Top 5 Pieces of Evidence Showing the COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ Are the Catalyst for Excess All-Cause Mortality Across the Globe


Here are the top five pieces of evidence that point to the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” as the catalyst for excess all-cause mortality in the U.S. and many other countries in 2021 and 2022. Amongst the top five case studies linking the novel injections to substantial rises in all-cause mortality are physicist Denis Rancourt’s research into Australia’s all-cause mortality, Edward Dowd et al.’s analysis of actuarial data in the U.S., as well as Dr. John Campbell’s analysis of all-cause mortality in “sophisticated Western countries.”

Although it’s been acknowledged by some mainstream media sources and national statistics offices, the apparently universal rise in all-cause mortality in the nations that rolled out the COVID-19 “vaccines” still has an utterly mysterious cause. The UK’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, for example, has attributed excess cardiovascular deaths, potentially, to a lack of access to statins. Others, of course, blame the COVID-19 disease itself.

But the excess deaths are almost certainly not due to a lack of access to statins (the excess deaths are occurring amongst those who don’t take the cholesterol-lowering drug as well as those who do), and COVID-19 deaths—per death certificates—are only a portion of the excess mortality. Facts that leave the elephant in the room still standing: the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.”

To establish firmly the connection between the novel injections and the rise in all-cause mortality seen in countries across the globe in 2021 and 2022, below are five insights into the undeniable signal in the data.

1. Denis Rancourt et al.’s Probable Causal Association Report

In a brief report published by the not-for-profit CORRELATION Research in the Public Interest, Canadian physics professor and scientist Denis Rancourt and his colleagues outline the “probable causal association” between “Australia’s new regime of high all-cause mortality” and the country’s rollout of the COVID-19 injections. Using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Rancourt et al. (including Marine Baudin and Jérémie Mercier) conclude that “All-cause mortality by week in Australia shows that there was no detectable excess mortality 13 months into the declared pandemic, followed by a step-wise increase in mortality in mid-April 2021, synchronous with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine prioritizing elderly, disabled and aboriginal residents.

Rancourt and his colleagues note that “The excess mortality in the vaccination period (mid-April 2021 through August 2022 [had a] 14 % larger all-cause mortality than in recent pre-vaccination periods of same time duration… .” The report’s authors add “In addition, a sharp peak in all-cause mortality (mid-January to mid-February 2022; 2,600 deaths) [was] synchronous with the rapid rollout of the booster (9.4 million booster doses, same time period), and [was] not due to a climatic heatwave.”

Image: Denis G. Rancourt et al. / CORRELATION Research in the Public Interest

“The excess all-cause mortality following the COVID-19 vaccine rollout (31,000 deaths, mid-April 2021 through August 2022) is more than twice the total number of deaths registered as being from or with COVID-19 (14,014 deaths, 1 January 2020 through 29 August 2022,” the report’s authors note.

In the graph immediately above Rancourt et al. show how Australia’s all-cause mortality, for all age groups, increased in a “step-wise” fashion following the rollout of the COVID injections. Note that deaths per week peaked at approximately 3,450 a week in 2020. In 2021, that peak had jumped to more than 3,600 per week, and, in 2022, nearly 4,200 per week.

Image: Denis G. Rancourt et al. / CORRELATION Research in the Public Interest

As the graph immediately above shows the peak of 4,200 deaths per week came following the rollout of the COVID injection “booster” doses. The COVID “vaccines” rolled out to the population hit a peak of about 1.5 million doses administered per week toward the beginning of the year, and then fell off precipitously. Following this spike in “boosters” administered, we see a sharp increase in all-cause mortality, which only begins to turn downward approximately five months later.

Notably, Rancourt also studied the all-cause death pattern in U.S. states like Mississippi and Michigan, as well as provinces in Canada, and found the same correlation. As the graphs immediately below show, both Mississippi and Michigan had a significant increase in death following the rollout of the COVID injections. A significant increase that came in two waves: the first one following the first round of “vaccinations,” and the second, larger wave, after the release of the boosters.

Image: Denis G. Rancourt et al. / CORRELATION Research in the Public Interest

“A… synchronicity between vaccine dose delivery and excess all-cause mortality is observed in connection with the so-called ‘vaccine equity’ campaigns in the USA,” Rancourt et al. write in their study. “An anomalous fall-2021 peak was interpreted as being caused by the vaccines, and is prominent in the 25-64 years age group in 21 states of the USA, most notably including Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana.”

