Professor Dolores Cahill Describes How We’re Now in the ‘Killing Years’ of the ‘Agenda 21’ World Domination Plan

In this interview with independent Australian interviewer Maria Zeee, Dolores Cahill, a professor, immunologist, inventor, and entrepreneur, outlines how we’ve now entered the “killing years” (2020-2026) of the Agenda 21 plan, which was ultimately architected by a group of super-wealthy elites known as the “Committee of 300.” Cahill also discusses books such as None Dare Call It Conspiracy, which help to illuminate how this powerful cabal aims to depopulate the planet of what it deems as “useless eaters.”

Note: The actual interview with Dolores Cahill begins at the 3:45 mark in the video.

In a new interview with independent Australian interviewer Maria Zeee, inventor, founder and shareholder of companies professor Dolores Cahill offers a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening with regards to the COVID-19 “pandemic,” the rollout of the COVID injections, and the “agenda” that has been set for the world by the “elites” known as the Committee of 300. Cahill’s interview, while enlightening, may also cause distress as she discusses things like “the killing years,” which she says are now upon us.

After her introduction, Cahill—who has a PhD in immunology, was a professor at University College Dublin between the years 2005 and 2021, served as a “Group Leader” at the Max-Planck-Institute between 1995 and 2003, and co-founded several biotech companies, including Protagen Protein Services—begins the conversation by discussing how, early in her career, she began to notice that standard diagnostic tools she was taught to use were “wrong.” Cahill notes that, for example, certain diagnostic antibody tests for diseases like cancer and autoimmune diseases were “entirely inaccurate.”

“I started to get a lot of pushback because it meant the manufacturers of the diagnostic tests were shown to be inaccurate and they couldn’t sell their products anymore,” Cahill tells Zeee. “Which is very similar in a way to what’s going on [now].” The professor notes that, in response, she founded Protagen in ’96/’97 and then sold it in 2019, becoming “world-leading in assessing high-content protein chip technology, diagnostic test technology, and… checking whether the tools and tests [used in the field are] accurate or inaccurate… “ in the process.

Cahill notes the journey to develop accurate testing tools led her to ask the question: “Why would the diagnostic industry and the pharmaceutical industry be using diagnostic tests that are inaccurate?” The inventor and professor notes “Because what that means is that the people who were being diagnosed with cancer and other autoimmune diseases… didn’t have them… [but were still receiving] highly toxic interventions like chemotherapy… .”

Cahill says she went on to study why babies were dying in the days and weeks after getting the vaccines on the standard vaccine schedule. “If you inject people, particularly children, with poisons… like mercury and aluminum, the toxic effects for them are then allergies, autoimmune disease, intestinal dysfunction like Crohn’s disease, [and] ulcerative colitis… .” Cahill adds that mercury and aluminum are also neurotoxins, which results in neurocognitive impairment; including Alzheimer’s disease for the elderly and autism for those injected in their youth. She tacks on infertility as a side effect as well. (Note that Dr. Paul Thomas has performed a study comparing his unvaccinated pediatric patients to vaccinated pediatric patients and found that the former group fares far better than the latter one regarding almost all health outcomes; click immediately above to see Thomas describe his work in a video presentation.)

Consequently, Cahill notes people began to notice “a huge rise in these areas [of illness],” which drew in scientists to study the root cause of the uptick in the various diseases “as if nobody knew what the causes [of them] were.”

“But, of course, if you’re injecting poisons and heavy metals that give these side effects, it was obvious that… the people that weren’t injected were not getting these diseases,” Cahill says, adding that, in the ’90s, she began to look into why that was the case. And that led her to Agenda 21.

On that topic, Cahill brings up a book from the 1970s dubbed None Dare Call It Conspiracy, as well as another book from 1992 dubbed The Committee of 300, both of which outlined Agenda 21. With the latter book explaining the “poisoning agenda” that’s now been rolled out thanks to the “fake” COVID pandemic.

For those unfamiliar, both books describe how a small handful of elites—named in The Committee of 300—have maintained, and continue to maintain (in essence), total control over the world using their enormous wealth and resources to wrangle sovereign governments and large, private corporations to do their bidding.

In None Dare Call It Conspiracy, for example, authors Gary Allen and Larry Abraham outline how a cabal of ultra-wealthy families—including, at their apex, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers—have been, in essence, controlling world affairs since at least the early 20th century; specifically seeking to continuously ratchet up government control—and, in turn, their own control as they control the governments—under the guise of “socialism” or “marxism.”

“One of the primary reasons the Insiders worked behind the scenes to foment WWI was to create in its aftermath a world government,” Allen and Abraham write in Conspiracy. “If you wish to establish national monopolies, you must control national governments. If you wish to establish international monopolies or cartels, you must control a world government.”

