Silicon Valley Engineer Says Vomit-Inducing Weaponized Street Lights that Can Kill Are Coming in New Interview


In this conversation with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee Silicon Valley veteran and electrical engineer Aman Jabbi outlines how a “digital prison” is being developed around the world using billions of cameras, AI, drones, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and social credit scores as its underpinnings. Jabbi specifically highlights how technologically advanced street lights (a.k.a. “smart poles”) will be deployed to track and trace people, as well as sicken and even kill them using “LED incapacitators.” Or, as they’re known colloquially, “puke rays.”

Writer’s note: The discussion about the “puke ray” street lights that can kill people begins around the 17-minute mark in the video.

While a rapidly moving technological takedown of privacy and freedom is blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention, the exact details of how a worldwide digital prison is being built are still somewhat sketchy. In a new conversation with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and electrical engineer Aman Jabbi helps to clarify the specifics of how humanity will be tracked, traced, and controlled like never before. And, it turns out, “smart” street lights may play a pretty big—and pretty sickening—role in the grand scheme.

In the interview with Zeee immediately above Jabbi—who graduated with a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Penn State University and has spent approximately 28 years as an electrical engineer working for Silicon Valley tech companies—outlines a horrifying future that is, in many respects, already our reality. Even in the Western world, which is often seen as a “free” society; particularly in contrast with communist China, where Jabbi says “Big Brother has already met Big Data.”

The “Trojan horse” for the rapidly growing global digital prison, Jabbi says, “is safety and security.” And “inside the Trojan horse is your digital ID, which [will mean] total control and compliance” with whatever Big Government and Big Corporations want. Jabbi adds that “everyone will have a digital identity. And that digital identity is going to be used to unlock your access to financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, government programs, social platforms, logging into the internet, [and] travel and mobility… . “ Jabbi claims “everything you do in your life, you [will] need your digital identity to unlock it.”

Image: Aman Jabbi via Maria Zeee

“By default a digital identity implies that you are always in a digital prison,” Jabbi says. “And you need permission to get out of that prison. By default you are always a prisoner. That is how you have to… understand how this digital identity is going to be used.”

Jabbi goes into quite a bit of detail regarding how the digital prison is being assembled, highlighting the idea that a web of internet-connected things from people’s daily lives will be turned against them. He points out, for example, some of the more obvious gadgets that are being put into place as control mechanisms, including wearable tech and home cameras.

Image: Aman Jabbi via Maria Zeee

“Apple watches are one of the worst things to have” in regards to invasion of privacy, Jabbi tells Zeee. He adds that “The Ring cameras [from Amazon]… track every device on your network, its location, its movements, all the time.” The Silicon Valley veteran adds that as Ring cameras improve over time, they become better at identifying “when you’re coming home, when you’re leaving, who’s coming to visit you… so all the tracking is going on, all the [social credit] scoring is going on even when you’re at home.”

Outside of the home, Jabbi, likewise, describes a litany of devices that will be used to monitor people and provide the data necessary to make adjustments to their social credit scores. (That is, a score kept by Big Government and Big Corporations of how well behaved a given citizen is based on his or her consumer choices and interactions with the environment.) These devices will include things like police drone swarms, robotic AI-powered security guards, and, of course, billions upon billions of cameras mounted on everything from cars to streetlights to bus stations to satellites.

Image: Aman Jabbi via Maria Zeee

While most of those Big Brother-esque technological intrusions are already on “awake” people’s radars, however, one that may not be are highly advanced street lights that will not only track people’s movements, but also be able to actively sicken, or even kill, nearby citizens.

Jabbi notes that the “low-pressure sodium halogen-type” of street lights are being phased out and replaced with “very bright array LED lights” that are “extremely harmful to the eyes” and “designed to make humans look down.” He says these lights, which are being put up approximately 30-35 yards apart, are being developed as “smart poles,” which will play an integral role in the infrastructure of so-called “smart cities.” The poles, which are being connected via 5G and underground fiberoptic cables, will underpin what Jabbi says will be “an open-air concentration camp for surveillance… .” He adds that these smart poles “can be weaponized” and “will host all sorts of sensors in the name of climate change and global warming.”

Image: DESiegel / DHS

The electrical engineer goes on to say that the smart poles will have “noise sensors” ostensibly used for noise control, but will in reality be used to monitor people’s conversations. The smart poles will also have “people counters,” surveillance cameras, megaphones for administering commands to the public, and charging stations for aerial police drones.

Most alarmingly, Jabbi says these smart poles will be armed with “puke rays,” which will be made possible via “LED incapacitators” or “LED guns” that are able to emit different frequencies of light at a very high rates of change. He notes these LED rays will use high-frequency multicolored lights that change at very high rates in order to induce intracranial damage, spinal injuries, sickness, and even death.

Image: DESiegel / DHS

Indeed, while the “puke ray” idea may seem outlandish, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has investigated the LED incapacitators as a tool for authorities. “Before human eyes can focus in on one frequency, another frequency comes on, causing intracranial pressure, which results in headache, nausea, vomiting, disorientation, irritability, and visual impairment to the target,” the LED incapacitator Wikipedia page notes.

The rest of Jabbi’s conversation with Zeee highlights the same kinds of technological perils that free people’s now face, including, most pertinently, the development of central bank digital currencies (or CBDCs). Using people’s social credit scores in conjunction with digital monies will allow for Big Government and Big Corporations to control people “from cradle to career,” Jabbi says. He notes that mechanisms are already being put into place to control the behavior of unsuspecting children—as well as gambling systems that allow people to bet on children’s future successes or failures.

Image: DESiegel / DHS

As for how free people can fight back against this digital prison? Jabbi says it’s a matter of “starving” the “beast system” that is being rolled out. “The beast needs food,” Jabbi says. “And the food is the data that comes through all of these data conduits or sensors [including] the smart cities, the cameras, the 5G networks, [and] autonomous driving vehicles.” The Silicon Valley electrical engineer—who moved to Montana in 2020—adds that “the only way to starve the beast is [to] remove the data conduits.” Which means the next time you see a street light, maybe you should think about the surprise benefits of the world being gaslit in the future.

Feature image: Aman Jabbi via Maria Zeee

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