In New Interview Dr. Peter McCullough Says COVID Vaccines Are ‘Abject Failure,’ WHO Is ‘Drunk with Power,’ and Myocarditis is ‘Far More Widespread than We Could Ever Imagine’


In a new conversation with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough describes the numerous reasons the COVID-19 “vaccines” should be pulled from the market immediately, ultimately describing them as an “abject failure.” During the conversation McCullough also says the WHO is “drunk with power,” the American public has “a right to know” if NFL player Damar Hamlin was “vaccinated” against COVID-19, and that myocarditis from the jabs is “far more widespread than we could ever imagine.”

An ever-growing list of prominent doctors have come out against the COVID-19 “vaccines” as safe and effective, calling for their immediate withdrawal from the market. Chief amongst them has been, and still is, internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough. In a new conversation with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee, McCullough further expounds on the countless reasons the experimental COVID injections need to be pulled, and also discusses everything from the World Health Organization (WHO) being “drunk with power” to the public’s right to know if NFL player Damar Hamlin’s in-game cardiac arrest was indeed due to his taking the “vaccine.”

McCullough begins the interview by discussing the “straight line” connecting the dots between the NFL’s mandating the COVID injection, their overwhelmingly clear negative effects on the heart, and Damar Hamlin’s now-infamous cardiac arrest during gameplay.

“[T]he teams mandated the vaccine [and] the FDA says the vaccines cause myocarditis, heart damage, and blood clots,” McCullough tells Zeee. He adds that in early 2021 the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) gave the NFL $13 billion for a COVID “vaccine” promotional campaign, which means he “as an American citizen” has “a right to know” if Hamlin’s in-game heart attack was due to his taking the jab. (Note that the NFL never actually mandated the COVID “vaccine” for players and it’s unclear from where McCullough is getting his $13 billion figure. Although the HHS did give the NFL’s alumni association more than $3.8 million to push the injections.)

McCullough adds that at the time of his interview with Zeee both the NFL and Hamlin’s family had ample time to come out and say that he was not vaccinated against COVID. The fact that they haven’t (as of his interview with Zeee, anyway) means that people can assume Hamlin was indeed injected.

Regarding total number of cardiac arrests in athletes, McCullough highlights a letter he and Dr. Panagis Polykretis published in The Scandinavian Journal of Immunology looking at cardiac arrests in semi-professional and professional European sports leagues. In their letter McCullough and Polykretis report that the total number of deaths “due to various heart-related conditions” for athletes under the age of 35 between 1966 and 2004 was 1,101; or about 29 per year. In contrast, the doctors found that between January 2021 and late 2022 there were 1,598 total cases of cardiac arrest amongst athletes, 1,101 of which were fatal.

When McCullough and Polykretis restricted their analysis to only active players 35 years old and younger who’ve had cardiac arrests, their number was annualized to 283. Meaning prior to the rollout of the injections, the average yearly rate of cardiac arrests amongst European league players was 29, and since the rollout, it’s been 283.

In response to Zeee bringing up the fact that Australian authorities are going to stop reporting the vaccination status of people who’ve been hospitalized or died “with COVID-19,” McCullough says if he were a public health administrator in Australia he would be “so embarrassed” and “so ashamed of [himself]” at the “abject failure of the vaccine program.” The cardiologist adds “it’s obvious that the vaccine doesn’t work at all.”

McCullough adds more anecdotal evidence for his claims, noting deaths amongst “prominent figures” such as award-winning singer, songwriter and actor Irene Cara. McCullough notes Cara publicly announced she’d been “vaccinated” against COVID and then “died of a sudden death” (about 20 months later).

McCullough also brings up Al Roker, who was “vaccinated” against COVID in public and then wound up being hospitalized with blood clots. As well as former Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s coach Bruce Arians who tweeted incessantly about the necessity of being “vaccinated” against COVID and then ended up being hospitalized with myocarditis. More than a dozen other media correspondents have also “[passed] out on the job,” McCullough notes, adding that they display “the characteristic cardiac arrest where there’s some convulsive activity before the body becomes flaccid.”

The most disheartening case of all regarding an athlete being injured by the COVID jab according to McCullough has been former Dallas Cowboy’s NFL player Deion Sanders, who was “pushing the vaccines [and] virtue signaling the vaccines” (in videos like the one immediately above) and then developed blood clots. McCullough adds Sanders developed clots in his toes, needed multiple surgeries (including multiple amputations), and then had to come back to the sidelines as a coach in a wheelchair.

Another “stunning” piece of evidence evincing the enormous dangers of the experimental COVID injections McCullough discusses is a recent Rasmussen poll which found that one-in-four Americans said they know somebody who’s died due to the COVID “vaccine.” McCullough notes 28% of respondents said they know somebody who’s been killed by the COVID jab, and also highlights a study performed by Mark Skidmore at Michigan State University, which found that 22% of people know of somebody “who [has] experienced a severe health problem following COVID-19 vaccination.”

Even amongst his own patients McCullough says he’s seeing a large number of COVID vaccine-related injuries. He specifically notes his patients are presenting with “new vaccine-induced syndromes.”

