Pfizer Whistleblower Melissa McAtee Shows Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts How the Pharma Giant’s COVID ‘Vaccines’ Glow Blue and How Tons of Deaths Were Expected in LTCF Population After Rollout of the Experimental Injections


In a new interview with Edge Radio Australia Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee describes for Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts the numerous violations of Good Manufacturing Practices that the pharma giant has committed while producing its experimental COVID-19 injections. McAtee also describes how Pfizer’s injections glow blue when set against the right background, and shows source presentation slides evincing the fact that the corporation expected there to be a large number of deaths in long-term care facility residents following their “vaccinations.” Deaths that, it seems, were not reported to VAERS.

Note: The interview with McAtee and Senator Roberts begins around the 2:50 mark.

Over the past several months Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee has been giving interviews with multiple news media platforms—most famously with Project Veritas—revealing to the public the profound violations of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) she witnessed while performing quality control of the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Now, in one of her latest interviews, McAtee describes for Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts the many violations she observed first-hand; including some she hasn’t discussed in previous interviews. McAtee also discusses a slide show presentation from the pharma giant noting that it expected a large number of deaths among jab recipients in long-term care facilities following the rollout of its experimental injections, and how Pfizer’s COVID injections glow blue when set against a dark background.

McAtee, who worked as a quality control employee for nearly a decade—including almost four years at Pfizer before being fired by the pharma giant for whistleblowing—explains for Roberts, as well as hosts of Edge Radio Australia, the bizarre, incredible things she witnessed during the initial rollout of the COVID-19 injections.

“[T]his vaccine was arriving premixed from bags in China,” McAtee tells Roberts, et al. in the interview. She goes on to say that what she observed during Pfizer’s manufacturing process of its experimental mRNA COVID injections was “not at all” normal.

Image: Edge Radio Australia

McAtee explains that after the made-in-China solution arrived, Pfizer workers performed the necessary subsequent steps—including compounding the solution, pouring it into “fill tanks” and sterile vials, etc.—in order to create the product that would eventually be shot into people’s arms. (And while that may sound disturbing—and quite possibly should be disturbing—it does track with the fact that BioNTech, which partnered with Pfizer to create its COVID “vaccine,” also formed “a strategic development and commercialization partnership” with Shanghai-based Fosun Pharmaceutical “to advance [the novel injection] in China.”)

Echoing what she’s said in the past, McAtee claims in this interview that there is graphene oxide in Pfizer’s injection vials. “[T]o my knowledge graphene oxide is part of the mechanism that would be used within the shots to assemble into… a WiFi network within the body to emit a Bluetooth signal…” McAtee says. “I can’t prove that,” the former Manufacturing Quality Auditor (MQA) adds “but that’s something I’ve seen other people say that I trust. I think they’re fairly accurate.”

Indeed, multiple physicians and electrical engineers have come out and said that, after studying the mRNA injection vials, they can say with some certainty that there are “computer chip” type structures in the liquid material that has now been injected into billions of people. The claim is extraordinary, and perhaps false, of course, but it should be noted that the contents of Pfizer’s COVID injection, as well as that of Moderna’s, etc., remain indefinitely redacted. (Dr. Daniel Nagase offers a look at the computer-chip-like structures in the post embedded immediately above.)

McAtee also discusses how she observed the contents of Pfizer’s COVID injections “glowing” when set against dark backgrounds. “I wouldn’t say it glows in that you could light a room with it,” McAtee says, clarifying that, in her estimation, the injection contents glow with a similar luminosity to a glow stick that’s been cracked open, but severely deadened due to being drained over the course of several hours.

McAtee has said in a previous interview (which you can watch via the post embedded immediately above) that “All the product I’ve dealt with, anywhere on the planet, people have been [at Pfizer for] 50 years, [and] never [seen] anything that looks like this. Nothing.” The former MQA added that the “vaccine” in Pfizer’s vials went “from this clear, kind of very, very faint yellow to glowing a blue glow” depending on its background. She added that“this product also moves more like mercury than water. Like it’s kind of thick, but it moves in kind of a weird way; it doesn’t fully separate.”

