Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo Says There’s a ‘Propaganda Campaign Where Bad News About [the COVID Injections’] Safety Has Been Suppressed’

In this interview with The New American, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo says there has been a “propaganda campaign where bad news about [the COVID injections’] safety has been suppressed.” Ladapo also says regulatory organizations “are not being honest” and that sub-clinical myocarditis from the COVID “vaccines” is likely a much larger problem than has been acknowledged.

While anybody who’s been paying attention to the amassing safety data from the COVID-19 “vaccine” rollout across the planet knows there has been a concerted effort by the media, tech companies, etc. to cover up the enormous, horrific downsides of the experimental injections, it’s not often that a voice in public health—acknowledged, at least somewhat, by the mainstream—is willing to come out and say it. Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, however, has done just that in a recent interview with Veronika Kyrylenko of The New American magazine. Although Ladapo still, apparently, needs to do a lot more research to catch up to the rest of us “truthers.”

Toward the opening of the interview Ladapo—who graduated from Harvard Medical School and also has a PhD in health policy from Harvard—discusses the recent decision by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to recommend the experimental COVID injections for the CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule; an unprecedented step that would see an emergency use authorization (EUA) vaccine added to the schedule for the first time ever.

In response to the ACIP’s decision—which, along with the rest of the COVID “vaccination” campaign is unequivocally a massive violation of the Nuremberg Code—Ladapo tells Kyrylenko that he can’t comment on the legality of it, but in terms of “sensibility” says “this whole thing has been an unfortunate charade.”

Link to American Academy of Pediatrics

Ladapo highlights the fact that if you look at the uptake of the COVID injections amongst “young people,” parents “are very clearly saying… ‘No, thank you.’ And they’re saying it in very large numbers.” He adds, however, that, in the meantime, “you’ve got Dr. Fauci, Dr. Walensky, other members of the federal leadership screaming from mountaintops that these are really good things for… children to take. And clearly that message is not resonating with parents.”

Indeed, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics only 9.2% of children age 6 months to 4 years old have received a COVID injection. And while a much larger proportion of kids in older age brackets have received one of the injections, there is a stark decline in uptake—heading rapidly toward zero, it seems—in all of the age ranges. (See graphs immediately above.)

Link to CDC website

Ladapo notes the risk of a serious adverse outcome due to COVID in children “is already so low,” yet we still have a “propaganda campaign where bad news about safety has been suppressed… .” Regardless, the surgeon general reiterates the fact that parents are deciding not to inject their children; something he deems as wise because of the fact that we’re still continuing “to learn stuff” about the injections, as well as the fact that, according to the CDC, approximately 90% of U.S. citizens under the age of 17 have already had the disease. (See CDC graph immediately above.)

As for the “new stuff” that we continue to learn about these regarding these utterly novel, potentially genome-altering injections—based off a platform that no pharmaceutical corporation could bring to market prior to the COVID-19 “pandemic”—Ladopo brings up the fact that scientists have found mRNA from the “vaccines” in mothers’ breastmilk. (Indeed, according to numerous VAERS reports the mRNA laced breastmilk can even take on a blue-green color; see more via the embedded post immediately below).

While Ladapo is unwilling to speculate on the legality of ACIP’s decision (not even referencing the monumental and glaring Nuremberg Code violation, oddly), he does say that “this is very clearly an attempt to pave the way for educational entities who want to mandate [these injections].” Ladapo adds that the plan is “by no means… something that is fabricated [as]… even in California while these vaccines were just emergency use authorized there were schools trying to mandate them… .”

All of the policies coercing children—and adults, it seems—are “silly” according to Ladapo; particularly the ones that would’ve required kids in New York and California to show a “vaccine” card in order to do things like go into restaurants. Regarding the coercive injection mandates in general, the surgeon general says that:

These are… just abhorrent policies. People aught not go along with them. You don’t go along with them and they fall apart. Because they are… such bad policies that they can’t stand on their own. They need your compliance to function; to have any reach or impact.”

