Retired NBA All-Star John Stockton Says He Knows of 150 Pro Athletes Who’ve ‘Dropped Dead’ Since COVID Vax Rollout, Claims ‘It May Be in The Thousands by Now’


In this interview with Michele Tafoya of Sideline Sanity, NBA legend and Hall of Fame guard John Stockton claims that he knows of at least 150 professional athletes who’ve “dropped dead” since the rollout of the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.” The former NBA player, who also highlights the strange clots that embalmers have been finding in the dead bodies of those “vaccinated” against COVID-19, says that number may be in the thousands at this point.

In a recent interview with former NBC sports broadcaster and now host of “Sideline Sanity” Michele Tafoya, NBA legend and Hall of Fame guard John Stockton and former Green Bay Packers offensive tackle Ken Reuttgers outline their extraordinary worries over the wildly dangerous (and obviously ineffective) COVID-19 “vaccines.” During the interview, Reuttgers and Stockton both describe numerous reasons they believe the novel mRNA injections are dangerous, including a claim from Stockton that 150 professional athletes he’s aware of have “dropped dead” since early 2021. At this point, the former NBA player says the number “may be in the thousands… .”

In their interview with Tafoya—immediately above—Reuttgers kicks off the litany of issues tied to the novel COVID injections by describing a personal story involving a vaccine injury his wife experienced very soon after her first injection of the Moderna “vaccine.”

Reuttgers says that within 24 to 48 hours after his wife received her injection she developed swollen lymph nodes, as well as a combination of tingling and numbness across her scalp, face, and arms. The former NFL player adds that he and his wife have consulted with a neurologist and a homeopath, and says they both think “it’s something related to the vaccine.” (This, of course, would make perfect sense, as the medical literature has recorded increases in neurological issues post “vaccination.” Including the Johnson and Johnson “vaccine” resulting in a rate of Guillain–Barré—a diseases that causes rapid-onset muscle weakness, dangerous heart abnormalities, and paralysis—“significantly higher” than the background rate. Read more on that via the post embedded immediately below.)

Stockton, however, claims a jaw-dropping statistic that perhaps helps to bolster claims by “anti-vaxxers” that athletes have been dying suddenly on the playing field/court at alarming rates since the rollout of the COVID injections: he says that he’s aware of 150 athletes who’ve “dropped dead” since the rollout of the COVID “vaccines” in early 2021.

In fact, Stockton says he believes the 150 figure is “dramatically low,” and thought at the time that he first announced it, it was actually “in the area of 300.” At the time of this interview—December of 2022—Stockton says “It’s way more than that now.” He adds “I think it’s in the thousands now, but don’t quote me on that one.”

As for why he believes these sudden deaths are tied to the COVID injections, he says “I have names, pictures, [and] faces [of] where they played.” Stockton notes that at the time he made his original claim—in a January 2022 interview with The Spokesman-Review—he had 300 such profiles of athletes who’d died suddenly since the rollout of the wildly dangerous COVID injections.

Stockton goes on to note that he believes, ultimately, that employers coerced their employees to take “a shot that’s often deadly.” He also highlights a clotting phenomenon that has been observed by embalmers in the dead bodies of people “vaccinated” against COVID. The bizarre clots, which embalmers such as Richard Hirschman and others refer to as “calamari clots,” are not jelly-like in substance like normal blood clots. On the contrary, they are rubbery and difficult to break down. (Read more about the “calamari clots” via the post embedded immediately below.)

“I think we’re awakening. I think the public… [is] waking up out there,” Reuttgers adds. “They’ve started to see, or they know people, in their family or friends that are starting to have reactions and they’re starting to say ‘Yeah, this is more than coincidence.'”

Feature image: Sideline Sanity with Michele Tafoya

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