4 operating in Israel handed over their reports, thus the study only covers ~15% of the population,” Shir-Raz tweeted, adding icing to the cake.

In his Substack post, Kirsch went on to talk about how Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the head of public health services at the Israeli Ministry of Health (and, previously, the deputy CEO of the Carmel Medical Center and state epidemiologist for the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services) “issued no public statement” following the meeting.

Link to MOH webpage

Indeed, a cursory internet search didn’t turn up any warning regarding indefinite neurological issues from Alroy-Preis from the months following the meeting. In fact, the MOH posted the above press release on September 2, 2022. It notes that “Neurological, allergic[,] and other side effects were much less prevalent (about 4%)” in those who received a COVID-19 “booster” versus those who only had two doses of the Pfizer “vaccine,” but fails to mention 65% (or a similar percentage in all likelihood) of those neurological cases were never resolved. (If the booster figures match up with the original “vaccine” figures discussed by the MOH, and why wouldn’t they?)

On the contrary, it seems Israelis were fed up with Alroy-Preis’ lies even before the June MOH meeting. In the tweet immediately below posted by marketing expert and activist Efrat Fenigson, we see what appears to be several dozen people protesting outside of Alroy-Preis’ house. Fenigson noted in another tweet that the protestors were speaking out against “health mandates” and put the story in context alongside snippets of studies showing myocarditis is a very serious problem following COVID-19 “vaccination.”

Furthermore, former journalist and graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management Michael Rozolio wrote about more MOH coverups in a series of tweets on February 2, 2022 that covered another MOH presentation. He wrote in his thread that the Ministry had been claiming—“for months”—that myocarditis as an adverse event was “[inflated] by vaccine opponents.” But, according to an official MOH presentation slide, “From May 2021, [a] long time before the booster, they knew there was a risk of high-volume myocarditis.”

Rozolio went on to note in the same thread that “[The MOH] even wrote an internal document about how medical staff must deal with [myocarditis], but outwardly it was constantly claimed that there was no such thing.”

Image: Israel’s Ministry of Health

Rozolio also said that “Mrs. Sharon Elroy Price, the head of Public Health at the Israeli Ministry of Health testified [in front of] the FDA committee…. in September 2021, five months after writing the Department of Health’s recommendation regarding myocarditis. [I]n this testimony she claimed that only one case had been identified in Israel until then.”

Kirsch also notes in his Substack post (pulling from Shir-Raz’s Twitter thread) that Alroy-Preis “lied to the outside committee of the FDA about the Israeli safety monitoring.” In the video immediately below from a September 17, 2021 VRBPAC (Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee) meeting—beginning around the 5:56:00 mark—Alroy-Preis says the following:

“I have to say that I was pretty surprised that Reckless Levy [a play on Retsef Levi] comment that Israel doesn’t follow adverse events. It’s our data, I’m in charge of it, so I know exactly what is being reported to us… but we actually have two very large studies from our biggest HMOs that covers 75% of the population and they looked into adverse events… one week following the third dose in those 60+ and they saw the same thing we saw; that there was some local and systemic adverse events but not serious adverse events.”

This, of course, is a lie, as the MOH knew from May 31 of 2021, approximately 3.5 months before this meeting, that myocarditis was a serious adverse event from the COVID-19 “vaccines.” (Also note, not incidentally, that the FDA had knowledge that both the Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine” as well as the Moderna “vaccine” caused myo/pericarditis. See excerpts from each summary basis for regulatory action—submitted for Moderna’s “vaccine” on August 24, 2021 and May 18, 2021 for Pfizer’s “vaccine”below the video immediately below.)

Critically, Alroy-Preis also said in the VRBPAC meeting with the FDA that “[W]hat we saw prior to our booster campaign was that 60% of the people in severe and critical conditions were immunized—double immunized—fully vaccinated. And I think 45% of the people who died in the 4th wave were doubly vaccinated.” (These statements come at around the 5:59:00 mark.)

