List of Evidence Showing Sweden’s COVID Strategy is the Most Effective

Here is a running list of evidence showing that Sweden’s COVID-19 mitigation strategies are the most effective.

1. Open Schools, Covid-19, and Child and Teacher Morbidity in Sweden (Sweden’s schools, up until age 15, have been open this whole time and not a single child has died of the disease.)

From the letter to the editor: “Despite Sweden’s having kept schools and preschools open, we found a low incidence of severe Covid-19 among schoolchildren and children of preschool age during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Among the 1.95 million children who were 1 to 16 years of age, 15 children had Covid-19, MIS-C, or both conditions and were admitted to an ICU, which is equal to 1 child in 130,000.”


2. “About two thirds of the countries in Europe have a significantly higher excess mortality rate than Sweden.”


3. WHO praises Sweden’s no-lockdown policy, and it’s deferring to its citizens to take on responsibility of managing COVID.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) this week praised Sweden as a potential “model” for battling the COVID-19 virus sweeping nations around the world.

“Sweden, unlike most other nations, has avoided the hardline approach to the novel coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in mass economic shutdowns and vast unemployment. Bars, restaurants, libraries, public pools, and most schools remain open in the nation of 10 million, which has drawn fire from critics skeptical of the state’s ‘laissez-faire’ approach.

“On Wednesday, however, the WHO’s top emergencies expert said Sweden’s social distancing policies are often misunderstood.

“’I think there’s a perception out that Sweden has not put in control measures and just has allowed the disease to spread,’ Dr. Mike Ryan told reporters. ‘Nothing can be further from the truth.'”


Feature image: Dennis Sylvester Hurd


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