Prominent Physician-Researcher Says ‘Somebody Above the Level of Our Governments Is Giving the Orders’ to Roll Out the COVID ‘Vaccines’

In a new interview with The New American prominent physician-researcher Dr. Meryl Nass says that “somebody above the level of our governments is giving the orders” to roll out more and more COVID “vaccines.” Nass also notes the new bivalent COVID “vaccines” haven’t been properly tested for safety or efficacy.

Dr. Meryl Nass, known for proving that the world’s largest anthrax epidemic was actually due to a biological warfare weapon, has done a new interview with Veronika Kyrylenko of The New American in which she discusses the serious regulatory issues with the new bivalent COVID “vaccines.” Perhaps more interestingly, however, Nass also claims that “somebody above the level of our [respective sovereign] governments is giving the orders” to continuously roll out more and more of the enormously dangerous injections.

In her interview with The New American—immediately above—Nass offers her analysis of the new COMIRNATY (i.e. Pfizer-BioNTech) and SPIKEVAX (i.e. Moderna) bivalent “vaccine” boosters, which are ostensibly aimed at targeting the Omicron BA.1 subvariant of SARS-CoV-2 in addition to the original strain; noting the injections “weren’t tested at all in humans” in the U.S. and only “a little bit” in humans in Europe.

“Believe it or not, [the bivalent boosters] were only tested in mice. That’s the only way you could get vaccine into arms in a two-month timeframe,” Nass tells Kyrylenko. “Now, basically, this would be completely illegal, but the way the FDA and CDC have gotten around that, is by only issuing emergency use authorizations for these new vaccines,” Nass adds.

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Making matters worse—for anybody who dares to take one of the bivalent boosters—Nass also notes that “There is no—zero—quality requirement” for the manufacturing of the boosters. “They don’t have to meet any standards. And there is absolutely no liability for the manufacturer or the FDA or anybody else involved in the program.”

Not only has there been a vanishingly small amount of human testing of the novel boosters (and zero human testing in the U.S.), Nass also describes how COVID boosters wane in efficacy more and more rapidly in accordance with how many doses a person has taken. I.e. the more doses of COVID “vaccine” a person takes, the less efficacy the boosters have at preventing infection, hospitalization, and death. The physician-researcher specifically cites a New England Journal of Medicine study, which “showed that after a third dose, people’s immunity began to wane after about three or four months. But after a fourth dose, it waned after four weeks.” (Although I was unable to find that particular study, I found the one linked immediately below, which notes that “after either two doses or three doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine, [researchers] found rapid waning of vaccine effectiveness against the current sublineages of the omicron variant with respect to protection against hospitalization.”)

Along with inefficacy Nass also notes that the level safety of the new bivalent “vaccines,” in all likelihood, is unacceptable. “In terms of safety, again, the CDC tried to tell the [Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee] that the safety was better in the booster than it was after the original two doses of vaccine… and they didn’t have this booster to show, so they [only] had data from older boosters,” Nass tells Kyrylenko. “And it turned out that, no, it wasn’t necessarily safer. There were many side effects that were more significant with a booster compared to the original vaccines. Especially in children.” Indeed, Nass notes that “there were about 3% of children who received the first mRNA vaccine that couldn’t attend school and by the time they got their third, which was the booster, 18% couldn’t attend school.” (Nass notes it’s unclear how harmed the children were, nor how much school they needed to miss in order to recover.)

Aside from the lack of safety and efficacy data for the bivalent boosters, Nass also claims that the entire COVID “vaccination” program is being coordinated by “somebody above the level of our governments… .” The physician-researcher says this is the case because numerous health agencies of sovereign countries authorized the use of the bivalent boosters for the public on—literally—the exact same day. (In the excerpts immediately below we see the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the CDC, and Health Canada all recommended the new bivalent boosters for approval on September 1, 2022.)

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“Somebody is telling all these countries ‘You have to go for [the vaccine authorization] and this is the day you do it.’ And we don’t what that entity is,” Nass says in the interview. She asks rhetorically: “Who is pulling the strings of the FDA, the CDC, the European [Union], the [European Medicines Association].. Who is doing this and why?”

Regardless of who is pulling the strings, Nass says that “we’re looking at very frequent boosters, which is a great business model for Pfizer and Moderna. And because NIH gets royalties on the Moderna vaccine, it’s a good business model for them too.” Nass adds that this way of approving/authorizing these “vaccines”—without any proper testing in humans, or any real testing at all—“is just a lose-lose proposition” for the American public. Although it is, of course, a sweet deal for Big Pharma, because, as Nass notes, “you can’t sue” the makers of the “vaccines” if they do make you ill. You also can’t sue the National Institutes of Health (NIH), even though, as former NIH head Francis Collins says in the Reuters video immediately below Moderna (and Pfizer, of course) is “now making a fair amount of money off” the COVID “vaccines.”

Despite the lack of safety or efficacy data for the bivalent boosters, as well as the obvious financial conflicts of interest for those recommending them to the public, Nass points out that the U.S. government has still purchased 171 million doses for its citizens. And if that’s not enough—and according to the federal government it isn’t—the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says that “Both Moderna and Pfizer [bivalent booster purchase] agreements include options for a total of 600 million doses” if Congress decides to allow for their purchase.

As for Nass’ apparent advice for people who are considering taking one of these bivalent “vaccines”? She wishes “good luck to anybody who gets… the wool pulled over their eyes on this one.”

Feature image: The New American

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