Embalmer Richard Hirschman Describes (and Shows) ‘Dirty Blood’ and ‘Fibrous White Clots’ Pulled from Dead, COVID-Vaccinated People In New Interview

In a new interview with Dr. Daniel Bobinski, Alabama-based embalmer Richard Hirschman elaborates on the “strange” and “fibrous” white clots he’s been finding in the bodies of those “vaccinated” against COVID-19. Hirschman, who provides numerous images of the disturbing white clots—as well as other unsettling hematological abnormalities—also discusses the “dirty blood” phenomenon he’s observed, as well as evidence of cancers killing people with staggering rapidity.

Veteran Alabama-based embalmer Richard Hirschman has been one of the very few voices speaking for the dead since the rollout of the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Starting at the beginning of 2021 Hirschman says he’s been finding “strange” and “fibrous” white clots in an overwhelming number of bodies; a phenomenon he attributes to the novel, enormously dangerous injections. In a new interview with Dr. Daniel Bobinskia PhD in “organizational learning and leadership”—Hirschman elaborates on what he’s been finding; providing a series of images to showcase the alien blockages that are now, quite possibly, slowly assembling in hundreds of millions, or even billions, of people’s bodies.

“[W]hen January [of 2021] came around and they started putting out these shots, everything was still being labeled COVID,” Hirschman tells Bobinski toward the beginning of the interview. “[But] it seemed like the numbers of deaths [still] shot through the roof… And [it] continued to get worse, and worse, and then by around May of 2021, I started noticing this white fibrous material when I was embalming, [and it was] in these clots… .” Hirschman says the clots were “unique” and “strange.”

“[T]he blood is different” in the bodies that have the clots, Hirschman adds. “The blood doesn’t just look the same. The clots are abnormal and especially [consist of] this white fibrous material.”

Image: Richard Hirscshman via Dr. Daniel Robinski

Hirschman highlights several key observations surrounding the novel white clots. The first, and most stark, being that he had never seen these types of bizarre “clots” (a word that many doctors and scientists feel is a misnomer as they don’t actually consist of blood) in bodies prior to the rollout of the novel mRNA genetic therapy shots.

“I think COVID [is] causing clots—micro-clots—and maybe some even a little bit larger…” Hirschman says. “[B]ut these clots that are really abnormal, I really didn’t start noticing them until around May of ’21. Which would’ve been about four or five months into the year.”

Image: Richard Hirscshman via Dr. Daniel Robinski

Hirschman’s second key observation is that these novel “clots” are uniquely tough and difficult to break apart.

“[T]his white fibrous stuff is what’s different about these newer clots,” the embalmer says. “They’re elastic, they stretch pretty well, and they don’t dissolve,” he adds. Hirschman notes that when he’s tried to break up some of the big, dark, purple clots—which are being found alongside the white fibrous ones, but are characteristically different—the blood inside of them starts to dissolve. “But what’s being left behind are like strands. Almost like hairs,” Hirschman says. “Maybe as fine as like, cobweb. And as you’re running water… across [them], you could just see these little fibers and they’re like sticking together and they’re just flowing.”

Along with the fibrous white clots, as well as the dark, purple ones that contain blood and stringy, individual fibers, Hirschman also says he’s been finding “dirty blood” in people’s bodies.

“Dirty blood.” Image: Richard Hirscshman via Dr. Daniel Robinski

“[T]hat dirty blood that I’m talking about, it just looks dirty. It’s dark, and sometimes… looks like it’s got… flakes of, like, beach sand almost,” Hirschman says. “They’re not white [though]; they look dark… [they’re] like coffee grounds. It’s just the blood looks dirty.” (The “coffee ground” blood clots are on display in the image immediately above.)

Yet another key observation from Hirschman is in regards to the actual demographic of bodies he’s been embalming since early 2021. “[T]he people who are dying seem to be getting younger and younger” as time has gone on, Hirschman says. “[L]ately it seems like the number of people that are in their earlier 60s and their 50s and their 40s [is] dropping down” and now “[people dying] in their 30s is becoming more common.”

Image: SoA via Edward Dowd on GETTR

Of course, this observation aligns perfectly with the rollout of the COVID injections, which went to the oldest population cohort of the U.S. first, and then successively dropped down in age in tranches over time. Also coinciding with Hirschman’s observation of decline in the average age of the deceased is the work that former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd has conducted on the topic. Dowd, who used to manage billions of dollars for BlackRock and now has a team of PhD physicists and insurance insiders working for him, says that—according to the most accurate actuarial data in the U.S.—a massive increase in all-cause mortality amongst working-age people began to occur in the third quarter of 2021—right around the time the COVID injections became mandated for the age group (roughly 25-50 years old) by employers, entertainment venues, etc.

Dowd has even gone as far as to say that, since the working-age group of American adults has had the opportunity to receive a COVID injection, it has experienced a “silent Vietnam war.” He notes this is the case because the actuarial data he and his team have studied (see the image immediately above) reveals an excess of 61,000 deaths in the demographic since the COVID “vaccine” rollout.

