Former BlackRock Fund Manager Edward Dowd Says U.S. Labor Shortage Is Due to COVID ‘Vaccine’ Injuries and that the Clinical Trials Were Fraudulent


In this interview with Children’s Health Defense former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd explains how the COVID-19 “vaccines” have caused an enormous amount of deaths and disabilities in the U.S., with the latter leading to the country’s labor shortage. Dowd also notes the COVID injections stand as “the greatest fraud of [his] lifetime” and that the havoc they’ve wreaked on America is so severe it’s now a “national security issue.”

In a new interview with Children’s Health Defense (CHD) former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd expounds on his analysis of the COVID “vaccine” rollout, explaining how the experimental injections—which are actually a Department of Defense (DoD) product, and not a pharmaceutical product—are undoubtedly responsible for an enormous number of deaths and disabilities across America. Dowd specifically clarifies that he believes the labor shortage in the U.S. is due to injuries from the COVID “vaccines,” and that the clinical trials for the novel injections were fraudulent.

Dowd tells CHD’s Michael Kane that he first became suspicious of the wildly dangerous and utterly ineffective COVID injections toward the beginning of 2021. In February, March, and April of 2021 Dowd says he “started hearing little stories of so-and-so’s uncle died suddenly… [and then]… started seeing… sudden athletic deaths popping up… .”

“You’d see… soccer players in Europe just keeling over, dropping dead,” Dowd says, adding that “intuitively, you don’t see that all the time.”

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Indeed, the phenomenon became so glaring for Dowd that he predicted a large increase in deaths would present itself in the data from the insurance industry. (Those data would be particularly accurate, after all, because insurance corporations have to pay out on life insurance policies.) Lo and behold, when the data came in, Dowd and his colleagues identified a massive uptick in all-cause mortality; particularly amongst working-age people with jobs, and particularly in the third quarter of 2021.

In the GETTR post immediately above Dowd shows a publicly available actuarial report from the Society of Actuaries Research Institute sponsored by the Group Life Insurance Experience Committee, which evinces a massive increase in all-cause mortality (ACM) amongst the age groups spanning 25 through 64 in Q3 of 2021. More specifically, a 78% increase in ages 25-34; a 100% increase in ages 35-44; an 80% increase in ages 45-54; and an increase of 53% in ages 55-64. Perhaps not incidentally, there was also a 31% increase for ages 65-74, and a 19% for ages 75-84.

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Young, healthy people “tend not to drop dead,” Dowd tells Kane, adding that “the rate of change [in the ACM for working age Americans] was off the chart.” (See graph immediately above.) The combined ACM increase along with the rate of change in ACM, Dowd reasons, must point to some kind of acute change in society that led to the abrupt shift; that acute change, Dowd concludes, was the “global mass vaccination campaign and job [COVID injection] mandates.”

Most of these working-age people were “compelled to take [the injections],” Dowd notes. But he says “You can’t hide the bodies [and] you can’t hide the disabilities” that have arisen due to the uptake of the experimental injections. Dowd has previously noted that an analyst with whom he’s been working has discovered a database from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that provides a monthly employment report, and, critically, consists of data captured via a real-time survey. Amongst the questions on the survey is one that asks: “Are you disabled or is someone in your home disabled?” The number of “yes” answers, apparently, was flat—hovering at about 29 million per year—for the five years prior to 2021. After the introduction of the COVID-19 “vaccines” in the American population, however, the number of “yes” answers shot up to 31.6 million.

This increase was largely mitigated amongst the approximately 9 million Americans of working age without a job. In that cohort, Dowd says, there was only a 4% increase in disabilities as opposed to a 9% increase in the cohort with jobs that provide life insurance; again, hinting at the root cause of the uptick in disabilities amongst working-age people being the mandated COVID injections.

The increase in disabilities amongst working-age individuals accounts for people “mysteriously disappearing from the labor force,” Dowd says, and hence is “one …of the biggest contributors to labor shortage [in the U.S.]” The problem is so dire, in fact, Dowd claims these deaths and disabilities now stand as “a national security issue.” (That argument is heavily bolstered by the military’s—now outgoing—COVID injection mandate likely leading to an enormous drop in recruiting numbers. Read more about that via the post embedded immediately above.)

“This is the greatest fraud of my lifetime,” Dowd says. The former BlackRock fund manager notes that the clinical trials for the COVID injections were a “joke” and were undoubtedly replete with “fraud.” This does seem like an easily defended position, even without Dowd’s statistics, as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) itself wanted to release the data from the COVID injection trials to the public over a 75-year-long period before being sued into releasing the information on a far shorter timescale. The ostensible clinical trials were also legally only a “demonstration” of clinical trials as well, which is something Pfizer has admitted to in court documents. Read more about that via the post embedded immediately above.

Feature image: Children’s Health Defense

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