Pharma Insider Shows NIH Knew mRNA Injections Were Bioweapons in 2018, Says the Jabs’ Unstable, Fracture-Proned mRNA Acts as ‘Shrapnel’ that Causes Recipient Cells to Destroy Themselves


In this interview with Mathew Crawford pharma industry veteran Sasha Latypova provides evidence showing that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) knew in 2018 that mRNA injections are usable as bioweapons. (Particularly ones that cause cancer.) Claiming the injections are indeed bioweapons, Latypova describes how the mRNA in the jabs is prone to “fracturing” and forming into “shrapnel” that causes recipient cells throughout the body to destroy themselves.

In a new interview with educator and finance specialist Mathew Crawford (a.k.a. Rounding the Earth) pharma industry veteran Sasha Latypova further expounds on the true narrative behind the rollout of the COVID injections—a narrative that points to their being a literal bioweapon rather than “vaccines.” Latypova describes, for example, how the unstable mRNA in the injections “fractures” and thusly behaves like “shrapnel” in the body; causing recipient cells to inadvertently destroy themselves.

In the video above Latypova, a serial pharmaceutical entrepreneur who spent more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry during her career—working with over 60 pharma companies all over the world, including Pfizer—describes for Crawford the extraordinary crimes that have been committed by U.S. federal agencies including the Department of Defense (DoD), the HHS, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), et al. As well as pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Johnson and Johnson, et al.

The COVID injections “don’t even go by FDA regulations, it turns out,” Latypova tells Crawford. She notes that all the pharmaceutical companies ostensibly responsible for cranking out the experimental jabs “all defer to… regulations from WHO [the World Health Organization] from 2005.” Latypova notes:

“Remember, in the United States, WHO is not a regulator. They do not regulate interstate commerce of pharmaceutical products. Therefore [its] recommendations are irrelevant to us. Yet, both of these companies [Moderna and Pfizer] refer to WHO [manufacturing regulations] from 2005, when these products were deemed gene therapies—not vaccines—and they go by those very, very light, very non-curious investigations the WHO recommends with respect to the vaccine.”

As a result of this setup—with the FDA deferring to the WHO regarding regulations—Latypova says the FDA has “give[n] up their power.”

Regarding the mRNA COVID injections themselves, the pharma veteran says that “They’re both extremely novel because they have never been approved, but they’re also very well understood because there was about 20 years of attempts to put them on the market that all failed.” Indeed, not only had Moderna, for example, failed to bring any of its mRNA products to market prior to Operation Warp Speed—after a decade of trying—but the company was never even able to get them into Phase 3 clinical trials. (Read more about that via the post embedded immediately below.)

Latypova clarifies that “Pharma companies [are] in cahoots with the FDA” and that “the FDA [has] actually enabled them to do this… .” That is, to re-categorize these failed gene therapy products as “vaccines.” Latypova goes as far as to say that this has been “fraud driven by the FDA.”

Incredibly, Latypova notes that the gene therapy tech used for the mRNA COVID injections has, since 1997, been classified as a biological weapon; a fact discussed “in many, many U.S. Army, Navy, intelligence reports [which are] all available online.” She even highlights a National Institutes of Health (NIH) textbook from 2018—dubbed Biodefense in the Age of Synthetic Biology—that “has a whole chapter on [the mRNA injections being used as] a bioweapon.”

Image: Board of Life Sciences / NIH

In the excerpt immediately above from the textbook, the authors write that “One reason that RNA delivery is potentially a viable biological threat is that even a small initial skew in gene expression… could greatly alter the probability of an initial cellular alteration.” The authors add that “Even small amounts of a targeted RNA would not modify the genome per se, but might allow or encourage cells to begin the process of self-transformation to tumors, as evidenced by the fact that a large number of pro-oncogenic miRNAs have already been discovered… .”

On top of that, the NIH authors also say that “Larger mRNAs can also be delivered via liposomes and nanoparticles or by RNA replication strategies being developed for vaccine production” and that “these methods could potentially be used to express deleterious cargo such as toxins or oncogenes, similar to threats related to DNA vectors.”

In regard to the mRNA COVID injections specifically, Latypova says that “[the] RNA fractures unpredictably, just like… shrapnel, because just like shrapnel it’s unpredictable the way it flies and breaks.” She adds that this variability—that is, variation in variety and abundance of mRNA that’s injected into each person—“makes [the injections] a great weapon.”