Regarding whether or not the CDC’s potential inclusion of the experimental COVID injections in the childhood vaccine schedule would offer their manufacturers—e.g. Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, et al.—immunity from adverse event-related lawsuits, Ladapo says he’s not certain. “I think currently they are still covered under the CARES Act and I imagine it would create a pathway for the conventional liability mechanisms that exist for other vaccines,” he says, adding, however, that he’s not certain that’s the case.

U.S. congressman Thomas Massie, on the other hand, wrote in a tweet that “The EUA products [i.e. the COVID injections] are still covered by the legal immunity conferred by the PREP Act.” Massie also claims that the “CDC & ACIP took the unprecedented step of adding an EUA vax to the immunization schedule.”

Link to tweet

In regards to the “stuff” we’re continuing to learn—in part from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)—Ladopo highlights the glaring issue of heart problems associated with the COVID injections; particularly myocarditis.

“Just to put an example on that, a few months ago a study was published in Thailand that showed something like a rate of… subclinical myocarditis from the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in adolescent males of around 3%,” Lapado says. He notes this study—evincing what Lapado claims is a “huge number” of myocarditis cases—“got a lot of attention, but no mainstream attention really.”

Mansanguan, et al. / Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease

Lapado also notes that another study out of Sweden “essentially found similar results.” That study, not yet published in a peer-reviewed journal, reported a rate of more than 40 cases of myocarditis per 100,000 injections for men age 18-35. The study also found what appears to be an extraordinary number of other serious adverse side effects from the injections. See the charts immediately below.

Along with the risk of myocarditis, Ladapo also notes “what looks like an increase risk of shingles, what looks like an increased risk of Bell’s palsy, what looks like an increased risk—based on Scandinavian data—of multiple cardiovascular and thromboembolic events associated with the vaccines… .” He adds that all of this data amounts to a risk-to-benefit ratio so bad for the injections that countries like Denmark are not offering “booster vaccinations” to anybody under the age of 50.

Nyberg, et al. / Medrxiv

Denmark has “reached a similar decision as we have—but even broader—where they think, implicitly that the risks outweigh the benefits in this younger population,” Ladapo says. “That’s the only rational conclusion you can draw from the fact that they’re not recommending [boosters] for people under 50.”

“Given where we are in the pandemic, young people being low risk, Omicron being less virulent, and community immunity—global immunity from prior infection—[being] so high at this point, does it make sense to be providing a vaccine that is unlikely to be beneficial, but has very demonstrable, evidence-based, data-based harms that have been verified?” Ladapo asks rhetorically. “I think it’s an easy one: it doesn’t make sense.”

Ladapo adds that, in the context of the COVID injections, we have “powerful regulatory organizations who are not being honest.” He says that “People talk about the myocarditis as if… it only affects the people who are showing up in hospitals. But the fact is, in clinical medicine, there are often sub-clinical cases of a disease and now we’ve got data from Thailand and from Sweden—not published yet from Sweden—but they’re aligned, in terms of what is essentially evidence for sub-clinical myocarditis.”

Ladapo’s “hypothesis” at this point is that the increase in cardiac-related deaths in young people are a reflection not of all of the people who are showing up at the hospital with myocarditis, but actually (“potentially”) of the people who have sub-clinical disease. “They’re not showing up at the hospital, but they have evidence of cardiac injury,” Ladapo says. “And that injury may be increasing their risk of having a cardiac event.”

Indeed, based on the peer-reviewed literature—some of which can be found via the embed immediately above—this myocarditis trend is, as Ladapo says, “an enormous deal.” And while he says the issue has been clouded by “dishonesty,” he’s confident “the good guys win at the end.” Now if Ladapo could just join all of the medical professionals and scientists who think all of the COVID injections should stop literally right now, that good-guy ending would come a lot faster.

Feature image: The New American

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