Four Canadian Doctors Discuss COVID Vaccine-Induced ‘Turbo-Cancers,’ ‘Sudden Deaths’ Amongst 90 Canadian Doctors


In this video doctors Stephen Malthouse, Charles Hoffe, Chris Shaw, and William Makis (who are all medical doctors) discuss the sudden and unexpected deaths they’ve seen amongst patients and their fellow physicians following the rollout of the COVID injections. The doctors specifically discuss the alarming amount of “turbo-cancers” they’ve observed following the rollout of the experimental injections, which are cancers that act so quickly they cannot be treated.

Writer’s note: The conversation between the Canadian doctors begins at the 2:26 mark in the video.

In this discussion from a recent episode of Children Health Defense’s series Good Morning CHD four doctors from Canada describe some of the horrors that have cropped up in their country due to the rollout of the COVID-19 “vaccines”; including a national uptick in heart inflammation, neurological injuries, and ultra-fast developing tumors dubbed “turbo-cancers.” And while what the doctors have to say may not be wholly new, it still helps to bolster the claim that the experimental COVID injections are wildly dangerous and should be pulled from the market immediately.

In the video above Doctors Stephen Malthouse, Charles Hoffe, Chris Shaw, and William Makis (all medical doctors) discuss what they’ve seen amongst patients and their fellow physicians following the rollout of the COVID injections. And the stories and data they have to share are just as frightening as those coming out of other countries.

“Some people are still… under the illusion that [the vaccine injuries] are a very rare problem,” Hoffe says, opening up the discussion. “But more and more people who know people who are… [vaccine] injured, or are themselves are [vaccine] injured are in dire straits, because when they go to seek medical help they are literally…told that it’s all in their head.”

Indeed, all of the doctors participating in the conversation agree that there is an enormous amount of gaslighting going on in Canada. Hoffe notes it’s so bad that when he tried to report six neurological injuries amongst his patients they themselves told him that “these shots do not cause neurological injuries.”

Hoffe also highlights a highly disturbing trend, wherein he’s noticed an alarming increase in ultra-fast-moving cancers. The so-called “turbo-cancers” (a term that seems to be newly created in this era of the COVID injection) are “much advanced when they’re first recognized. Hoffe adds that, prior to the rollout of the COVID injections, only “a small percentage” of new cancer diagnoses would come into his office at Stage IV—the final stage in cancer’s progression. “But in my practice now,” Hoffe says, “approximately two-thirds of all cancer diagnoses since the [vaccine] rollout are Stage IV.”

Hoffe highlights one specific case of turbo-cancer in a 61-year-old male machine operator who complained to the doctor about a month after his second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech (received on November 14, 2021) that he was feeling “out of breath all the time.” A chest X-ray was performed at the time and found that his lungs were “completely normal.” In September of this year, however, the patient began experiencing ongoing back pain in his lower body that was so terrible he went to the E.R. There, they performed another X-ray and found “a grape fruit-sized tumor” in the center of his chest. As well as another tumor on his vertebra, which was impinging on his nerves and causing his lower body pain.

The machine operator was required by his employer to take the experimental injection. Hoffe says that he thinks “his chances of surviving this are pretty close to zero.”

Not only are Hoffe’s anecdotes corroborated by what’s being seen by other doctors—including pathologist Ryan Cole, who’s discussed this turbo-cancer problem at length—but also by the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) and even embalmers who say people who are dying of cancer now are not showing signs of “fighting” the disease like they used to.

Makis, who joins the conversation at the 27:24 mark in the video, says that he’s seeing the same turbo-cancer phenomenon represented in the scores of Canadian doctors who’ve died “unexpectedly and suddenly” since the COVID injection rollout. The physician and cancer researcher says that he’s been collecting data on Canadian doctor deaths, comparing the statistic to both before and after the “vaccine” rollout in order to glean what kind of uptick they’ve experienced. (Makis describes the magnitude of the problem in another interview, which you can watch via the embedded post immediately above.)

“There is a group of doctors who are dying with rapidly progressive cancers,” Makis says. He adds that he’s seeing the turbo-cancers for himself on his list of “died suddenly” doctors from Canada. The physician says that one doctor in particular initially thought his cancer was “treatable and [that he’d] be fine, but then it turn[ed] out that [it was] a very very aggressive and rare tumor and it killed him in a matter of months.” Makis offers several anecdotal examples, including 44-year-old Dr. Nadia du Toit, who developed a very aggressive brain cancer that killed her in approximately a year.

“You see this large cluster of young doctors developing very aggressive cancers that progress very very rapidly,” Makis says, adding that “the rapid manner in which they’re progressing is extremely abnormal… and, to me, really, unprecedented.”

Some of the Canadian doctors who’ve “died suddenly.” Image: William Makis via Good Morning CHD

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Makis says the number of “died suddenly” Canadian doctor cases continues to increase post COVID “vaccine” rollout, he says that “There’s this very chilling effect from the health authorities where you’re not allowed to discuss vaccine injuries.” The physician and cancer researcher adds “You’re not even allowed to suggest that some of these sudden deaths may have been caused by the vaccine.”

Making matters even worse, Makis says that “when it comes to the vaccine-injured healthcare workers… they are in so much denial to begin with that most of them will not link their injury to the vaccines.” And, in perhaps the most incredible instance of what could be considered Stockholm syndrome, or at least cognitive dissonance, Makis says that with some of the doctors who died suddenly, they had been injured by the experimental injections first. Between the time of their injuries and their deaths, however, “they continued taking the COVID vaccines themselves… .” Which, of course, means this monumental problem can only be solved by changing minds that don’t want to be changed.

Feature image: Good Morning CHD

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