Pharma Insider Shows (With Evidence) How Pfizer’s COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Clinical Trials Were Legally Only a ‘Demonstration,’ Meaning the Trials and Subsequent FDA Approval Have Been Pure ‘Theater’

In this conversation with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee pharmaceutical industry veteran Sasha Latypova describes how Pfizer’s COVID-19 “vaccine” clinical trials and manufacturing have all been—legally—only a “demonstration” of the novel technology. Latypova notes this means Pfizer’s trials, as well as the FDA emergency use authorization and approval for the pharma giant’s experimental injection, have only been “theater.” She notes this is the case because the “demonstration” designation has meant that Pfizer hasn’t had to comply with any Good Manufacturing Practices, nor had to follow FDA regulations in order to deliver its product to the Department of Defense for distribution.

Serial pharmaceutical entrepreneur Sasha Latypova, who spent more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry during her career—working with over 60 pharma companies all over the world, including Pfizer—has been delivering one bombshell announcement after another regarding the COVID-19 “vaccines.” One of the biggest of which has been the fact that the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)—and not pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna—has ultimately been responsible for the COVID “vaccines'” distribution; which occurs after they go through a step Latypova refers to as the DoD “black box.”

In a new discussion with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee, Latypova says the entirety of the COVID “vaccine” clinical trials were only—legally—a “demonstration.” And that the FDA’s role in approving the enormously dangerous injections has amounted to nothing more than “theater.”

In her interview with Zeee—immediately above—Latypova touches on much of what she did in her interview with Vivanne Fischer’s Corona Investigative Committee in October of this year. In general, the career pharmaceutical entrepreneur discusses how the DoD has been fully in charge of the rollout of all types of the COVID injections, including those from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, etc. She also discusses how in January of 2021, the California Department of Public Health identified a particular batch (or “lot”) of Moderna “vaccine” that had “[a] higher-than-usual number of possible allergic reactions.” Despite the recommendation to pause the use of the batch of “vaccine,” however, Latypova notes the rollout of the problematic injections continued, resulting in—according to VAERS, or the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System—approximately 1,000 serious adverse events; including 60 deaths. (More on this, as well as Latypova’s full interview with the Committee is available via the post embedded immediately below.)

The big bombshell in this interview with Zeee, however, is perhaps even more incredible. Because in this discussion—beginning around the 24-minute mark in the video—Latypova says that when the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared a public health emergency for COVID-19, the “vaccines” were technically commissioned by the DoD as “countermeasures” against the pandemic. “Meaning,” Latypova says, “that the FDA has no role regulating [the injections]. At all.” On the contrary, the pharma insider says that “when [Pfizer-BioNTech, etc.] performed these ‘clinical trials’ for these products, it was all theater because these products cannot have a clinical investigation when they’re used. By law.”

Latypova notes that key pieces of federal legislation passed in the U.S. over the past couple of decades have allowed for this kind of absurd crime against humanity to take place. Critically, legislation that has allowed for the removal of so-called “good manufacturing requirements” if there is an implementation of an emergency use authorization (EUA) along with a declaration of a national health emergency by HHS.

In fact, Latypova claims that because the COVID “countermeasures” (a.k.a. “vaccines”) were, ultimately, unilaterally directed by the DoD, the FDA’s role in the process was nothing more than “playing… theater and pretending to be a regulator.” Indeed, as Pfizer’s Contract Statement of Work with the DoD from July of 2020 clearly states, the pharma giant was to implement a “Large Scale Vaccine Manufacturing Demonstration.” (See an excerpt of the text from the contract immediately below.)

Images: Department of Defense

And for those who think this wording isn’t necessarily literal, Pfizer itself has argued in the courts that it most certainly is. The pharma giant, in fact, has argued in a motion to dismiss whistleblower Brook Jackson’s case against the company that the “scope of work” (SOW) for Pfizer in developing its COVID “vaccine” for the DoD “describes a ‘large scale vaccine manufacturing demonstration’ that imposes no requirements relating to Good Clinical Practices (‘GCP’) or related FDA regulations.”

