Interview with Pharma Insider Reveals How the Department of Defense Has Coordinated the Entire COVID ‘Vaccine’ Rollout from Manufacturing to Distribution


In this interview with the Corona Investigative Committee, pharma insider Sasha Latypova—who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry—outlines how the Department of Defense has complete control over the development, manufacturing, and distribution of the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Latypova also shows how different batches (or “lots”) of the COVID injections vary in deadliness based on VAERS data; becoming more detrimental the more they conform to manufacturer specifications.

In a new interview with Vivanne Fischer of the Corona Investigative Committee—which has reformed following Fischer’s accusation that fellow committee founder Reiner Fuellmich embezzled $1.3 million—serial entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical and medical industry Sasha Latypova outlines several catastrophic issues with the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines,” including extremely poor manufacturing practices, contamination of vials with heavy metals, and exceptionally shoddy clinical trials. Latypova also outlines for Fischer and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg how the Department of Defense (DoD) has been responsible for the entirety of the COVID “vaccines'” rollout.

Latypova, who has spent more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry during her career—working with over 60 pharma companies all over the world, including Pfizer, “with specific focus on development, validation, regulatory acceptance and commercialization of new clinical technologies”—describes the COVID-19 injections as military products specifically aimed at killing and maiming people.

“[W]e know that [governments, regulatory bodies, and pharmaceutical companies] are lying, they’re covering up [crimes], [and] they’re gaslighting,” Latypova tells Fischer and Wodarg. “The families killed and injured by these shots… they [demonstrate] very, very clear intent to harm through all these actions. And at this point everything should be deemed intentional. The injury and death toll should be deemed completely intentional.”

Indeed, as Latypova outlines the evidence for why the harms caused by the COVID injections are intentional, the prospect becomes more and more compelling. The pharmaceutical insider notes, for example, that in January of 2021, the California Department of Public Health identified a particular batch (or “lot”) of Moderna “vaccine” that had “A higher-than-usual number of possible allergic reactions.” Despite the recommendation to pause the use of the batch of “vaccine” by California State Epidemiologist Dr. Erica S. Pan, however, Latypova notes the rollout of the problematic “vaccines” continued, resulting in—according to VAERS, or the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System—approximately 1,000 serious adverse events; including 60 deaths.

“The manufacturer did not stop this lot, [nor did it] recall it,” Latypova says. “Nobody from the health authorities forced a recall. And this lot was continued to be sold all over the United States until it ran out in March,” she adds, highlighting the fact that the federal government—and the other major entities involved in the “vaccine” rollout—did not do anything to stop it, and, worse, “continued pushing it into people.”

Image: Sasha Latypova

The single Moderna lot identified by health authorities as being particularly dangerous is, of course, only the very tippy top of the iceberg consisting of horrors inflicted by the COVID mRNA injections. Using VAERS as a key research tool, Latypova compared the number of severe adverse events (SAEs) and deaths due to the COVID injections to both the recorded SAEs and deaths caused by the flu vaccine, as well as each lot of COVID injection against one another. Her findings, as Latypova’s slides show, were beyond disturbing.

In the image immediately above Latypova offers a graph comparing lots of the COVID injections (from different manufacturers) to each other, as well as the flu vaccines. Note how minimal the number of deaths and SAEs associated with the flu vaccines is compared to the COVID injections: Latypova notes that the maximum number of SAEs associated with a single flu vaccine lot in the past was 37. For the COVID injections—particularly those from Pfizer—that number increases to an absolutely staggering 1,500+. Likewise, Latypova shows that while some COVID injection lots are associated with more than 1,000 SAEs, some have resulted in even fewer reports than flu vaccine lots; meaning there is massive variation in how safe any given COVID “vaccine” lot really is.

