Dr. Ryan Cole Discusses ‘Rubber Band’ Clots, Dropping Birthrates, Autoimmune Diseases in New Interview with Dr. Drew

In this interview with podcaster and TV host Dr. Drew, as well as trauma and emergency specialist Dr. Kelly Victory, Dr. Ryan Cole, a veteran pathologist, describes his take on the bizarre fibrous structures showing up in the dead bodies of people who had been “vaccinated” against COVID-19. Cole also discusses many other serious downsides of the experimental injections, including their causing an increase in infertility, as well as negative effects on babies developing in the womb.

Amongst anybody who’s looked into the matter, it is now an unequivocal fact that some bizarre “clotting” phenomenon was introduced into the human population following the introduction of the unthinkably dangerous (and utterly useless) COVID-19 “vaccines.” More and more embalmers are coming out with evidence of the strange clots—described as “fibrous white structures”—appearing in the dead bodies of those “vaccinated” against COVID, and medical professionals have even identified them in the bodies of “vaccinated” patients while they were still alive.

Now, Dr. Ryan Cole—who’s become a mainstay of the “team reality” physician lineup—offers his newest insights into what’s causing the clots, what they’re made of, and what—horrendous—effects they’re likely having on the body in a new interview with Dr. Drew and Dr. Kelly Victory.

In his interview with Drew and Victory—in the video immediately above—Cole expounds on what he discussed with Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsch in August of this year. Cole, a pathologist and America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) member, noted at the time that the clots appeared to consist of “clumped rubbery proteins.” A description he still, evidently, thinks is fitting.

“These [clots] are kind of like rubber bands,” Cole tells Drew and Victory in their conversation, adding that “[Y]ou do have some of the normal clotting proteins. [And the clots] will entrap red blood cells, [they] will entrap white blood cells, so those elements are within [them].” Cole notes, however, that “The unusual aspect is the rest of the composition of [these] long, fibrous clot[s]” as they consist of “amyloid-like material with some… sugars [and] glycoproteins, mixed in.”

Despite the oddities of the clots—which the veteran pathologist says have been found by more than 50 embalmers he’s aware of now—Cole does say that he believes there are “No nano-chips [or] wires [or] all this crazy stuff you hear on the internet” in the clots or the COVID injections themselves. “I just think that’s all tinfoil scaremongering,” he adds. “But what there is, is an unusual amount of collected proteins. They’re unusual combinations of proteins that make these [clots] very difficult for the body to dissolve.”

Despite Cole’s claim that any supposed “nano-chips” and “wires” in the experimental injections are just the result of “tinfoil” hat scaremongering, however, it should be noted that dozens and dozens of experts in various relevant fields who’ve looked at the contents of the COVID “vaccine” vials claim to have found such oddities—including multiple physicians, like Dr. Daniel Nagase in Canada and Dr. David Nixon in Australia, as well as electrical engineer Dr. Simon Yanowitz and electrical engineer Mat Taylor. The Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis in Germany has also put out a report which found “inadmissibly large objects” in the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vials; ones they say “can only partially be explained as a result of crystallization or decomposition process; [and] cannot be explained as contamination from the manufacturing process.” (Read more about what The Working Group found via the post embedded immediately above.)

Cole also spends a large portion of the interview discussing how the spike protein production catalyzed by the COVID injections is enormously dangerous for a litany of reasons. Between his previous interview with Kirsch—which can be viewed via the post embedded immediately above—and this interview with Drew and Victory, Cole outlines how there is not only evidence in the medical literature of toxic cardiomyopathy in those who’ve been killed by the COVID-19 “vaccines,” but also that the gene-altering injections “make more spike proteins [in the body] than the natural infection does.” Cole notes medical scientists know that because of studies like this one in the journal Cell by pathologist Katharina Röltgen, et al. In the study, Cole notes Röltgen and her colleagues found the “vaccines” produce much more spike protein than does the natural infection. (Indeed, Röltgen, et al. found “vaccine” RNA in the body up to two months or longer after injection date—see study excerpt immediately below.)

The persistent and ubiquitous presence of those spike proteins, Cole says, is extremely harmful for several reasons. He notes the most common damage (according to data out of Israel) is neurologic. The pathologist notes this is because the lipid nanoparticles containing the mRNA that codes for the spike protein cross the blood-brain barrier (as they were intended to). This, of course, causes great neurological harm, although Cole notes brain fog in particular is likely due to the spike proteins attacking cells’ mitochondria in the body. Cole even notes the lipid nanoparticles themselves are “inflammatory.”

Image: Katharina Röltgen, et al. / Cell

“When does the body stop producing the spike protein?” Cole asks rhetorically in this interview. “That is a scientific question that hasn’t been answered yet.”

Cole also discusses several other unimaginably horrendous downsides of the experimental, utterly useless injections being cranked out into the population by the Department of Defense (DoD). In response to Victory bringing up a significant drop in birth rates in countries that have rolled out the COVID injections, for example, Cole brings up a pharmacokinetics study performed by Japanese researchers—in which they looked at where in the body lipid nanoparticles (or the little “bubbles of fat” that contain the mRNA code for the spike protein) go in mice and rat bodies—and found they do indeed distribute to the ovaries. Cole also notes that the lipid nanoparticles were still building up in the ovaries when the researchers killed and dissected the rodents.

In relation to the drop in birthrates Cole also brings up a study out of Israel—published in the journal Andrology—which found that post “vaccination” with the Pfizer injection men experienced a persistent decline of approximately 16% in sperm concentration and about 20% in total motile count at the six-month mark. And, possibly, permanently. (More on that study can be found via the post embedded immediately above.)

Cole even notes that his colleagues are seeing malformations with placentas (the temporary embryonic and later fetal organ that begins developing from the blastocyst shortly after implantation) across the country.

“These placentas are the wrong size for the gestational age, these placentas are calcified, these placentas have spike protein in them, these placentas have antibodies in them, these placentas have induced excess inflammation in them,” Cole says. Cole follows up by saying researchers should start looking into the problem. Likely a great idea, since even embalmers are noticing an uptick in fetal demise—like those in the Maria Zeee interview that can be watched via the post embedded immediately above. Although many people in the mainstream would dub those same embalmers, as well as Dr. Cole himself, as “tinfoil” conspiracy theorists.

Feature image: Dr. Drew

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