Allen and Abraham go on to map out the power structures—e.g. the Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.), the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rand Corporation, etc.—that have allowed the cabal to promote its New World Order.” A term that’s seemingly interchangeable with a “One World Government.”

The authors go through and highlight how this super-wealthy oligarchy, seemingly a permanently entrenched feature of world politics, operates. They note, for example, that the Bildersbergers group—one of the most tangible manifestation of the cabal’s power—is able to operate toward its goal of installing its New World Order without any real media scrutiny whatsoever:

“One would assume (that is, if one had not read [None Dare Call It Conspiracy]) that when the world’s leading parliamentarians and international tycoons meet to discuss the planning of their various nations’ foreign policies, that the newshawks from papers and television land would be screaming to high heaven that such an event held in secret makes a mockery of the democratic process. One might expect Walter Cronkite to be thundering in wrath about an elite clique meeting to plan our lives; or the New York Times editorialists to be pounding their smoking typewriters, fuming about ‘the public’s right to know.’ But, of course, the landscape painters merely brush the Bilderbergers right out of existence and focus the public’s attention on something like the conditions in the prisons or coke bottles littering the highways. Since the Bilderbergers are a group of the Left (or, as the Liberals in the media might say, but don’t, ‘a group of progressives’) they are allowed to go on in peace and quiet planning for 1984. The fact that there is heavy Rockefeller (Chase Manhattan Bank and C.F.R.) influence in the media might also have something to do with the fact that while everybody has heard of, say, The John Birch Society (and almost always in a derogatory manner from the Eastern Establishment media), practically nobody has
heard of the Bilderbergers.”

Likewise, The Committee of 300, authored by Dr. John Coleman, a historian who spent over 20 years researching this powerful cabal—and its plans for the New World Order—describes how the very same group is working to attack Christianity, disintegrate industrial nation states, and annihilate hundreds of millions of people it has deemed “surplus population.”

In a talk from 1994 (in the video immediately above), Coleman discusses the cabal and the way it has cloaked its aim for world governance and world domination in the terms “socialism” and “marxism”; i.e. framing their power grab as the growth of benevolent governments, rather than unhinged ones that happily commit democide.

Much of what Coleman describes in his talk regards population control and/or population reduction—both key agendas for the super-wealthy cabal. Coleman brings up in his talk, for example, “a subversive body” of the Committee of 300, referred to as the Club of Rome, noting that:

“[The cabal’s] strongest arm is called the Club of Rome. Now when I first heard of the Club of Rome in 1969, I immediately began my investigation and… the Club of Rome is one of the most insidious, baneful organizations in existence today. Which has done intolerable, immeasurable harm to the United States of America. This Committee of 300 told a man called Aurelio Peccei, to form this Club of Rome with the main object of bringing down the industries and the agriculture development of the United States. He immediately wrote a paper in which he said, there are too many people on the Earth and that the United States, with its industrial development, its agricultural development, is responsible for this curse of overpopulation. And he picked up the documentation for his work from Lord Bertrand Russell, the senior statesman of the Committee of 300, and Lord Betrand Russell had written a book called the Impact of Science on Society… and you will see in there that he said that the world is grossly overpopulated and we have to get rid of at least half the world’s population and it doesn’t matter how we do it.”

Cahill goes on to discuss Agenda 21, the United Nations’ “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.” Cahill notes the document, which the U.N. disseminated in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment & Development in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, “is the United Nations’ agenda for the 21st century… [in which] they basically are planning and are implementing the destruction of each area of society from within.”

Cahill talks about how the Agenda 21 document outlines various ways of controlling the population via fear tactics; including the constant use of sirens by police, etc. in order to ratchet up general anxiety levels. Note, however, that what Cahill discusses in this interview is not in the Agenda 21 document available online. Indeed, she makes it seem like she’s discussing some other Agenda 21 document that is no longer available to the public and that is “hard to find,” although it’s not exactly clear to what she’s referring.

“The agenda for the 21st century… is a reduction in population. But also an increase in infertility that is brought about by these injections,” Cahill tells Zeee. “But even 20 or 30 years ago they said the killing years were between 2020 and 2026.”

Cahill goes on to further describe the enormous dangers of the COVID injections, especially on fertility, saying that:

“[It] seems that this mRNA is designed to interfere with fertility in both males and females. So their plan, which is unbelievable, and they are carrying it out, is to inject the younger generation. And, because they may have issues with infertility… what we really don’t know is… let’s say if they’re injecting 12-year-olds as they are in Ireland or five-year-olds or babies in America, what we don’t know if 1 percent or 10 percent of that young generation gets injected, can they transfer or transmit the infertility agent through sexual intercourse potentially in their lives? …[T]heir plan is to have a huge increase in infertility in this century. So imagine… if the young babies or children or teenagers are infertile, it means they won’t have children and grandchildren. So even if they live to be in their 70s or 80s, their aim is to collapse the number of people.”