Image: Sasha Latypova

Furthermore, Latypova offers a graph that shows how lots of Pfizer’s COVID “vaccine” have decreased in lethality over time according to deaths per 1,000 doses. In this “very strange picture,” Latypova shows a 12-fold difference between the deadliest Pfizer “vaccine” lots and the least deadly ones. There’s also an astonishingly clear trend line showing that, as time has gone on, the lots of the Pfizer-BioNTech injections have become less and less deadly. A phenomenon that can’t be explained by the earliest injections going to the elderly either, as healthcare personnel of all adult ages were included in the early phase of the rollout. (Latypova notes the “expected relationship” between the injection lots should be a flatline; i.e. there shouldn’t be any difference in deadliness between Pfizer’s injection lots whatsoever.)

Along with deadliness of the “vaccine” lots, as well as the inconsistency of how deadly each lot is, Latypova highlights what could be considered an even stranger phenomenon: lots of varying deadliness are making their way to specific states in the U.S. I.e. some states are consistently receiving COVID “vaccine” lots that are minimally deadly, while others are consistently receiving lots that inflict far more death. And, in all likelihood, far more serious injuries as well.

Image: Sasha Latypova (Analysis by Douglas O’Connor)

In a map presented by Latypova (immediately above) the pharma insider shows how each state in the U.S. is receiving “vaccine” lots that vary on the spectrum of deadliness. The map—again, based off VAERS data—shows how, for example, California has received relatively non-deadly lots of COVID injection at 1.92 deaths per 100,000 vaccinated people. Conversely, Latypova shows that the second-to-worst-hit state, Kentucky, has been receiving lots of “vaccine” that cause, on average, 24 deaths per 100,000 vaccinated people. That means injections going to Kentucky are, on average, 12 times deadlier than the ones going to California.

Latypova goes on to discuss how sloppy and unsupervised the actual manufacturing process is for these novel COVID injections. These “vaccines” are “completely nonconforming because [they don’t] have to conform,” Latypova says. She notes the injections are legally a “prototype,” not a “pharmaceutical.” That’s why, Latypova says, each brand of injection is “highly nonconforming to its label and [is] extremely variable and does not conform to good manufacturing practices.”

The ostensible list of ingredients in Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 “vaccine.” Image: Sasha Latypova

“The expectation is that every batch of every new product is about the same as the previous batch of the same product,” Latypova says. “And they conform to the label, they don’t have impurities and they don’t have anything toxic. There’s also, in [the] case of these COVID-19 injections, the expectation that they’re even interchangeable between different brands although no testing has been done to demonstrate that.”

There are, however, some broad consistencies amongst the mRNA COVID “vaccines. “For example, Latypova says, “when they’re able to isolate and sequence RNA from the vials, [the] RNA sequence[s] [do] not conform to the label. We have yet to find a match to what Pfizer says it should be,” she adds.

A look at one of the “self-assembling structures” found in a vial of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID “vaccine,” provided by Israeli electrical engineer Simon Yanowitz in an unrelated interview. Image: Simon Yanawitz

Aligning with assessments from Dr. Daniel Nagase in Canada, Poormina Wagh in the U.S., and the Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis in Germany, Latypova says researchers have found various metals inside of the mRNA “vaccine” vials, including cobalt, chromium, and aluminum; all of which the pharma veteran says are “very toxic to the body and neurotoxic.”

Latypova notes that “rare things like Thulium” are also present, which she says is “bizarre.” She notes that antimony was also found in the Moderna vials. “And antimony is a metal used in semiconductor manufacturing [and] mined in China,” Latypova says. “It’s not clear what it’s doing in Moderna’s vials, which is supposed to be produced in Massachusetts.”

More “structures” identified by Latypova’s colleague, Simon Yanowitz. Image: Simon Yanowitz

“There are also inclusions [in the vials]… contaminations with structures, also of unknown origin,” Latypova says. “They look like unexplainable blobs and particles and they are large because people find them under standard optical microscope, which means they are not nanoscale, they are larger than that.” She also notes “There is assembly–self assembly–process, chemical probably, movement, visible immediately from the frozen state.” She says the process was captured on video, but it is not presented in this interview. (Latypova and electrical engineer Simon Yanowitz, however, have gone through a whole lot of very detailed micron-scale images of the “self-assembling structures” in the “vaccine” vials.)

