Embalmer Nicky Rupright King Discusses Novel Fibrous Clots in Dead, COVID-Vaccinated Bodies and ‘Astronomical’ Amounts of Deformations in the Dead Babies She’s Cremating


In this interview with radio show host Jason Liatos embalmer Nicky Rupright King adds her voice to the chorus of other embalmers who’re saying they’ve seen an introduction of bizarre, “white fibrous structures” blocking up people’s veins and arteries since the rollout of the COVID injections. King also says she’s seen an “astronomical” amount of deformities amongst the babies she’s cremating since the introduction of the experimental “vaccines.”

More and more embalmers are coming out with descriptions of a bizarre clotting phenomenon that has exploded into existence following the rollout of the enormously dangerous and utterly ineffective COVID-19 “vaccines.” Richard Hirschman, Wallace Hooker, Anna Foster, and others have all come out with identical descriptions (and often identical photos) of the clots, as well as claims that they’re appearing overwhelmingly in the bodies of those who’d been “vaccinated” against COVID while alive. Now, in a new interview with radio show host and artist Jason Liatos, adding her voice to the chorus is embalmer Nicky Rupright King, who not only further describes the horrendous clots, but also an “astronomical” amount of deformations amongst dead babies she’s cremating.

In the interview above with Liatos, King echoes what’s been said by the aforementioned embalmers regarding the novel, alien clots. The embalmer describes what she’s found in dead “vaccinated” bodies as “fibrous substances and clots” and even says she’s seen some with a “greenish tint.” (A description that is reminiscent of what’s been found in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System regarding women’s breastmilk turning neon green after COVID “vaccination.”)

King further describes the clots noting that she’s seen some that have had “little pods attached to [them]” that consisted of a “rubber substance.” She also notes that these clots have parts that, to her, feel “almost like the fatty piece of a steak.”

Image: Jason Liosatos

The brave embalmer goes on to say that she’s seen a “difference in each person in terms of the size of the fibrous clots that are growing.” King notes “You can see if they’ve been vaccinated, let’s say two years versus six months [ago], [because] there’s a huge difference in the size of these clots.”

As for how King knows whether or not the bodies she’s embalming have been “vaccinated” against COVID, she says that “if I wait on a family [of a deceased person], I will ask ‘Can you please tell me if they had their COVID vaccine?'” The embalmer also notes that “nine times out of ten [the families have] said yes, they’ve had the COVID vaccine” and that the phenomenon only “started happening in 2022 after the vaccines had been out.” (This is actually much later than has been reported by other embalmers like Hirschman. More information on what he’s seen can be found via the post embedded immediately below.)

Just as alarming as the bizarre clots King says she’s also noticed an “astronomical” uptick in deformities amongst the dead babies she cremates. King notes on the topic:

“I see so many fetal demises on the backside of the funeral industry that it [is] scary… [M]ost people just think of a baby being born [deceased] full term as a fetal demise… [but] a fetal demise… can happen at many stages and we have to see what we’re actually putting into the container before putting them into a cremation container and some of these poor babies were just born so deformed… . I felt so bad for these parents who were having to come in and plan for funerals and cremations [and] memorial services for their children. From eight months, nine months, to giving birth when… the baby’s only three months old. The deformities these children had were astronomical…. It’s scary. It’s very sad. I felt so bad for those children.”

King notes that she herself was “vaccinated” against COVID-19 before she realized what kinds of horrific effects they’re having on human bodies. A decision she now evidently deeply regrets. “The day that I passed out at work [due to a COVID injection side effect] I told one of my bosses, I said ‘If I do not make it up off of this couch, because my chest is hurting so bad... please have someone open me up and test my blood and see if I’m full of clots. Because I’ve had nothing but problems since I’ve been vaccinated.”

She also says she encouraged her family members to take the “vaccine,” with disastrous results. In fact, when King took her father to the hospital for COVID injection-related clotting, she says that a nurse told her that she’s been seeing clotting in patients’ blood, as well as in her hospital’s centrifuge machines during spin-downs. Even her father’s cardiologist said that he has been seeing “a higher risk of [thromboses and embolisms] lately.”

Along with the clots embalmers like King are finding in dead bodies, medical professionals are also reporting that they’re now finding the bizarre blockages in the bodies of people who have been “vaccinated” against COVID and are still alive. Lab director Mike Adams has also analyzed one of the clots using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (or ICP-MS), and says they’re “self-assembling bio-structures” consisting of vanadium, chromium, manganese, nickel, copper, arsenic, selenium, strontium, molybdenum, cadmium, lead, and uranium.

Feature image: Jason Liosatos

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