Pharma Insider and Legal Researcher Shed Light on How COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Is Actually a DoD ‘Bioweapon’ Being Rolled Out by ‘Mass Murderers’


In this interview with investigative journalist Christine Dolan pharmaceutical industry insider Sasha Latypova and legal researcher Katherine Watt explain the legal framework that has allowed for the unlawful rollout and mandate of the experimental COVID injections. Latypova and Watt, who base their opinions off careful review of things like the PREP Act and “Other Transactions Authority” (OTA) contracts between the government and big pharma companies like Pfizer, say the injections are undoubtedly “bioweapons” that have been unleashed by “mass murderers.”

For those who want to know how the ultra-dangerous, deadly, and utterly useless COVID-19 “vaccines” have been unleashed upon with world without any safeguards popping up to protect the public, clear answers are often few and far between. In a new interview with investigative journalist Christine Dolan, however, pharma insider Sasha Latypova and legal researcher Katherine Watt put together as near as possible a complete picture of how the U.S. government—specifically the Department of Defense (DoD)—has rolled out the experimental jabs. Jabs that Latypova and Watt say are unequivocally “bioweapons.”

“Because the government, and DoD specifically, is in charge of driving this, they are in charge of designing clinical trials, they are in charge of regulatory interactions,” Latypova says of the COVID-19 “vaccine” rollout. “In fact [pharma companies like Pfizer] cannot have independent interaction with FDA around these things. They… have to always copy BARDA and have BARDA representative[s] go to FDA meetings with them.”

Latypova and Watt have performed extensive research (largely independently, it seems) into the legal framework allowing for the rollout of the experimental COVID injections. Latypova has put together a complete presentation on the topic, dubbed “Intent to Harm,” in which she covers the nuances of how the COVID injections are actually “prototype countermeasures” created and distributed by the DoD. In the presentation she highlights how the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), an office of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), had been developing a “vaccine manufacturing infrastructure” portfolio prior to the COVID-19 “emergency,” which goes back to at least 2012.

A look at the vaccine manufacturers (right) that BARDA has had manufacturing deals with going back to 2012. Image: Sasha Latypova

Fleshing out how this crime has been perpetrated on the American population—and the rest of the world—Watt discusses with Dolan so-called “OTA” contracts, or Other Transactions Authority contracts, which “basically just a carve-out from normal federal procurement contracting that gives the contractors and the government agency much much more flexibility to avoid regulations, or bypass regulations, or override regulations that would otherwise apply,” according to Watt.

“[T]he OTA is the financial component” of the DoD’s crime, Watt adds. Latypova notes “the OTA just lets [Pfizer, et al. and the DoD] contract in such a way that they hide a lot of information... .

For reference, as Cornell’s Legal Information Institute describes, OTA gives “The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of each military department [the ability to] enter into transactions (other than contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants) [in order to carry] out basic, applied, and advanced research projects.”

An excerpt of the OTA agreement between Pfizer and the DoD. Link to Department of Defense Contract

As for how Pfizer, Moderna, et al. can be comfortable with producing such a deadly “vaccine,” Latypova notes that because it’s the DoD in charge, the pharma companies “don’t own this product.” Latypova says “that explains why [pharma companies], while monitoring and counting thousands of bodies, did nothing in terms of recall or withdrawal.” The pharma veteran adds “I suspect they don’t have that authority… .”

While the OTA has protected the DoD and pharma companies like Pfizer financially, Watt notes it’s been the PREP Act that’s protected the criminal parties legally. Watt explains:

Between 1983 and now the people who write the laws that Congress passed have built up, sort of brick by brick, a public health framework under which once the public health emergency is declared, it’s like a state of war, or it’s like a national disaster, in that it sets off this other cascade of changes to statutory law and regulatory law. And the PREP Act was one of those pieces that they put into place in 2005 and they sort of buried it at the end of a DoD supplementary bill.

Watt also notes that with the PREP Act, once an EUA is in place “all the people who are contractors at the private companies like Pfizer, like Moderna, they also become classified as government employees just for the purpose of giving them… sovereign immunity as government employees.” Watt clarifies that legally classifying the private contractors as federal employees gives them blanket immunity against liability.

Watt adds that there was an original PREP Act declaration sometime in February or March of 2020, and, since then, the federal government has been adding “amendments [to it] every once in a while” via the Federal Register, which expand the types of contractors covered under the declaration, as well as the types of products they’re allowed to use and acts they’re allowed to perform.

Critically, Watt says that the “government lawyers” who have been in charge of implementing the laws that have allowed for the DoD’s rollout of the experimental injections “absolutely know” what’s going on.

Watt offers the example of Department of Justice (DoJ) lawyer Dawn Johnsen—the former Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel—who put together an opinion (excerpted immediately below) at the request of Biden’s advisory general counsel, which became a cornerstone for mandating EUA COVID injections. Watt notes Johnsen was asked the question: “Is there anything in the law that would prohibit this [mandating of EUA products], instead of asking, ‘Is there anything that would give [the federal government, employers, etc.] the right to do it?'”

Link to Dawn Johnsen’s Slip Opinion

Watt says Johnsen’s legal brief, which she thinks of more as “mud-slinging” than anything else, has “enough blind, confusing alleys” in it that it could keep people pursuing dead-end arguments. A key reason Johnsen’s opinion has been so wrongheaded, Watt notes, is because the judge refers to the injections as medical products, when they need to be considered bioweapons.

On that note, both Latypova and Watt make it clear they think the COVID injections are unequivocally bioweapons.

“I know for a fact these are bioweapons,” Latypova tells Dolan. The pharma insider adds “These are [even] chemical biological radiological and nuclear weapons potentially because they’re designed by a chemical biological radiological and nuclear consortium.” With that “consortium” being pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and their suppliers.

Link to the DoD’s COVID “vaccine” distribution plan

Furthermore, Latypova says that the DoD “has taken over practically all pharmaceutical industries… through these OTA- [and] BARDA-driven countermeasure exercises.” She adds the government is now delivering about 50% of this R&D spend to the pharma industry through this method.” Latypova notes this amount of expenditure gives the DoD complete control over the pharma industry, and means it’s already captured.

As for how to stop the rollout of the DoD’s bioweapon on America and other sovereign nations, Watt says that “I don’t think there is a halt point anymore in the regulatory arena because it’s not a medical product; it’s a weapon. So the only stopping point is for people to understand that it’s a war, that these are weapons, that we’re under attack, and to treat it that way. In war crimes and treason type settings.”

A VRBPAC meeting presentation slide showing the DoD is the chief operating office of Operation Warp Speed (OWS). Image: Sasha Latypova

Because the injections are bioweapons and not medical products, and because the DoD is actually in charge of their production and distribution, Latypova says the FDA does “sort of the edited version of performance [art] because they issued COVID vaccine development guidance, without any public comment, which is highly unusual—so they just wrote it up and published it as final.” The pharma insider adds with the most recent “so-called approvals” the FDA “did not convene the advisory committee, which is… highly unusual.” Latypova puts things succinctly when she says the FDA approval process “is fake and it’s getting faker.”

As for who’s ultimately perpetrating this crime, Latypova and Watt can’t be sure, but they are in full agreement that whoever it is, they are sociopaths. Latypova even goes as far as to say that they are “mass murders” and likely “enjoy” seeing so many people being killed or maimed.

The conversation ultimately ends on somewhat of a high note, however, as Latypova and Watt agree that this DoD bioweapon rollout can be stopped via criminal prosecutions. Latypova also notes that Congress can undo the unlawful laws that have been put into place “as long as they start exercising the power that they have.”

Feature image: CD Media

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