Link to Summary Basis for Regulatory Action for Moderna’s “vaccine”
Link to Summary Basis for Regulatory Action for Pfizer’s “vaccine”

In the video immediately above Shir-Raz and MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Retsef Levi (who Alroy-Preis referred to as “Reckless Levi” because he tried to bring attention to the COVID-19 “vaccines'” dangerous side effects) speak with Neil Oliver of GB News. In the interview Shir-Raz notes that:

“The background of this meeting [from which the leaked video came] is that the study commissioned by the Ministry of Health was based on a new reporting system that the MOH has launched by the end of 2021. As is well known, Israel has a very high vaccination rate, and was crowned [as] the world’s laboratory. But, as it turns out, this entire, critical year in which the vast majority of the population in Israel was vaccinated, the Israeli vaccine monitoring system was in fact completely dysfunctional. There was, in fact, no reliable system that you could say [was] even remotely similar to the American VAERS or the UK Yellow Card system. And so, the MOH on December, 2021 finally launched a proper system instead of the dysunctional one, allowing an analysis of [these types] of side effects. So the research team they commissioned, headed by a distinguished professor from the one of the hospitals in Israel with expertise in pharmacology [and] toxicology, was tasked with analyzing reports of side effects over a period of six months from the beginning of December, 2021 to the end of May, 2022. And the findings presented in this video, in this meeting, as you will see, are very serious. Nevertheless the Ministry of Health withheld them for nearly two months and only very recently published a formal report about this work. However, unfortunately the gap between the official report and what the researchers say in this internal discussion and the sentiment of concern in this discussion couldn’t be greater. In fact, the report completely contradicts what was said in this discussion.”

Levi adds in the interview with Oliver that:

“Let me just say the work was quite impressive, the work that the research team did. And what they found was a range of side effects with clear and definite—as they say—causal relationship to the vaccine. Actually including some new side effects that are not even listed by Pfizer… How did they conclude a definite causal relationship to the vaccine? This is based on the concept of re-challenge. This is when the side effects reported [are] coming back or worsens every time you take another dose of the vaccine. So [the video shows] the head of the research team… explaining this concept to the people in the Ministry of Health. Using and referring [to a] framework that is very well established to evaluate a side effect and the vaccine. Essentially what [the framework is] telling them is that when you observe a re-challenge, that changes the assessment from a possible relationship to a definite relationship. And that’s why they were so sure and they were so apparent about the causal relationship between the side effects and the vaccine.”

Levi also notes:

“[T]he finding of this research team were very, very clear that the side effects are definitely caused by the vaccine because of the re-challenge phenomenon and they also last for weeks, months, over a year, and sometimes still ongoing at the time of the report was given to the Ministry of Health. The neurological side effects [are] even more interesting. The electronic form that the Ministry of Health created to allow patients to report had two parts; one of them was a closed form part, where you were actively asked about specific side effects—and that report didn’t even include neurological symptoms. And at the same time, nevertheless, when they analyzed the free text part of the form, where patients were allowed to report whatever they wanted to… they got many many reports of neurological side effects. Again, some that are not listed currently by Pfizer as side effects of the vaccine. And, again, based on the re-challenge phenomena, they could see both a definite causal relationship with the vaccine, and, again, long-term side effects that lasted weeks, months, or sometimes over years.”

When Oliver asks “what’s the result of [COVID-19 injection] repitition,” Levi says:

“This is very concerning. And, in fact, irrespective of this study, I think we already see some indications that there is also increased toxicity. The more boosters you take, you see more side effects and you see, again, side effects coming back. In fact, that caused the research team to be very, very concerned about the impact. And, at some point, we can see… the head of the research team is talking about the… legal liability for the findings. And, essentially what he’s saying is that the narrative that the Ministry of Health in Israel, and many other health authorities around the world, [perpetuated] was ‘Go get the vaccine because the side effects are short-term; rare and short term.’ And now what it turns out is the situation and the realities is not what the narrative was reporting. And the side effects are long-term and serious. And basically saying you have to think very, very carefully about how you communicate this to the public because you may open yourself up to lawsuits and liability issues. Because what you’ve promoted is, in fact, not the reality in what we see in the report.”

