Naturopathic Doctor Describes ‘Nylon Clots’ Pulled from Living Patients, Potential Zombification of the ‘Vaccinated’

In a new interview with “medical professional” Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Leunis van Rooyen, a Harvard PhD and naturopathic healer working in South Africa, describes white, proteinaceous clots “like nylon” pulled from living people’s bodies. Van Rooyen also discusses how he believes the COVID-19 “vaccines” may lead to the zombification of people’s minds.

Writer’s note: The interview with Dr. Leunis van Rooyen begins at around the 3:50 mark.

Note 2: I was unable to find online verification of Dr. Leunis van Rooyen’s Harvard credentials. However, van Rooyen is associated with a company called Nucleolife on LinkedIn and The Red List.

Note 3: It’s unclear why Dr. van Rooyen doesn’t know definitively whether or not those presenting with these strange clots have been “vaccinated” against COVID-19 or not.

In a new interview with Dr. Jane Rubya “medical professional” and “pharmaceutical drug development expert”—South African wellness specialist and naturopathic healer Dr. Leunis van Rooyen describes how a team of surgeons with whom he works has pulled out some of the now-infamous “white fibrous clots” thought to be associated with the COVID-19 “vaccines” out of living patients. Previously, all of the reports of the proteinaceous clots that have gone viral online have been pulled from dead bodies by embalmers.

“This lady is still alive,” van Rooyen—who claims he studied CRISPR technology at Harvard—says of one of the living patients from whom the clots were pulled. Ruby herself points out toward the beginning of the interview that the female patient was 32 years old, and is “assuming” to have been jabbed.

Van Rooyen notes there have been “numerous… patients that [have gone] through the same surgery,” having these novel, rubbery clots removed from their bodies. Van Rooyen says he refers to the clots as “nylon ropes,” and says they range between 3 centimeters and 40 centimeters (1.2 inches to 15.7 inches) and are being pulled out of arteries. The clots “might be as long as from the groin to half way down the calf” van Rooyen says.

The South African PhD in natural medicine goes on to note that the patient from whom the mysterious clots were pulled came to doctors for treatment after experiencing “a cold sensation in one leg,” as well as “a loss of power [and] muscle function” in the leg. Van Rooyen says the female patient, as well as all of the other patients presenting with the clots describe “excruciating pain” from the clots, along with feelings of inflammation. He notes, however, that in many cases patients have the clots, but are still asymptomatic. “[T]hey don’t experience the symptoms that one would expect looking at the seriousness of [these clots],” he tells Ruby.

As for what’s causing the bizarre white clots—which lab director Mike Adams claims are “self-assembling bio-structures” that aren’t alive yet still actively harvest and organize conductive elements from surrounding blood—van Rooyen appears to have no doubt it’s the COVID-19 “vaccines.” The naturopathic healer notes the clots only began appearing after the rollout of the “vaccines,” and that they appear soon after people get injected.

A sample of the types of clots Dr. van Rooyen speaks of in the interview. This image is from an unrelated interview with embalmer Richard Hirschman. Image: Richard Hirschman via Dr. Jane Ruby

Interestingly, echoing what Dr. Bryan Ardis has said of COVID-19 itself, van Rooyen compares the effect of the “vaccines” on the body to snake venom. “What happens is the gain-of-function genetic therapy causes the body to produce proteins, which [are] toxic to the body,” van Rooyen says. He notes that he tries to “imagine [people who’ve gotten the injection as] being born with some type of a function similar to having glands like a snake and then these glands produce the [spike] protein.” Van Rooyen also speculates that there are “nano-sized blades” made of graphene oxide in the injections “cutting your body apart on the inside.” Although he tells Ruby that he doesn’t have mass spectrometry evidence—or, seemingly, any other type of evidence—to support the claim. (Dr. Daniel Nagase in Canada, however, does provide electron microscopy evidence that there are “organized little chip structures [that] aren’t made of anything chips are normally made of” in the COVID-19 “vaccine” vials.)

The COVID-19 injections, van Rooyen claims, also damage the cell the same way as snake venom does. He notes the injections damage the mitochondria (or the “powerhouses”) of cells just as snake venom does, and even points out that Scientific American— a popular American science magazine that’s been in print since 1845—reported in January of 2020 that analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 genetic sequence suggested similar codon usage to snake venom proteins.

