‘Chip Structures’ in Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID ‘Vaccine’ Light Up, Disappear into Nothingness in New Video and Image Analysis from Australian Doctor

In this conversation with interviewer Maria Zeee Australian general practitioner Dr. David Nixon shows darkfield microscopy images and video of “chip structures” in Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID injection material lighting up in bizarre ways. The doctor’s videos and images also show the chip structures disappearing completely over the course of just several hours, as well as the presence of “crystals,” “ribbons,” and “perfect spheres.”

While Moderna and Pfizer refuse to allow the public to know the full ingredient list of their experimental COVID-19 injections—read through the summary basis for regulatory action for COMIRNATY and SPIKEVAX for proof of that fact—that hasn’t stopped physicians, engineers, and even former Pfizer employees themselves from trying to figure out exactly what’s inside of the novel “vaccines.” Dr. David Nixon, a general practitioner from Australia, has been chief amongst the sleuths, offering microscopic images—and video—of what he speculates are self-assembling “structures,” “crystals,” and “ribbons.” Now, he says whatever strange objects are in the injections are able to light up—and, over the course of just several hours, disappear into nothingness.

In the video above with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee, Nixon lays out his latest findings, which he’s gathered using a darkfield microscope capable of 200X resolution. Which is actually a minimal amount of magnification in this context, as objects in any one of the COVID “vaccines”—not just the Pfizer-BioNTech ones that Nixon has analyzed here—should be on the nano-scale. (That is, on the scale of one-billionth of a meter.)

“I’m certainly prepared to stake my career on the fact that these are not naturally occurring,” Nixon says of the objects he’s observed in his samples of Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine.” He adds with certainty that “This is technology.”

Image: Dr. David Nixon via Maria Zeee

As in his other videos, Nixon shows here various “structures,” “crystals,” and “ribbons” that he’s observed using his microscope. And while he still has only a slim idea of what he’s looking at, the general practitioner has continued to hone his assumptions based on his ongoing experiments. Although with the major caveat that he has not been able to study what his sample COVID “vaccine” (all of which is Pfizer-BioNTech) does inside of the human body.

Nixon shows, for example, how he’s been able to study how the crystal structures change over the course of months. In the image immediately above, we see one of the crystals in a fresh drop of Pfizer “vaccine.” In the image immediately below, we see the same crystal, but after two months of being left on a slide (in a slide case) at room temperature. Nixon notes the crystal “appears to have gotten smaller or shrunken,” “changed color and consistency,” and “developed pattern[s] of regular rectangles and squares.”

Image: Dr. David Nixon via Maria Zeee

After the ten-week mark, Nixon shows how the crystals disappeared from one sample of the Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine,” and instead displayed a plethora of rectangular structures—or “chip structures”— throughout. (The rectangular structures are shown in the image immediately below.) However, after a single night, Nixon says all of the rectangular structures had disappeared. “It felt very much like building a LEGO castle and coming in the next morning and somebody had destroyed it overnight,” Nixon tells Zeee.

The contents of the sample Pfizer-BioNTech injection material still continued to change even after that step, however. Nixon notes that just 20 minutes after he observed the chip structures, a “lattice pattern” began to appear across the sample. “It [was] the most amazing process to watch all these straight lines cover [the sample]… in real time” the general practitioner says. A small handful of the chip structures did remain, however, and the lattice pattern formed all the way up to them.

Image: Dr. David Nixon via Maria Zeee

At around the 22:30 mark in the video Nixon shows one of the chip structures disappearing—which he notes can only be observed when speeding up the video footage 400 times its normal playback speed. Nixon notes that during the chip structure-disappearance process other “structures” form around the chip that move “in a very coordinated fashion”; perhaps working as a team to break apart the central chip structure.

Nixon shows a similar video at around the 23:45 mark, noting that the “deconstruction process” (over the course of about seven hours), resulted in the chip structures vanishing. Or, Nixon says in a tongue-in-cheek way, “[dematerializing] into a different universe… .” He adds that he “[has] no idea what this process is [and] that it’s really quite strange.”

Image: Dr. David Nixon via Maria Zeee

At around the 34:45 mark in the video Nixon shows how there are “a lot of lights visible” in the chip structures, when they do exist before their disappearance. “There’s a lot of these discrete dots [that are] visible,” Nixon says, referring to glowing splotches of light all over one particular chip structure. (One instance of that is shown in the image immediately above.) Nixon notes that, initially, he assumed that the lights appearing on the chip structures were the result of light shining from below (from the microscope’s light source itself), but he adds he was able to rule that out because they were turning on and off.

A “chip structure” as seen under darkfield (left) and brightfield (right) microscopy. Image: Dr. David Nixon via Maria Zeee

Following the discovery of the (slowly) flashing lights, Nixon performed some brightfield observations, and found that “under all [the] bright lights… there was a perfect circle—a black doughnut. And it was almost always inside of a rectangle.” Nixon notes that one of his colleagues, Mat Taylor—an electrical engineer who has offered his own take on the bizarre structures in another video—believes the lights signal some kind of “energy source” working throughout the chip structures.

Image: Dr. David Nixon via Maria Zeee

Toward the end of the video (around the 53:00 mark) Nixon shows footage of one more demonstration, in which he added a fresh drop of Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine” to a drop already dried out on a microscope slide. Nixon notes how this experiment—which also involved the doctor placing a magnet near the Pfizer-BioNTech injection contents—showed how one of the ribbons, a glowing blue structure, and a surrounding lattice network either attracted or formed “perfect spheres”—shown immediately above—that, while utterly mysterious like the rest of the observed structures, were certainly magnetic.

Closing things out with Zeee, Nixon puts these findings into context succinctly, noting that “Just because we don’t understand where technology has got to, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t gone a long way further than we know.” He adds that making the statement that “this kind of technology doesn’t exist… doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done.”

Feature image: Dr. David Nixon via Maria Zeee

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