Latypova goes on to note that the fractured mRNA (i.e. the pieces of mRNA encoding for a—literally unidentifiable—version of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein) is not in 100% of the COVD injections, but, on the contrary, is only “in some of them.” The fractured mRNA delivered via lipid nanoparticles, she adds, is “unstable,” has “a lot of impurities,” and creates “small shards” that “can then mess up whatever is going on in your cells at the moment.” This is akin to “throwing sand in the gears” of the human body, the pharma veteran says, and “depending on [what type and amount of mRNA] gets distributed” to one’s cells, “that’s how [those cells are] going to start destroying themselves.”

In regard to using the lipid nanoparticles themselves for bioweapons, Latypova and Crawford discuss (without mentioning it by name) the documentary Watch the Water (watch via the post embedded immediately above), and Dr. Bryan Ardis’ theory that COVID-19 was actually a weaponized snake venom deployed using the nano-scale, synthetic bubbles of fat. Latypova notes that this idea is more than plausible, as “everybody knows in the pharmaceutical industry we study natural toxins all the time… [and] they’re used both… as drug substances, but also, often [as] tools for drug development… to elucidate the mechanisms of various events in [the] human body.” Latypova adds these toxins are “[much] more stable than mRNA.”

Link to Pfizer’s motion to dismiss

These toxins, these small peptides, Latypova says, can even withstand boiling temperatures. As a result of their efficacy and robustness, the pharma insider says, to her, it sounded like a “plausible theory… that you could weaponize these lipid nanoparticles by just putting a whole bunch of venom peptides into them.” (Peptides are typically defined as molecules that consist of between 2 and 50 amino acids, whereas proteins, on the other hand, are made up of 50 or more amino acids.)

Furthermore, Latypova says that:

“These products are not manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practices [GMP]. There is absolutely no assurance that [there is] 30 micrograms of mRNA [in] BNT-162B2 [Pfizer’s injection]…. . Because there’s no test for it. And there has never been one designed, never been one declared in any single manufacturing document. And I assure you not a single regulatory agency has those tests per vial. So you can put anything you want in them. You can just put in anything, any kind of toxin you want into the lipid nanoparticle. Including metals, including peptides, including all sorts of things. And I’m sure they’re doing it. Because they’re testing whatever sticks, whatever flies.”

While it’s unclear what’s actually being injected into people around the world, it is unequivocal that the mRNA injections for COVID were not trialled according to Good Clinical Practices (GCP). Pfizer itself noted as much in its attempt to thwart Brook Jackson’s whistleblower claims against it. (See the excerpt from Pfizer’s motion to dismiss Jackson’s lawsuit immediately above.) Likewise, GMP does not, apparently, apply in the case of the COVID injections. Pfizer whistleblower Melssa McAtee evinces that fact in spades with what she’s recounted—and photographed—from her experience producing the pharma giant’s COVID injections.

On a more general, but equally frightening, note, Latypova tells Crawford that both the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the “investor world,” has been taken over by the likes of the Department of Defense (DoD) and other military intelligence agencies. “[A] lot of money [pretends] to be venture funds while actually being funded by CIA,” Latypova says. In a previous presentation—embedded immediately below—for example, Latypova showed how BARDA, an HHS office, has funded various pharmaceutical companies and ancillary organizations to the tune of $47.5 billion; including $33 billion for the manufacturing of vaccines.

Latypova says that, in recent years, this influx of money from the government has polluted the pharmaceutical industry, shifting it away from any research founded in sound science. Latypova notes “when private people invest they risk their money, [but] when government invests, they don’t, because they can always print more.” She goes as far as to say that, in practical terms, “we actually don’t have a private pharmaceutical industry anymore” and predicts that “in a year or two, it’s going to be entirely government controlled.”

“They [the U.S. government] have free money, they can print it any time, spend as much as they want, capture any technology that they need.. and they don’t have to follow the law,” Latypova says. “So, of course [their products, like the mRNA COVID injections] are an overnight success.”

Aside from offering evidence that the mRNA COVID jabs are actually bioweapons and not vaccines, Latypova also notes that the world had been consciously primed for the COVID-19 “pandemic” and subsequent injection rollout.

“[A]nother part of the preparation and premeditation for this whole thing is that they were driving all these Netflix shows, movies about virus[es], pandemics, History channel shows, children’s games, all sorts of things were put together to drive this notion that there’s this scary virus that can naturally evolve to be both deadly and highly spreading,” Latypova says. She claims, however, that “this is nonsense… [and that a pandemic] doesn’t happen like this in nature.” She also says that it’s “BS” that the government can make “super bugs” in the lab. Which, it seems, is another reason to think that there was never a SARS-CoV-2 virus (which still hasn’t been isolated), but perhaps a bioweapon attack using weaponized lipid nanoparticles. An idea that med-legal advisor Karen Kingston goes into in deep detail in a July, 2022 interview with Reiner Fuellmich, which can be viewed via the post embedded immediately above.

Feature image: Rounding the Earth

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