Review of BLUE-GREEN BREAST MILK Reports in VAERS in Light of New Evidence of Presence of mRNA ‘Vaccines’ in Breast Milk

In light of new evidence in JAMA Pediatrics showing there are “trace amounts” of mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” present in the breast milk of lactating mothers who received the jabs, here is a review of some of the VAERS reports of lactating mothers producing “green,” “blue,” or “blue-green” breast milk post injection. This post also includes a tiny glimpse at the negative effects COVID-19 injection-laced milk has had on breastfeeding infants according to a bevy of VAERS reports.

A new research letter recently published in JAMA Pediatrics on September 26, 2022 describes a cohort study that demonstrates there are indeed trace amounts of Pfizer’s COVID-19 “vaccine” (a.k.a. BNT162b2) as well as Moderna’s COVID-19 “vaccine” (a.k.a. mRNA-1273) in breast milk of lactating mothers post “vaccination.” The trace amounts of the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines” were found in 45% of lactating mothers (5 out of 11 of the breastfeeding mothers in the cohort study), with an uncertain conclusion as to whether there was enough of the “vaccines” present to be “translationally active”; i.e. whether there was enough of the vaccines present to inoculate the breastfeeding babies inadvertently.

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In light of this new evidence, now is a good time to take another look at the myriad reports of “green,” “blue,” or “blue-green” breast milk in lactating mothers “vaccinated” against COVID-19 as described in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as well as the peer-reviewed journal Breastfeeding Medicine.

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In the VAERS reports above and below, collected from both VAERS and OpenVAERS (a site that helps to make VAERS more accessible to the general public), we see ample evidence of mothers producing discolored breastmilk after receiving one of the mRNA COVID-19 injections. Including reports of mothers pumping “strikingly green” breast milk, as well as “neon green” breast milk.

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“Her breast milk has turned green,” VAERS ID report 980782 says of one lactating mother who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 “vaccine.” The same report notes that the lactating mother also noticed “reduced breast milk production” and that the outcome of the report was “unknown.”

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Along with reports of “green” breast milk produced by lactating mothers post COVID-19 “vaccination,” there have also been reports of women pumping “blue” milk. In the report immediately below, VAERS ID 908852, a 36-year-old mother “decided she was going to pump and toss her milk due to getting [the Pfizer COVID-19 injection].” The report notes that “When pumping [the mother] noticed that her milk was blue in color.” The report also notes the mother felt achy, and also had weak legs and joints. The VAERS report notes the woman felt “like [she felt] when she had COVID in July.”

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Reports from VAERS—which cannot be directly linked, unlike reports from OpenVAERS—also describe reports of “green tinted breast milk” and breast milk taking on a “blue/green” color.

Along with the myriad reports of blue, green, or blue-green breast milk produced by lactating mothers post COVID-19 “vaccination,” a study published in Breastfeeding Medicine on September 16, 2021 also described the phenomenon of discolored breast milk post injection.

“Three women reported a change in color of milk (blue–green) following dose 1 [of one of the COVID-19 mRNA injections]; two reported change in color of milk following dose 2,” the study in Breastfeeding Medicine notes. The study also noted a “reduction in milk supply” amongst mothers who took one of the mRNA “vaccines.”

Unfortunately (after a cursory glance), it seems the study in Breastfeeding Medicine, authored by Kerri Bertrand in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of California, San Diego, et al. doesn’t clarify *why* the breast milk turned a blue-green color. Nor do any of the VAERS reports.

Indeed, multiple VAERS reports simply state that mothers experienced “breast milk discoloration” post COVID “vaccination” with little other explanation. (Although frequently the outcome of the reports are “unknown.”)

“Green-tinted breast milk” appears to be the most common description of the phenomenon, however. At least according to the VAERS reports gathered for this post.

Along with the VAERS reports and study in Breastfeeding Medicine, there was also an interview with Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost from September, 2021, in which the former registered nurse describes people being coerced to take the COVID-19 injections “without informed consent.” In the interview, Frost notes specifically that “I had one nurse who [reported] she… had a baby and it was her fourth child and she was breastfeeding so she went after working all day with vaccinated patients she pumped her breast… to feed her baby and it came out green. And she was… so glad she pumped her breast before she fed her baby. (Minute 22:00)

Along with Frost’s account in September of 2021, in May of this year author and tech CEO Naomi Wolf—who’s had a team of volunteers working on the Pfizer post-authorization data dump—told Steve Bannon that “there are signals about dangers of breast milk for vaccinated moms, lactating moms. And it makes sense, because the spike protein goes to the whole body. Which means it… likely goes into breast milk.” She added that “The point is some of the signals in the Pfizer documents are ‘discolored breast milk’ and nobody, according to the doctors who we’re consulting, as yet has actually analyzed the breast milk of vaccinated mothers. Which is insane, it should happen immediately.” (Wolf’s interview with Bannon is embedded below.)

Link to study in Breastfeeding Medicine / Image: Kerri Bertrand, et al. / Breastfeeding Medicine

Aside from the actual discoloration of mothers’ breast milk post COVID-19 “vaccination,” there are also countless reports in VAERS of babies suffering adverse events after receiving breast milk from their mothers. Several of which are excerpted below.

Interview with Sue Frost

In one report, for example, a 33-year-old mother reported to VAERS that her “Breastfeeding toddler developed rash [on its] torso, back, and cheek.”

Likewise, in another VAERS report, a 36-year-old mother “vaccinated” with the Pfizer injection reported that her baby “developed a rash on [its] trunk.”

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“The patient was exposed [to the COVID-19 mRNA injection] via the transmammary route,” VAERS report 1031318 reads. “On [January 13, 2021], at 10 am, the patient experienced rash and hives on his arms and outer thighs.”

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Babies breastfed by mothers who have been “vaccinated” with one or another mRNA injection have also reported their babies developing high fevers.

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“I am breastfeeding and starting on day 7 after vaccination my breastfed infant had diarrhea and fevers for a few days, and continues to have diarrhea without fevers despite not making any other changes in diet, etc.” one 30-year-old mother states in VAERS report 972017.

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In VAERS report 968218 immediately below a 39-year-old mother “vaccinated” with Pfizer’s COVID-19 injection reports that her 11-month-old son developed a fever of 101.7 degrees Fahrenheit after she fed him. The fever lasted three days.

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Immediately below in VAERS report 936865 a 38-year-old “vaccinated” mother says her 11-month-old son developed a fever of 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit after breastfeeding.

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Along with breast milk discoloration and infants experiencing serious side effects after breast feeding, women “vaccinated” against COVID-19 with one of the mRNA injections have also been frequently reporting reduced production of breast milk.

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The VAERS reports immediately above and below (VAERS ID 1034426 and VAERS ID 961513) note “decreased breastmilk production” after the lactating mothers received their mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines.”

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It should also be noted that, despite the fact these phenomena regarding “vaccinated” lactating mothers’ breast milk—as well as the harms done to their babies by their tainted milk—have yet to be explained by “health authorities” in any meaningful way, those same authorities have still been pushing the COVID-19 mRNA injections on pregnant women—often times outright coercing them to take the highly dangerous and highly ineffective “vaccines.”

In the video immediately above posted to Twitter by Justin Hart, we get just a taste of how hard the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has been pushing the COVID-19 injections on breastfeeding mothers. Note the CDC at no point mentions the dangers of breastfeeding in association with the COVID-19 injections, nor, of course, any possible breastmilk discoloration. On the contrary, the government agency claims that “If you’re breastfeeding, [you should] stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines to help protect yourself and your baby.”

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