Through her investigation into the legal contracts that underpin the rollout of the COVID injections, Latypova says she “realized there is deep collusion between manufacturers [and] global regulatory agencies… .” Along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Latypova says “it’s EMA [the European Medicines Agency], it’s all of them.” Most critically, Latypova says “this entire program is headed by the U.S. Department of State. So this is a military action; [a] military program that has suspended all safety rules and regulations everywhere in the world effectively and they’re colluding with pharmaceutical manufacturers to drive these deadly products throughout the world.”

Link to contract
Link to contract

“Now there are many contracts available that were made by Department of Defense, HHS, with all of these vaccine manufacturers and they reveal a lot of things about this [ownership and distribution] structure,” Latypova says, referring to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosures to shareholders that she’s gone through in order to glean how exactly the COVID injection rollout is structured. These disclosures “reveal the structure where the government took over the pharmaceutical industry by giving them huge amounts of money and signing these very restrictive contracts that control everything,” Latypova says. She adds that “the [U.S.] government designed the clinical trials [and] the government designs everything about [the rest of the trials as well]. And then the FDA just approves it.”

This aligns with what biotech analyst and med-legal advisor Karen Kingston said in an interview with Fischer and her former committee partner Reiner Fuellmich earlier this year. In her interview with the committee, Kingston noted that the contract that Pfizer has with the DoD for its mRNA “vaccine” (excerpted immediately above) shows specifically that the defense department designates the pharma giant as the IRB, or “independent review board.” BioNTech, a German biotech company based in Mainz, is, on the other hand, designated as the “regulatory sponsor”; meaning BioNTech is the real applicant in the United States for FDA approval—i.e. the real architect of what most Americans simply know as the Pfizer “vaccine.”

As a side note, this would also explain the phenomenon that Dr. Meryl Nass referred to earlier in 2022, when she said that it appears—based on the regulatory schedules from the likes of the FDA, EMA, et al.—that the entire COVID “vaccination” program is being coordinated by “somebody above the level of our governments… .” I.e. whoever is now controlling the DoD, is controlling the COVID “vaccine” rollout for the entire world.

In an equally bizarre finding, Latypova says that Moderna’s COVID “vaccine” has two investigational new drug (IND) numbers: a first for the entrepreneur and pharmaceutical expert. “The first [IND] number belongs to the NIH… And specifically its division of microbiology and infectious diseases,” Latypova tells Fischer and Wodarg. That division, known as DMID, reports to Anthony Fauci.

Link to the DoD’s COVID “vaccine” distribution plan

This means, according to Latypova, that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a co-owner of the patent on Moderna’s vaccine along with the relatively nascent pharma company. (Indeed, this is common knowledge now, and has been acknowledged by former NIH head Francis Collins.)

“So because they have these two [IND] numbers that means that [Moderna and the NIH are] co-owners of this product,” Latypova says. “And they have the rights for revenues and profits derived from this product. So this is highly abnormal and a huge conflict of interest because this is well beyond more standard IP relationship where let’s say [a] private manufacturer can license a patent from NIH or a patent from an academic institution and then pay them small royalties when that technology is used in subsequent products on the market.”

Image: Sasha Latypova

“This is actually the NIH getting revenues and profits from this product or at least has the rights to,” Latypova adds. She highlights the fact that the “NIH and Anthony Fauci specifically were in charge of all these draconian mandates—coercion of people into injecting this product into everyone—so how is [it] that [the NIH, and possibly Fauci] are profiting from [Moderna’s COVID injection] directly?”

Incredibly, Latypova says that the COVID “vaccines” are unequivocally a bioweapon not only because the DoD classifies them for both civilian and military use, nor because the DoD has bought “a bunch of manufacturing plants from pharma companies [in order to establish] their own manufacturing base” for the injections, but also because the injections become increasingly deadly the more they conform to their proper formulations.