Levi also discusses “menstrual irregularities” with Oliver, noting that “once the vaccine campaign started, many women reported about menses irregularities.” He adds that “like many cases during the last year, the immediate response was very dismissive and… the response was just, ‘OK, this is just a temporal coincidence.’ [But when] reports persisted, the narrative changed a little bit and people were willing to acknowledge maybe there is a possible relationship to the vaccine, but the phenomena is short-term.” Of course, Levi notes the findings of the research team assembled by the MOH found these “side effects are definitely caused by the vaccine because of the re-challenge phenomena and they also last for weeks, months, over a year, and sometimes still ongoing at the time the report was given to the Ministry of Health.”

In the video immediately below we watch Alroy-Preis say on Israeli television (on an unclear date, but certainly after the June MOH meeting) that “Many times, women have changes in their periods: from stress, medication, from many things. But what we do know–and that the Gynecology Society says very clearly: Even if there is a connection to the vaccine, these changes are temporary and passing… So we don’t know if it’s related because we don’t have the data to compare, but even if there is an effect, it is passing, and things return to normal.”

However, as we can see from the leaked video from the MOH discussion with its investigative committee, the investigators “focused on durations that were longer than a week long phenomena that women reported that the change did not last only a few days or a week, but longer than that… .” One investigator notes that “I added up those cases, and I saw also there were more than a few cases of menstrual cycle irregularities that lasted across several months.”

The investigator adds that “Some women reported not getting their period, that their periods were very heavy and long and have not been regular since the vaccination.” She also notes that “Most of the long-term adverse [event] reports were of this kind.”

The same investigator also notes that “10% [of women reporting menstrual irregularities] reported that the problem was solved and the same changes appeared again after the following dose of vaccination.” Critically, she also says “We thought [menstrual irregularities] were short lived, which is what studies so far have shown, but we found that more than 90% of reports that characterize duration deal with long-term effects with 60% of that group reporting a change lasting for more than 3 months.”

Link to tweet thread

As for why the Ministry of Health would betray the Israeli public? Kirsch points us in the direction of this Substack post by Dr. Guy Shinar, a physicist with 20 years of experience in the development, clinical research and regulation of medical devices, and a member of the Israeli Public Emergency Council for the COVID-19 Crisis. Shinar notes in his post entitled “How did Israel’s Ministry of Health become Pfizer’s Agent?” that “The research collaboration agreement between Israel’s Ministry of Health and Pfizeris a fascinating document, which shows line after line how a country voluntarily dissolved its sovereign powers and turned into a marketing and distribution agency on behalf of a commercial enterprise overnight. All of this within a narrow tunnel vision of the country’s responsibility to public health that it is supposed to serve.”

Shinar also notes in his post that:

“The agreement included a declaration, according to which the two parties recognize that the success of the cooperation depends on the rate and extent of the vaccine rollout to the population in Israel. Israel’s Ministry of Health promised that the distribution, deployment, and provision of the vaccine to the population would be carried out in a timely manner. All of this without any condition on the matter of the safety of the vaccine, excluding a ‘catastrophe’ which would bring about the vaccine being taken off the shelves. It isn’t clear from the agreement which of the parties would define what is defined as a “catastrophe” and what steps would be taken in order to identify that “catastrophe” before or at the beginning of its occurrence.”

As for where things stand now? Yaffa Shir-Raz wrote in a tweet response that there was an Israeli supreme court decision on September 8, 2022to not…allow opening of the transcripts of [the MOH] COVID discussions to the Knesset, which are confidential for 30 years.” Shir-Raz added that the reasoning behind the ruling was that if the MOH leaked video was given to the Knesset (the country’s unicameral legislature) “This might harm the quality of the discussions [surrounding COVID-19 injections].”

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