CDC Report: 44% of People Hospitalized With COVID-19 Had One Booster Dose; 5% of Those Who’ve Had Two Booster Doses or More

A CDC report from late August states 39.1% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 had a “primary vaccination series” plus one booster dose. The same report notes five percent of those who’ve received two doses (or even more) had a 5% hospitalization rate.

In a new YouTube video retired nurse Dr. John Campbell goes over a CDC report from late August, which states 39.1% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 had a “primary vaccination series” plus one booster dose. The report also notes 5% of those who’ve received a primary vaccination series plus two boosters (or even more) were hospitalized with COVID-19. This adds to an enormous and rapidly growing body of evidence showing—unequivocally—that the COVID-19 “vaccines” don’t mitigate infection and transmission, nor hospitalization and death.

In Campbell’s video—immediately above—the retired nurse says he first learned of the CDC stats from a Medscape article posted on September 7, 2022. In the article, the outlet—which claims to be the “leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide”—goes over the report, noting that “Almost half the people who were hospitalized with COVID-19 last spring had been fully vaccinated and received a third dose or booster shot… .” Medscape also notes the CDC study “found that hospitalization rates among people over 65 increased threefold over the study period. Rates among people under 65 rose 1.7 times.”

Campbell recaps the Medscape article and CDC figures, pointing out that this report represents some “pretty disconcerting data” for the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Campbell goes on to say “I would like to ask the CDC, well how long… are we going to protect these people for? Because COVID-19 is now endemic.”

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Furthermore, Campbell seems to take issue with the fact that the CDC still recommends “Adults should stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccination, including booster doses,” despite the fact that the national public health agency doesn’t acknowledge natural immunity; which, of course, is demonstrably robust.

“I would’ve thought there’s a place for natural immunity here [in the report],” Campbell says. “But CDC [doesn’t] mention natural immunity. But let me assure you natural immunity exists. But they don’t seem to mention that, unfortunately.” (Interestingly, despite the fact the CDC doesn’t acknowledge natural immunity in this report, it has elsewhere. In fact, in a report dated January 28, 2022 the CDC noted that “By early October [of 2021], persons who survived a previous infection had lower case rates than persons who were vaccinated alone.”)

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Making things even more grim for the efficacy of the COVID-19 “vaccines,” the CDC notes in its report that “COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness has been found to decline 6 months after vaccination, at least in part because of waning immunity, which might disproportionately affect rates among vaccinated older adults who received approval for vaccines earlier than did those in other age groups.”

Along with covering the late-August CDC report Campbell has also discussed the anomaly in all-cause death statistics in countries around the world. In a previous video he posted to his YouTube channel on September 8, 2022immediately below—Campbell reported that there is “clear evidence of excess deaths” that is “not contributable to COVID” in countries like the UK, the U.S., Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Australia. In a somber tone, Campbell noted, for example, that the UK is seeing a 15.4% increase in all-cause mortality versus the five-year average for the comparable season. Campbell notes that for Australia, the country is seeing a 16.6% increase in the national average for all-cause mortality.

Campbell notes the excess mortality in countries across the world is also not in the same groups that saw people die from COVID-19—i.e. the very old and frail with lots of comorbidities. Instead, the retired nurse notes that “we are talking about our youngest, fittest people here dying at a higher rate.” He adds that “This is not talking about particular comorbidities necessary, [these data are] just identifying that more of these younger people are dying. Something is going on.”

For a speculative explanation of this increase in excess mortality in countries around the world, check out this page.

Feature image: Dr. John Campbell

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