Australian Senator Gerard Rennick Slams Peers for Ignoring COVID Vaccine Deaths and the Vaccine-Injured; Says the Injections Contain a ‘Synthetic Gene’


In a recent speech given to the Australian Senate Liberal Senator Gerard Rennick lambasted his peers for ignoring the 140,000-plus people injured by the COVID “vaccines” in his country. Rennick, who also discussed the deaths being caused by the experimental injections, pointed out that part of the reason the injections are doing so much damage is because of their use of mRNA encoding for a spike protein that has been modified—in part using a synthetic gene—to last longer in the human body than it otherwise would.

It is—immensely—rare to see a politician stand up in front of his peers and highlight the extraordinary dangers and blatant inefficacy of the experimental COVID injections. It’s an event that has, seemingly, only been approximated here in the U.S. thanks to Senator Ron Johnson’s roundtable discussions. A refreshing show of true political courage in Australia came on December 1 of this year, however, thanks to Liberal Senator Gerard Rennick, who lambasted his fellow members of congress, as well as the country’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), for allowing the so-called COVID “vaccines” to exist at all even when they shouldn’t in the first place.

On his YouTube channel Rennick notes the above video is of a speech given in support of an amendment to Australia’s Industrial Relations Bill (IR Bill) that “would have prevented people [from] being discriminated against on the basis of their Covid-19 vaccine status.” Rennick adds on his channel that, more specifically, “This amendment would have allowed unvaxxed people in the private sector to go back to work.”

In his speech Rennick—who says he “believes in small government and is determined to foster a culture where the individual is empowered to take personal responsibility and the authority of the institutions is restrained”—begins by honing in on the inefficacy of the experimental jabs.

“Here we are at the end of 2022, and we’ve had over 10 million cases of COVID,” Rennick proclaims. “The Australian health department, of course, stopped counting around September sometime because, I think, it was getting too embarrassing to admit that, despite over 20 million people having been vaccinated, over half the country had caught COVID.”

Indeed, it’s no surprise and no secret that Australia has seen enormous growth in its number of COVID cases since the introduction of the wildly dangerous COVID injections. As the “King of Twitter Graphs” and author of the book Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates Ian Miller notes in the tweet embedded immediately above, COVID cases exploded exponentially after the rollout of the “vaccines” in early 2021.

Link to FDA Briefing

Later in his speech Rennick adds that when Pfizer et al. performed their animal trials for the COVID “vaccines” (which preceded their clinical trials, which were not actual clinical trials, but rather only “demonstrations” of clinical trials), the report “said there was no difference in lung inflammation between the placebo group and the vaccinated group after nine days.” Rennick adds “There was not one skerrick of evidence that showed that that vaccine was effective.”

Of course, it’s not only that the COVID injections are ineffective, but that they are negatively effective—meaning they make a recipient more likely to contract COVID after a certain period of time. Something, not incidentally, Pfizer was willing to admit (although not in plain English), in an FDA Briefing document made available on September 17, 2021. In the excerpt from the Briefing document immediately above, Pfizer notes that “incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants [including both injected and un-injected groups] with increasing time post-Dose 2 at the start of the analysis period.” Pfizer even notes in its document that there were more cases (70.3 per 1,000 person-years) in its trial’s “vaccinated” group than in its original placebo group (51.6 cases per 1,000 person-years).

Link to DAEN System page

Regarding the enormous peril to health the injections pose, Rennick says “There were almost 140,000 jab injuries [reported to the Database of Adverse Event Notifications or DAEN]—more than all the injuries reported from [all other] vaccines since 1971 and more than all [their] injuries put together.” The Senator adds that “You’ve got an injury rate that’s three times higher [than all other vaccines combined], yet the TGA [doesn’t] want to look at the signal.”

Rennick goes on to say that “day after day,” for the last 15 months he has been “contacted by people who have had their lives destroyed by this vaccine—a vaccine that the government said was safe and effective.” The Australian senator adds “There are people out there who are not only injured; they have lost their jobs, and they cannot get medical support to help them. There are husbands and wives who had to quit their jobs to stay home and look after those people who are injured and are in an incredible amount of pain.”

Equally as disturbing as the facts presented in Rennick’s speech is the reaction he receives in real-time from Sarah Coral Hanson-Young, a Senator for South Australia from the Australian Greens party. (The Greens party’s four core values, incidentally, are things like “ecological sustainability,” “social justice,” “grassroots democracy,” and “peace and non-violence.”)

As we can hear in the clip immediately above (from the video at top), Hanson-Young sounds as if she’s groaning or otherwise attempting to disrupt Rennick’s speech. In return, Rennick fires back: “the fact that you’re interjecting Senator Hanson-Young just goes to show the type of person you are.”

“How dare you come into this chamber and start mocking the vaccine injured?” Rennick asks rhetorically. After he’s seated, Hanson-Young stands to ask the Senate to move past the question and stop Rennick’s “rubbish.”

Link to FDA Summary Basis for Regulatory Action for COMIRNATY

One other critical point from Rennick’s speech (amongst many), is his claim that “[the] spike protein in the vaccine isn’t even the same as the spike protein in the virus… they’ve actually changed one of the nucleotides and they’ve actually got a synthetic gene in the vaccine.” Rennick adds that the spike protein produced by the injections is “designed to last longer.” 

Indeed, anyone can see for themselves Rennick’s spike protein claim is undoubtedly true. We see in the excerpts immediately above from the Summary Basis for Regulatory Action for COMIRNATY—the FDA-approved version of Pfizer-BioNTech’s injection—the claim that “the antigen-coding RNA sequence is codon-optimized and contains two proline mutations… which ensures an antigenically optimal trimerized pre-fusion confirmation.” The FDA document clarifies COMIRNATY “includes the presence of optimized codons to improve antigen expression.” You can learn more on this topic via the post embedded below.

Feature image: Senator Gerard Rennick via The Canadian Independent

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