McAtee also shows official slides from a Pfizer “COVID-19 vaccine safety update” presentation that evince the pharma giant expected 11,440 deaths in long-term care facilities (LTCFs) in the 28-day period following the rollout of the injections. The pharma giant noted in its slides that “Mortality in LTCF residents is high and substantial numbers of deaths in this population will occur following vaccination as temporally-associated coincidental events.”

While that statement may seem reasonable on its own, however, McAtee notes only 129 reports of death were entered into the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the same time period. Which potentially signals an overwhelming number of deaths were not reported—and they should have been, because the deaths followed within just a month-long timeframe following the LTCF residents’ injection dates. (Incidentally, it’s also interesting to note that when this same “high death rate amongst LTCF residents” point was raised in regard to deaths “with COVID-19,” the mainstream narrative said this kind of reasoning was inaccurate and cruel.)

McAtee also highlights several other seemingly major violations committed by Pfizer, including employees blacking out windows in her manufacturing plant for unclear reasons. In a previous interview McAtee expounded on that point, noting that “[W]e are not supposed to be blacking out windows.” The whistleblower added that “You are supposed to be able to be seen at all times due to us having controlled products… [and that] blacking out the windows is a huge integrity thing.” McAtee noted specifically that the plant’s “Group Lead Office,” which “is simply a small room for paperwork to be done [for the pack-lines],” was also blacked out. “[There’s] no reason to black… out [this office] other than you just don’t want to be seen, essentially,” McAtee added.

The results from a 2011 study showing that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” to VAERS. Link to report.

McAtee also says that Pfizer told her and other employees that they had to limit what they told people outside of the manufacturing plants about the product. Don’t talk to anti-vaxxers is literally what they were telling you,” McAtee says. She also claims that Pfizer was not obeying GMP prior to its manufacturing the COVID injections. Indeed, McAtee says that, beginning in 2019, Pfizer began committing production violations. “They wanted me to sign off on a product that was missing visual inspection markings to show that the product had been observed and inspected by people,” McAtee says. “A product that has never been seen [Pfizer] wanted to send out to customers.”

Although Rogers mostly listens during the interview, he does ask questions toward the end, as well as provide some frightening injection-related facts of his own. Namely, that he believes the COVID injection rollout in his country has directly caused an enormous drop in birthrates.

At around the 56-minute mark in the video, Rogers says “In the second half, every single month [including] July, August, September, October, November, December, every single month was below average” in regard to monthly birthrates in Australia in 2021—after the COVID injection rollout. Rogers notes the country usually sees 24,000 births per month, but in November of 2021, there were only 18,000; in December, there were only 6,500—less than a third of what would be normally expected.

“We’ve had exponential increase in stillbirths, exponential increase in failure to conceive and miscarriages,” Roberts adds. He notes that “other nations [are also] publicizing this kind of dramatic drop in births.” A fact that is unequivocal. For example, in the interview from the post embedded immediately above computer scientist and mathematician Igor Chudov shows how the COVID mRNA “vaccines” from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are linked to a “precipitous drop” in birthrates across Europe.

“This is really serious stuff for the whole species,” Roberts adds. For “the whole of humans around the planet.”

It should be noted that, technically, Pfizer wasn’t under any kind of contractual obligation with the federal government (specifically the Department of Defense) to produce—nor properly clinically trial—the experimental injections according to standard practices. As pharma insider Sasha Latypova outlines in an interview that can be watched via the post embedded immediately above, Pfizer’s Contract Statement of Work with the DoD from July of 2020 clearly states the pharma giant was to implement a “Large Scale Vaccine Manufacturing Demonstration.” With the key word there being “demonstration.”

Feature image: Edge Radio Australia

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