A Look Back at the Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony, Which Featured Occult Symbols Including a Sacrificial Lamb, a Dead Baby, Orgies, a ‘Goat-Man,’ and ‘Demons’

Here is a look back at the bizarre opening ceremony for the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, which featured occult symbolism including a sacrificial lamb, a dead baby, orgies, a “goat-man,” and “demons.” The dark and twisted ceremony, which also included a haunting soundtrack of demonic whispers and people screaming for their lives, was put on for a powerful audience that included such members as former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former French President Francois Hollande, and former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

While it may seem like the world is only now waking up to the truly dark side of humanity, glaring signs that a subset of enormously twisted and powerful people exist have, it seems, always been there. Flashing back to the Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony in Switzerland in 2016, for example, offers a look at a bizarre, hour-long display—put on for world leaders—that was laden with occult symbolism; including what media outlets at the time interpreted as demons, orgies, a dead baby, a sacrificial lamb, and a “goat-man.”

The complete Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony is shown in the RT video above, although it’s painful, and disturbing, to watch in its entirety. The opening ceremony, which was directed by German theater producer Volker Hesse, has little if any overarching narrative, and continually switches out one unsettling vignette of simultaneously angry and sorrowful dancers for another.

Characters with gigantic, oversized heads that have no expressions on their faces and no life in their eyes, also appear throughout the macabre montage.

Swiss news outlet Blik noted at the time that “The staging [of the ceremony] by German director Volker Hesse was pretty disturbing… [with] half-naked dancers, a bare-breasted angel in the air, zombie construction workers, spooky demons and a human mountain goat.” That bare-breasted angel in the air also featured a gigantic, oversized head that several reporters—including two at Buzzfeed and The Guardian‘s Rob Davies—pegged as a “flying death baby.” Which fits with the whole “sacrificing your children for Moloch” occult idea.

The flying, half-naked woman with a (dead?) baby’s head. Image: RT

Other occult symbolism from the dreadful and dreadfully long show included the opening of a dark portal—which saw three miners either “die” or “hang themselves” during its creation—as well as groups of people who looked like they walked straight out of the 2019 folk horror film Midsommar; donning twigs and bushes on their heads and carrying wizard-esque wood staffs in their hands. The same groupings of characters were also the ones to bring a sacrificial lamb—a symbol sometimes associated with Satanism—into the ceremony (at around the 15:45 mark).

The sacrificial lamb. Image: RT

A man wearing a mountain goat headdress also appeared throughout the show, leading the groups of mindless miners and chaotically twirling and leaping people with horns on their heads as he bellowed in all directions in tongues. The “goat-man” as WND and others referred to him at the time, spent much of his time thrusting and apparently lusting after the women in the show; a theme that crescendoed toward the end of the ceremony when he approached a lightly clothed women on her hands and knees (herself wearing goat horns) and proceeded to hump her bottom.

The goat-man humping the woman with goat horns on. Image: RT

The last quarter of the show also featured the mindless miners, stripped of their clothing down to underwear, dancing erotically around each other in a large group; a sight that multiple news outlets—including FEE Stories—likened to an orgy. Orgies, of course, have a pagan connotation, as well as a connection to witchcraft, and, more specifically, sex magick.

The floating, decapitated woman’s head. Image: RT

It’s difficult to put together a complete list of the other bizarre facets of the ceremony, as well as the other occult symbols (including an all-seeing eye and what could be perceived as a large, decapitated woman’s head), but the vibe of the whole thing was simply weird and dark. Just as unnerving as the visuals were the audio effects that accompanied the show, which often sounded like demonic whispers or people screaming during their descent into Hell.

The dance orgy. Image: RT

The audience in attendance for the show, as would be expected for the celebration of such a landmark accomplishment (the Gotthard Base Tunnel, a railway tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland now stands as the world’s longest railway and deepest traffic tunnel) were world leaders including former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former French President Francois Hollande, former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and former Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern.

It should be noted that one conspiracy theory surrounding the Gotthard Base Tunnel opening is likely flatly wrong, however. And that is the tunnel’s connection to CERN and the organization’s enormous particle physics laboratory in Geneva. After a cursory search online, it seems there is little evidence of a connection between the Gotthard Base Tunnel and the tunnel used for CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Although, to be fair, the LHC has been associated with far stranger phenomenon than this occult show. Read more on that via the post embedded immediately above.

Feature image: RT

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