Hirschman’s observations about the shifting down in age of those dying isn’t the only aspect of his experience that is reflected (almost exactly) by anecdotes and research from individuals to whom he has no connection. Veteran embalmer Anna Foster, who’s based in Carleton, Missouri, for example, told Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsch in an interview in June of this year that she has been finding the same types of white, fibrous clots in dead bodies since the COVID injection rollout. Both Foster and British funeral director John O’Looney refer to the clots as appearing, and feeling, similar to “uncooked calamari.”

Indiana-based funeral director and embalmer Wallace Hooker, likewise, has observed the same phenomenon in the bodies being embalmed at his funeral home. Hooker said in his September, 2022 interview with Children’s Health Defense Canada that the clots had really begun to present themselves in the 16- to 18-month period prior to his speaking with the non-profit. Hooker also described the clots his embalmers have been finding in almost the exact same terms as Hirschman does; noting the blockages are “tough,” “fibrous,” and “white.”

Lab director and investigative journalist Mike Adams (a.k.a. the Health Ranger) has also performed a mass spectrometry analysis of the “clots” now turning up in dead people, and he claims they are “self-assembling bio-structures” that aren’t alive yet still actively harvesting and organizing conductive elements from surrounding blood. According to Adams’ analysis, the clots are made up of vanadium, chromium, manganese, nickel, copper, arsenic, selenium, strontium, molybdenum, cadmium, lead, and even uranium.

Adams also said of his analysis that: “The elements that are found in human bodies—the elements that are common in human life, or even mammals—[or] any kind of animals, frankly—those elements were almost completely missing from these clots.”

Hirschman’s observations of dirty blood, likewise, seem to align well with what scientists and physicians have reported when they’ve tested the blood of those “vaccinated” against COVID-19. An interdisciplinary team of scientists dubbed the German Working Group, for example, performed microscopy studies on COVID “vaccinated” blood from people who had received an injection(s) from Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson. The researchers wrote the following in their conclusion:

“The comparison of blood samples from unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals
by means of dark-field microscopy showed noticeable changes in the blood of each
person who had been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccines
. This was evident
even if those people hadn’t at that point displayed any visible reaction to the
vaccinations. Complex structures similar to those in the vaccines were found in the
blood samples of the vaccinated
. Using artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis,
the difference between the blood of vaccinated and unvaccinated people was

The “complex structures” the German Working Group refers to in the above excerpt, incidentally, were “mostly metallic” objects of different shapes and sizes and large enough to be seen under an optical microscope. (Something that should be impossible, as the tech used in the injections is supposedly on the nano scale.) The German Working Group’s analyses also uncovered “crystalline formations” in all of the blood tested from “vaccinated” individuals. Specifically, they noted that the “vaccinated” blood sample they tested displayed Rouleaux—or, as Biron.com notes“clumps of red blood cells that look like stacked plates” that “usually form as a result of abnormal quantities of certain proteins (immunoglobulin, fibrinogen) in the blood.”

Perhaps Hirschman is seeing these clumps of red blood cells as the “coffee grain” clots he’s observed? Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear there are any images of rouleaux taken on a non-microscopic scale readily available online to cross-reference.

Along with the strange clotting, Hirschman has also identified a potentially disturbing pattern in the bodies of those who died of cancer. He notes that, overall, the people who’ve died of cancer since the COVID injection rollout appear healthier and devoid of any side effects from detrimental treatments like chemotherapy; meaning, possibly, that their cancers erupted and killed them with exceptional rapidity.

“The unusual thing that I’ve been noticing with cancers… [is that] typically when I dealt with cancer patients I could usually tell they were sick. They’d been fighting cancer, and they’d be [fighting] it for a number of years, and [they’d] lost a lot of weight, [they’d] lost all their hair,” Hirschman says. “Now I get a person who dies of cancer, I wouldn’t have known they had cancer had I not been told. Because they have a full head of hair and they look relatively healthy. And then I hear, ‘Oh they found out they had cancer, four, six, eight weeks ago. And now they’re dead.”

This observation too has lots of outside confirmation. Senator Ron Johnson of Wyoming, for example, has said that he has received reports since the COVID injection rollout of the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) evincing “a significant increase in registered diagnoses” of cancer, along with many other diseases; as well as miscarriages. Likewise, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has discussed the cancer-causing potential of the COVID injections at length—as well as the fibrous white clots. (Click on the link immediately above to see his interview with Steve Kirsch on the matter.)

As for who exactly is presenting with these strange fibrous clots (and, it seems, the rapidly moving cancers), Hirschman says the common link is that they had all been “vaccinated” against COVID. The embalmer says he’s been able to glean who was vaccinated by asking funeral directors to find out the “vaccination status” of the deceased from their family members. “And most of the time I feel as though it was linked,” Hirschman says of the bizarre clots and the experimental mRNA injections. He adds with conviction: “There was a connection there.”

Feature image: Richard Hirscshman via Dr. Daniel Robinski

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