Perhaps most critically McCullough notes the fact that, out of 10 million people who reported their responses to the COVID injections to the CDC, 7.7% had a health event that required either an ER visit or hospitalization. Indeed, as PR Newswire reported in October of 2022, “Out of the approximate 10 million v-safe users, 782,913 individuals, or over 7.7% of v-safe users, had a health event requiring medical attention, emergency room intervention, and/or hospitalization.” The v-safe system also found that 25% of the COVID injection recipients “had an event that required them to miss school or work and/or prevented normal activities.”

Notably, the CDC released this v-safe data to the public only after being sued by Siri & Glimstad LLP on behalf of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN).

“We’ve never had a vaccine that is so toxic and so injurious by survey,” McCullough adds. The cardiologist notes “this isn’t doctors reporting data or the health authorities, this is what the patients are saying.”

McCullough also highlights a study published in Clinical Research in Cardiology—covered in the post embedded immediately above—by authors Constantin Schwab, et al., which describes five instances of “sudden and unexpected death” that were “likely or [possibly]” caused by the novel, experimental injections. The authors also say their autopsy findings indicate that myocarditis can be a potentially lethal complication following mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.”

In response to Zeee bringing up “vaccine” recipients who have heart attacks “a year later,” McCullough says they likely take one, two, three, or four shots, maybe have COVID in between the shots, “and then one day it’s their day [to die]. They have a blood clot shoot to the lungs [or] they suffer a cardiac arrest of different types.”

The cardiologist says he believes most of these deaths are due to “primary cardiac arrests.” He explains that the working theory is that “there’s a scar that’s formed in the heart” in those who get myocarditis after receiving their COVID injection. McCullough describes that the scars can force the electricity in the heart to polarize around the vital organ in an irregular fashion and form a “reentrant loop.” When somebody with this defect experiences a sudden surge in adrenaline—during, say, an athletic game—they go into cardiac arrest.

People also experience this surge of adrenaline naturally between 3:00AM and 6:00AM, McCullough notes, which is why “the two patterns of death” for those dying from the injection are “found dead at home late into the evening [or in] early morning hours” and also “on the athletic playing field or jogging.” The cardiologist highlights one paper describing this mechanism of death post COVID “vaccination” published by Flavio A Cadegiani in Cureus.

“So it’s a small amount of [scarring] from the COVID-19 vaccines that occur in the heart,” McCullough says, “and then [there’s] this stochastic risk of having the right milieu.” (Stochastic meaning, in essence, random.)

On the topic of myocarditis specifically, McCullough says that “we know [it’s] far more widespread than we could ever imagine.” McCullough cites a paper from The Journal of the American Medical Association authored by Jun Yasuhara, et al. which found that the nationwide children’s hospital in Columbus, Ohio alone has “amassed over 800 young individuals with myocarditis [and who had to be] acutely hospitalized.” McCullough adds 15% of those with myocarditis “had enough damage where the heart could go into heart failure.” Even those with a small amount of damage, McCullough notes, are still set up for “a future sudden cardiac death.”

As for how the COVID injections cause scarring of the heart, McCullough says “we know lipid nanoparticles’ payload, the messenger RNA, or [even] the adenoviral DNA… installs the genetic code within cells in the heart called pericytes.” The cardiologist brings up support from the medical literature for that claim as well, which he refers to partially in the tweet immediately above. He also notes there’s a correlation between the inflammation “vaccine” recipients receive in the arm muscle as well as in their heart muscle, and says the damage “looks identical.”

McCullough goes on to note that even though pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer did not perform the “prospective studies” ordered by the FDA for the COVID injections, researchers in Bangkok, Thailand, and Basel, Switzerland did perform the studies and found with jab numbers two and three respectively, “that the rate of heart damage…[was] 2.5%.” The cardiologist puts the figure into perspective by noting that’s 25,000 cases per million “vaccine” doses. The CDC’s estimate of heart damage per million due to COVID-19 prior to the COVID injection rollout, McCullough adds, was just 62 cases per million.

The reason the injections haven’t been pulled from the market, McCullough says, is because of the worldwide “biopharmaceutical complex” or “organized crime syndicate,” which has organizations at its top including the WHO, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, GAVI, SEPI, UNITAID, and all the government agencies including TGA, MHRA, NIH, CDC, and the FDA. “They almost are all together on this,” McCullough says. He adds “I don’t think there’s going to be any fairness… [or] judgement. There’s no fair courts, for instance.”

“Things have become unmoored,” McCullough says. “Corruption is wide open.” He goes on to bring up the case of former FDA Chairman Scott Gottlieb—who’s now on the board of Pfizer—who was attempting to get Twitter to “squash any information on natural immunity.” McCullough adds “He didn’t want natural immunity to get out as a concept.”

“This is astonishing,” McCullough adds, “the complete and total conflict of interest.” He adds Gottlieb has defrauded Americans in order to “juice the stock price” of the pharma giant.

