Electrical Engineers, Physicians Discuss COVID ‘Vaccines’ Emitting MAC Addresses, Even from Dead Recipients’ Graves, in New Roundtable Talk


In a new roundtable conversation physicians Dr. David Nixon and Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, as well as electrical engineers Dr. Simon Yanowitz and Mat Taylor, discuss the “self-assembling electronic circuitry” they say is present in the mRNA COVID “vaccines,” and the evidence showing the microchips are emitting MAC addresses. One of the electrical engineers notes that dead people (presumed to be “vaccinated” against COVID while alive) are even emitting MAC addresses.

There is a rapidly growing body of anecdotal evidence showing that the COVID-19 “vaccines”—which are actually “undisclosed military products” being rolled out by the Department of Defense (DoD)—contain some form of self-assembling electronic circuitry; an unbelievable claim, but one still wholly within the realm of possibility technologically speaking. In a new roundtable discussion with Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea (an internist with a PhD in pathology), electrical engineers Dr. Simon Yanowitz and Mat Taylor, as well as Dr. David Nixon, a GP, discuss the MAC addresses they say are being emitted by the self-assembling circuitry. MAC addresses that, according to one video on the internet, still exist even after “vaccine” recipients die.

Expanding upon what they’ve discussed previously regarding the self-assembling and disassembling “circuits,” “ribbons” (perhaps made of carbon nanotubes), and non-natural “crystal structures” in the experimental injections, Mihalcea, Yanowitz, Nixon, and Taylor discuss how independent investigators—including Nixon himself—have verified (they say) “media access control addresses”—that is, addresses that uniquely identify devices on a given internet network—coming from people injected with the COVID jabs.

“These chips are humungous and they are capable of an incredible amount of computing power is my guess,” Taylor says. He notes toward the beginning of the discussion that he believes the electronic chips (at least some of them, anyway) are biosensors that are emitting changing MAC addresses relaying data based on various physiological inputs: including a body’s temperature, its heart rate, and how acidic its blood is. “It could be [any kind of reading],” Taylor says. “We don’t know.”

Indeed, as Yanowitz later points out, the team of investigators has few answers, but a lot of “good questions.” Chief amongst them being whether or not the perpetrators of this crime against humanity (the rollout of the experimental injections on an unawares public) have actually intended for these MAC addresses to appear; readily exposed to anybody with a bluetooth-finder app on their phone.

There are potentially even more incredible aspects of this crime, with Yanowitz noting, for example, research done by COMUSAV Mexico‘s Dr. Pedro Chavez Zavala. In the video immediately above, we see Dr. Zavala demonstrate—or at least appear to demonstrate—how corpses of people who died in 2021 and 2022 are emitting MAC addresses. Bodies buried in 2020 or before, by contrast, are not. Zavala, of course, surmises that people who died in 2021 and 2022 were “vaccinated” against COVID.

Image: Dr. David Nixon via Arthema Sophia Publishing

There’s also the question of how the strange, fibrous clots identified by embalmers such as Richard Hirschman, Anna Foster, and Nicky Rupright King are caused by the COVID injection contents. Yanowitz notes the large clots—which can extend up to three feet long in the body—require large amounts of material for formation. Far more material than what is actually injected into people.

“[T]here’s not enough material in [the injection vials] to create one-meter-long clots…” Yanowitz says. “So something else is happening. This something else could… be self-assembly of many, many nanorobots consuming a lot of material from within the blood stream [including] proteins [and] carbon… and creating polymerization that yields these structures that are definitively [synthetic].”

Yanowitz also believes the nano-robotic contents of the COVID injections “operate [in tandem] with electromagnetic communication infrastructure that is connected to [an] artificial intelligence cloud.” The Israeli electrical engineer adds “this artificial intelligence cloud is at the base of every 5G network system. This is in the specifications of 5G; that there’s AI at the core of the network.”

Link to white paper by Hong et al.

While even that sounds perhaps too sci-fi to take seriously, it’s true. As authors Huisuk Hong, Leifeng Ruan, and Tong Zhang wrote in an Intel white paper, “Opportunities abound to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to the 5G network.” Hong et al. added that their white paper “describes how standards [sic] bodies are working to integrate AI and machine learning into the 5G network architecture.” (According to Taylor, et al. the circuitry developed in “vaccine” recipients’ bodies function as antenna, hence their ability to connect to a cloud network.)

The investigators also rehash some of what they’ve learned about the physicality of the self-assembling structures themselves, with Yanowitz speculating that “there is a lot of hydrogel” in the contents of the mRNA injections. Hydrogel, for reference, is a crosslinked three-dimensional polymeric network structure, which can absorb and retain considerable amounts of water. It’s used to make, for example, the kinds of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) used to deliver the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines.” Although not necessarily the ones used for the COVID injections. (But quite possibly, apparently.)

Image: Dr. David Nixon via Arthema Sophia Publishing

The electrical engineers also note the presence of “tubes” in the COVID “vaccine” contents that they say look exactly like “classical optical fiber[s].” Yanowitz notes “optical transmission would be the ideal way [to send signals] in the human body” as there are so many frequencies around already. “[T]his is an amazing world of physical phenomenon that they have generated there,” Yanowitz says. “‘They’ meaning the forces behind all of this.”

Feature image: Dr. David Nixon via Arthema Sophia Publishing

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