Indeed, Pfizer argues in its motion to dismiss Jackson’s claims—which are aimed at Ventavia, the operator of Pfizer clinical trial sites in Texas, and cite complaints such as injecting clinical trial participants without first obtaining informed consent and even fabricating “new numbers”—that the only stipulation of its agreement with the DoD was to obtain an EUA or full authorization from the FDA. Otherwise, anything “out of scope” of that wasn’t material to whether or not the DoD bought the billions of dollars worth of “vaccine.”

Link to Pfizer’s motion to dismiss

Interestingly, while not directly related to Latypova’s point about the clinical trials being pure “theater,” Pfizer’s motion to dismiss Jackson’s lawsuit mentions that the FDA had “actual knowledge of [Jackson’s] allegations” when it approved the pharma giant’s wildly dangerous injection. Indeed, the motion to dismiss makes no bones about Pfizer’s “vaccine” being “approved” as Comirnaty on August 23, 2021. A point that may seem obvious and irrelevant, but is noteworthy because, according to FDA regulations, any “vaccine” Pfizer produced after that date would’ve had to have been “approved” too; not EUA. Except that isn’t what happened. Even as of the time of this writing only EUA COVID “vaccines” are available to the general public in the U.S.

Link to Pfizer’s motion to dismiss

“[T]he point is, FDA does not play any role here, as you can see, so what FDA has been doing all this time is acting and playing a theater and pretending to be a regulator,” Latypova tells Zeee. “So they’re impersonating a regulator when they have no role to regulate these products. And that’s the fraud that’s been committed on all of us.”

Latypova adds that this theater is why “There is no safety, there is no efficacy, [and] we always see these adverse events.” She adds that “we… have bodies piling up, there is excess mortality everywhere, drops in fertility everywhere, you know, huge numbers,” but when she or others go to regulators for an investigation they only get back boiler plate responses. “Because they’re acting” Latypova says. “They’re not regulating. They’re pretending. They’re stalling everyone so we keep going there and barking up the wrong tree.”

That statement about excess mortality and drops in fertility, incidentally, are unequivocal at this point. Former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd, for example, has presented ironclad actuarial data from 2021 showing that working-age people have experienced a Vietnam war’s worth of deaths since the COVID vaccines’ rollout. And mathematician and computer scientist Igor Chudov has shown data from half-a-dozen European countries showing that as COVID injection uptake increases, birthrate decreases. (Read more about that via the post embedded immediately above.)

“We are supposed to believe that over a weekend, both Pfizer and Moderna designed this vaccine and then within a couple of weeks we have hundreds of contracts for billions and billions of dollars in place, I mean it’s impossible,Latypova adds incredulously. “Even more miraculously, within months, these companies are cranking out hundreds of millions of doses of this very very novel product that has never before been produced on more than a microgram scale. And now they’re producing hundreds of liters of it in a batch. So it’s just a miracle, or a Hollywood production, I would say.”

Toward the end of the interview Latypova drops one more bombshell, noting that she’s recently learned that the COVID injections—particularly Pfizer-BioNTech’s—do not consist of a “liquid,” but rather a “thin gel.” Latypova goes as far as to speculate that it is indeed hydrogel—which has been proposed by Israeli electrical engineer Dr. Simon Yanowitz, who presented his findings to Latypova in another interview that’s watchable via the posted embedded immediately above. This is strange, Latypova implies, as “nobody ever described it that way.” On the contrary, Pfizer et al. describe their COVID “vaccines” as “suspensions.” The pharma insider adds that “we don’t know what the chemistry is [of these injections]. Nobody does.” A fact that makes Pfizer’s sham clinical trial all the more frightening.

Feature image: Maria Zeee via Stew Peters

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