Zeee and Cahill also discuss the bizarre, white “calamari clots” that have been showing up in the dead bodies of those who had been “vaccinated” against COVID-19.

“[T]here has been undertakers like John O’Looney from England and Richard Hirschman who’s the embalmer from the United States… [and] indeed they are pulling out these structures they describe [as being] kind of like pasta-like structures or elastic-like structures and that they are filling maybe 70-80 percent of the space volume within the veins and arteries of people,” Cahill says. “And then obviously that means that there isn’t a space for the blood to travel within their bodies and then people collapse and die very quickly as we know.”

The analysis lab director and journalist Mike Adams has performed on the clots (which can be watched via the embed immediately above) is critical according to Cahill, although she warns it’s still unclear what they are. “I think we don’t know exactly yet to be honest and more research has to be done on it. But it looks like the components of the initial injection is triggering or allowing a kind of a generation of a large 3-dimensional structure from components of the immune system and the response and the reaction that the injection [is] allowing to happen,” Cahill says. “So it’s only found in people who have been injected. But also worryingly in people who’ve had blood transfusions.”

The immunologist goes on to reaffirm her claim from May of 2020 that “for those with the mRNA the time that they would die would be within three years to five years after [their] injection [date]… .” Although that time window will vary according to Cahill based on how healthy an individual is, how young they are, how many comorbidities they have, etc.

The injections are “priming the immune system and then it takes months or years for the immune system to activate all in a bad way in order to then kill people,” Cahill adds. Although she notes that those predictions are only for the mRNA “vaccines.” The professor also says that if somebody received a non-placebo mRNA injection, but it was in a particular batch that was mishandled, and therefore had diminished levels of mRNA present, they may also have a better prognosis. (This aligns perfectly with what pharmaceutical and medical industry insider Sasha Latypova has said regarding the deadliness of the COVID “vaccines.”)

Link to Agenda 21 document currently available online

Cahill goes on to discuss the monetary aspect of the cabal’s New World Order agenda, noting that it aims to “undermine the law… [using] the pillar of the banking system.” She notes that the (unfolding) plan is to build “an unlawful layer [of societal control] in the banking system on top of what we think is the lawful layer.” I.e. the layer based on natural law. She notes this challenge of the lawful functioning of society has been, and will be, executed using digital monies that can be tracked and traced.

“Cash is freedom… if you have money, cash money, then you can just buy and sell and earn a living in private,” Cahill says, adding that if you use cash, “that ensures privacy, because there’s no intermediary… so no one can trace [the transaction].”

Cahill notes that by interfering with “real money,” which is gold-backed money, the cabal is challenging the lawful functioning of society that has “worked wonderfully for hundreds and thousands of years.” She says their goal is ultimately to “move from a system where you can own your own assets… under the law, and nobody can trespass on them or interfere with them, to a system where they try and transfer all of your assets into their system.” Cahill adds “they can then cut [those assets] off by any means.”

Once cash and assets are fully digitized, the cabal and its power structures will be able to fully track and trace people. And if those in power want to undermine people financially, “they can then just tax different areas of life to an extent that people really can’t function; they [won’t] have any spending power left.” The professor adds that they can then “cause inflation and hyperinfaltion… [which] raises existential fear in people, because they are afraid they can’t feed their children.” (Note that MIT is already working on a central bank digital currency, or CBDC, for the U.S.; learn more via the link immediately above.)

Toward the close of the interview Cahill says that “Within Agenda 21 they have a detailed program of analyzing the psychology behind the criminal behavior… and it’s… what’s called a ‘demoralization agenda.'” She notes “that what they want is [for] their criminal and unlawful system [to be in place]… in order to demoralize the populations in the nations of the world [so they] think it’s hopeless. So that’s why the actions of people who say they are freedom fighters… [whose] actions… are not successful, are part of the demoralization agenda to make it look like certain systems will not work.”

On the other hand Cahill says what she and her colleagues are doing “as true freedom fighters is assessing the lawfulness of what is going on.” She notes, however, that the law “must be approached in the proper way.” The professor offers one seemingly esoteric and “unbelievable” example, where any instructions from the government to its citizens wherein the citizens’ names are spelled in all capital letters are actually unlawful. “It turns out that that entire system, where your name is in all-caps, is a misrepresentation of the law,” Cahill says. “If your name is in block letters, that actually is [not technically written in the English language] and has no standing in law. So what they’re doing is criminalizing people for traveling and speaking about health information, but in a criminal system.”

Feature image: Maria Zeee

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