“Snakes—the Chinese krait and the Chinese cobra—may be the original source of the newly discovered coronavirus that has triggered an outbreak of a deadly infectious respiratory illness in China this winter,” the Scientific American article reads. The article specifically references a study in The Journal of Medical Virology that noted “results derived from our evolutionary analysis suggest that 2019-nCoV has most similar genetic information with bat coronovirus and has most similar codon usage bias with snake[s].”

Link to tweet / Link to Scientific American article

“It is absolutely atrocious what this does to our blood,” van Rooyen adds. “But it’s not only our blood, it is blood circulating throughout our whole body, passing the blood-brain barrier and destroying our bodies from the inside out.”

As for the clots themselves, van Rooyen says they are “quite rigid,” but have also “got some elasticity.” This description aligns perfectly with what embalmer Richard Hirschman, as well as funeral directors John O’Looney and Wallace Hooker have described regarding the clots they’ve pulled from dead bodies. (Both O’Looney and Hirschman have described the clots as having the texture, appearance, and consistency of calamari; i.e. squid served as a dish.)

Van Rooyen also offers microscopic looks at the proteinaceous white clots (immediately below) as well as unvaccinated blood versus vaccinated blood (bottom). He notes that in the blood of those “vaccinated” against COVID-19, amyloid micro-clotting is occurring, which is causing general hypoxia (a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level) and general death of red blood cells. (Amyloids are fibrous, abnormal protein structures that can build up in the body. They are thought to be responsible for a variety of diseases, including Alzheimers, etc.)

Due to the damage to the mitochondria, the hypoxia, and the amyloid micro-clotting, van Rooyen says somebody seriously damaged by a COVID-19 injection becomes “almost like a zombie.” In fact, van Rooyen notes “the CDC… devoted the last section on [its] website to… [t]alking about the zombie apocalypse. So it’s not me saying this, I just repeat what they say.”

Image: Dr. Leunis van Rooyen via Dr. Jane Ruby

Interestingly, the CDC does have some webpages/documents dedicated to discussions of a “zombie apocalypse,” but only in an ostensibly tongue-in-cheek way. For example, in 2012 the CDC, which says it is a “big fan” of The Walking Dead TV series, put together a “teachable moments” blog post outlining how to prepare for a zombie invasion—although the agency noted in the post its aim was to get people to prepare for emergencies, not for an actual zombie invasion. Likewise, the CDC has also put out a graphic novel regarding a potential zombie apocalypse, again as a way to get people to think about preparing for emergencies. (The graphic novel did, however, have some interesting story elements; including a general narrative that people should stay inside their homes until a vaccine against zombie infection was discovered and developed.)

The naturopathic healer also touches on the so-called “shedding” phenomenon—which is the assumption (supported by many doctors and scientists, as well as evidence in VAERS) that those “vaccinated” against COVID-19 can spread spike protein or other “vaccine” components onto others—saying that he has “an expectation that the [spike] protein must have skin permutation” and is able to toxify people’s bodies. He also notes that “When [he’s] in the vicinity of [people who’ve been] jabbed [he develops] incredible headaches.”

Van Rooyen does note, however, that those who’ve been infected with COVID-19 but not had the “vaccination” for the disease are likely to be OK in general. In his estimation the PhD says it’s “unlikely” unvaccinated people have had their genomes changed and they will not develop the odd proteinaceous clots discussed in the interview.

Toward the end of the interview van Rooyen discusses what’s going on in the world more broadly, regarding the intersection of COVID-19 “vaccines,” technological innovation, and politics, noting that “the World Economic Forum… [wants] to use… [we] humans… to create a super quantum computer” by building out the so-called “internet of bodies,” which is like the “internet of things” (or IoT) only with human bodies instead of gadgets like toasters, security cameras, etc. He says that the goal of the World Economic Forum and its ilk is to have private corporations develop the means to communicate with people’s cells without their knowledge in order to coordinate their brain and body power en masse—compelling them to function as a collective of cyborgs, or alternatively, “transhumans.”

Image: Dr. Leunis van Rooyen via Dr. Jane Ruby

As for van Rooyen’s outlook on the future, it seems he doesn’t think the enlightenment of medical professionals regarding the dangers of the COVID-19 “vaccines” will improve anytime soon. “It deeply hurts us to see patients going through this. And the rest of humanity is in denial,” van Rooyen tells Ruby. “Whenever you talk about this [with doctors], there’s just this blank facial expression. It’s just, for them, it’s impossible. It’s just… something that happens and it will sometime in the future will be explained. But [it has] nothing to do with this injection” in their minds.

Feature image: Dr. Leunis van Rooyen via Dr. Jane Ruby

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