Indeed as independent journalist Alex Berenson reported Gottlieb “used the same Twitter lobbyist as the White House to suppress debate on Covid vaccines, INCLUDING FROM A FELLOW HEAD OF [the FDA]!” Berenson added that “In August 2021, Gottlieb told Todd O’Boyle —a senior manager in Twitter’s public policy department—that a tweet from [Dr. Brett Giroir] claiming CORRECTLY that natural immunity was superior to vaccine immunity was ‘corrosive’ and might ‘go viral.'” (For reference, even the CDC admits in its MMWR reports that natural immunity is superior to the supposed immunity provided by the COVID-19 injections.)

In the same vein (regarding illegality and immorality), McCullough says the NIH and CDC have both broken America’s pharmaceutical promotion laws, which say that any drug has to be presented to the public in a fair and balanced way; informing people of both a drug’s upsides as well as its side effects. With the COVID injections, McCullough says they’re “never presented with their risks and benefits. They’re simply said to be safe and effective [and] to take them.”

By the same token McCullough highlights the fact that the COVID injection consent forms have not been updated to say “you could develop fatal myocarditis [or] you could develop blood clots.” The consent forms for all other the other products, the cardiologist notes, are updated regularly. More than two years into the COVID “vaccine,” campaign, however, and there have been “no significant updates.”

“Worst of all,” McCullough says, “by impeding the mechanisms of early treatment initially, and now [thanks to] the mechanisms of fatal vaccine injuries, the final crime is mass negligent homicide.”

Americans (and indeed people from nations the world over) are catching on to how dangerous and ineffective the COVID injections are, however. McCullough notes that while the CDC says 83% of Americans have had at least one jab, the Rasmussen poll mentioned earlier in this post found that only about two-thirds of respondents were “vaccinated” against COVID. McCullough also notes that even if one takes the CDC’s stat at face value, only 13% of Americans are taking more shots now. Furthermore, the cardiologist adds that only 10% of nursing home workers are taking any more jabs. And only 45% of nursing home residents are.

Considering these statistics McCullough highlights the absurdity of the CDC putting the COVID injections on the childhood vaccination schedule. (Which is exceptionally dangerous even without the COVID injections on it.) “[W]e’re under a pandemic emergency declaration, these are emergency use authorized products and [the CDC wants to put them] on the routine vaccine schedule? We don’t even know the dose administration.” The cardiologist also notes how ridiculous it is that the White House wants the injections to be administered as annual “vaccines” even though they only have a (supposed) efficacy window of six months or less.

In general, McCullough says “we would never want to blanket vaccinate the entire population because all that would do is breed up resistant strains of the virus.” He adds “it’s the worst thing to do.”

At around the 35-minute mark in the video McCullough and Zeee discuss Australia’s “super shot,” which is a “vaccine” for the original SARS-COV-2 strain, BA.4 and BA.5, the flu, and even respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). McCullough notes the super shot is a bad idea in general, but highlights the RSV component as especially dangerous because it “has the viral ability to fuse cells and cause inflammation in the respiratory tract.”

The injections don’t stop transmission or infection, McCullough adds (per the CDC). He also notes there are no randomized placebo-controlled trials demonstrating that the COVID injections reduce hospitalizations and death. “Because they don’t,” McCullough says. He highlights the fact that even in Pfizer’s clinical trial there were more deaths in the “vaccine” arm of the study than in the placebo arm. (In Moderna’s trials, the deaths were split evenly.)

On the same note McCullough says the clinical trials have been reexamined critically and have been found to be unsupportive of the injections as “safe and effective.” McCullough brings up research performed by Dr. Joseph Fraiman, et al. as an example, which found that—according to McCullough—“there was more harm in the original trials than there was benefit for the COVID-19 vaccines.” Indeed, Fraiman has come out on Twitter and said that the COVID injections should be pulled entirely from the market. (See Fraiman’s call to recall in the video immediately above.)

Incredibly, McCullough even notes that the “vaccines” deployed for the 2021/2022 flu season were only 16% effective, meaning the protection they offered was “statistically insignificant” from zero efficacy.

Rounding out the conversation McCullough and Zeee discuss the WHO and what McCullough says is an “endless worldwide emergency.” He reminds listeners that the US, for example, is still under two declared emergencies; one for COVID-19 and one for Monkeypox. McCullough adds “the WHO is drunk with power.”

The WHO wants “binding control like they’re going to do something and tell us in America what to do,” McCullough says. He notes the organization wants “broad, sweeping powers for information technology, for surveillance, mandatory vaccines, [and] tracking… .” The physician points out that it was African countries that saved the world from the WHO’s machinations during its most recent attempt to pass dastardly amendments to its International Health Regulations (IHR). (Read more about that via the post embedded immediately above.

“The World Health Organization simply doesn’t have the competence to try to administer global health,” McCullough says. He notes the organization gets a “mixed review” from him on COVID as while it got most public health policy recommendations wrong, it did come out against asymptomatic testing as well as against the use of Remdesivir. At least for a time before it changed its official position based on flimsy evidence.

Ultimately, McCullough does offer some good news in the form of potential medicines for those who’ve been injured by the COVID injections. He also agrees with Zeee regarding the truth being like a lion: all one has to do is let it out and it will defend itself.

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