A look at how the more intact the Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine” is, the more deadly it becomes. Image: Sasha Latypova

“We found that when this product is broken, it’s safer,” Latypova says of the injections. She references work done by the German Working Group—a team of researchers that independently uncovered structures and heavy metals in the contents of the COVID “vaccine” vials—which found that PEGylation of the lipid nanoparticles directly correlates with how deadly a particular lot is. (PEGylation refers to the process of both covalent and non-covalent attachment or amalgamation of polyethylene glycol to molecules; in this case, the lipid nanoparticles.)

Essentially, Latypova shows how the easier lipid nanoparticles break apart in a given vial of the “vaccine,” the less deadly that dose becomes. This is because once the lipid nanoparticles break, they spill out their mRNA contents, which rapidly degrade and become defunct. Conversely, if the lipid nanoparticles remain intact up until the point of injection, they’re able to do far more damage to the body by injecting the mRNA code for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein—as well as various broken pieces of mRNA—into cells.

Image: Sasha Latypova

This is “good news because obviously [the manufacturers] cannot make this product stable—they cannot make it to their own specifications—and that turns out to be a saving grace because it doesn’t kill as many people as they were intending to,” Latypova says.

The pharma veteran goes on to describe myriad other crimes against humanity committed by the DoD, as well as its puppet manufacturers and regulatory bodies. She describes how she believes the “FDA drove this fraud,” telling Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna how to submit their data for approval as it violated all of the FDA’s establish guidance. “It’s just so bad, that if a manufacturer tried to do that and FDA was following its own rules, none of this would fly,” she says. She adds that “[with] Moderna… specifically what [she] found was that about 50% of all the studies they included into [its] non-clinical package contained tests for completely irrelevant articles. So they just compiled a whole bunch of previously failed products that they had in the pipeline, appended them to this and said, ‘Oh it applies to SPIKEVAX.'”

Image: Sasha Latypova

Adding to the shoddy, criminal testing of the COVID injections, Latypova echoes what Naomi Wolf and Dr. Pierre Kory have said about the effects of the injections on pregnant mothers and their unborn children. She notes the few animal tests that Moderna did perform to study the effects of the injections on pregnant mothers, showed, unequivocally, that they had a—statistically significant—negative effect on offspring. Baby rats born from “vaccinated” mothers demonstrated, for example, malformed ribs, which developed in “wavy” patterns, or even had “nodules” on them. (Indeed, even in Pfizer and Moderna’s own summaries for regulatory action, the pharma companies note that “use in pregnancy and lactation” has not been studied.)

Finally, adding yet another dimension to this extraordinary crime perpetrated on the West, Latypova says that governments who’ve agreed to distribute the Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccines” have literally signed away their national sovereignty. Not only do the COVID “vaccines” pass through a “black box of DoD distribution” prior to being delivered to “vaccination” sites, not only do “contracts with vaccinators explicitly state that [these products are]… Department of Defense property… until [they get] injected into [recipients],” but independent access to the injection vials is also off limits because that’s considered to be “diversion of government property.”

Image: Sasha Latypova

The contracts between sovereign nations and the “vaccine” manufacturers also “explicitly prohibit testing of the vials by foreign governments… and, in fact, also indemnify Pfizer for anything [and] provide huge liability coverage,” Latypova says. She adds that nations’ governments also remove their own sovereignty because contracts with the “vaccine” manufacturers “prohibit changing of national laws” that would allow for the testing of the injections or punishment for their manufacturers. “So, by signing these contracts,” Latypova says, “[sovereign governments] sign away their national sovereignty to a pharmaceutical company… how ridiculous is that?” Certainly quite ridiculous. It would almost be comically so, if this whole system of illegal manufacturing, testing, and distribution weren’t maiming and killing millions all around the globe.

Feature image: Corona Investigative Committee via badgerbrigante

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