In the interview immediately below with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Rancourt describes evidence he’s found challenging the idea that COVID-19 caused excess deaths, as well as his all-cause mortality findings from other parts of the world, including India.

“[S]omething very dramatic happened” in April, May, June, and July of 2021, Rancourt tells RFK Jr. “[T]he all-cause mortality went through the ceiling in India.” The physicist adds that “the deaths started shooting up” just as the campaign to “vaccinate” the elderly and those with comorbidities began to ramp. Rancourt notes that it was in April that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held his four-day “vaccine festival,” and in the same month “the peak of the peak” in deaths occurred.

2. Edward Dowd et al.’s Analysis of Actuarial Data

“My journey [toward realizing the COVID-19 injections are dangerous] began with anecdotes [of injury and death] in the early part of 2021,” Dowd told Steve Bannon in an interview in August of 2022. “My thesis was vaccines [were the culprits of the anecdotes] so I knew what to look for—and that was insurance company results, funeral home results… the CDC data and other databases across the globe.”

Upon looking into the issue, Dowd said what he and his team found was that “basically younger working-age folks started dying at alarming rates in 2021 versus 2020.” He noted an alarming trend in all-cause mortality did occur before the advent of the COVID injections, but that it hit “old people.” The deaths then “mix-shifted” to “working-age folks” after the “vaccine” rollout.

Link to GETTR Post

Dowd noted the “naysayers” claim this alarming uptick in all-cause mortality amongst working-age folks is due to “long COVID.” Or perhaps suicides, missed cancer screenings, and drug overdoses. “The problem with that,” Dowd said, is “the rate of change” in all-cause mortality amongst that cohort heading into the third quarter of 2021—exactly the point in time when COVID-19 “vaccine” mandates were rolled out in the U.S.

“[Y]ou can’t say to me that all of these events occurred simultaneously; everyone decided to commit suicide, overdose on drugs, or miss their cancer screening treatments, it makes no sense for that age group,” Dowd told Bannon. He added that “temporally, the rate of change is the smoking gun for that age group.”

Indeed, the phenomenon became so glaring for Dowd that he predicted a large increase in deaths would present itself in the data from the insurance industry. (Those data would be particularly accurate, after all, because insurance corporations have to pay out on life insurance policies.) Lo and behold, when the data came in, Dowd and his colleagues identified a massive uptick in all-cause mortality; particularly amongst working-age people with jobs, and particularly in the third quarter of 2021.

Link to GETTR Post

In the GETTR post immediately above Dowd shows a publicly available actuarial report from the Society of Actuaries Research Institute sponsored by the Group Life Insurance Experience Committee, which evinces a massive increase in all-cause mortality amongst the age groups spanning 25 through 64 in Q3 of 2021. More specifically, a 78% increase in ages 25-34; a 100% increase in ages 35-44; an 80% increase in ages 45-54; and an increase of 53% in ages 55-64. Perhaps not incidentally, there was also a 31% increase for ages 65-74, and a 19% for ages 75-84.

3. Steve Kirsch and the Whistleblower Medicare Data

Although it’s brief, and the information is not publicly available (even in a Substack post), Steve Kirsch’s Medicare whistleblower data also evince a significant rise in all-cause mortality that seems to have no explanation other than the enormously dangerous novel COVID injections.

In the video immediately above, Kirsch, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and founder of the Vaccine Research Safety Foundation (VSRF), tells Corona Investigative Committee founders Vivianne Fischer and Reiner Fuellmich that a whistleblower inside of the Medicare system has provided data showing a 50% rise in all-cause mortality amongst those in the system’s database following the rollout of the COVID injections.

“They [the federal government] don’t want to explain it,” Kirsch tells Fischer and Fuellmich. “That is why they are never going to show you the medicare data.” Kirsch puts a finer point things, saying that “they had the Medicare data [and] they’re basically suppressing the data showing the vaccines are killing massive numbers of people.”

In the (unfortunately blurry) graph taken from Kirsch’s presentation (immediately above), we again see a spike in deaths—this time, amongst those insured with Medicare—in accordance with the rollout of the COVID “vaccines” (“V” in the chart) followed by another spike in accordance with the first round of boosters (B1) and second round (B2).

Here is a link to Kirsch’s complete interview with Fuellmich and Fischer.

4. All-Cause Mortality in ‘Sophisticated Western Countries’ as Analyzed by Dr. John Campbell

Another data analysis evincing a sharp increase in all-cause mortality related to the COVID-19 injections comes from retired nurse and YouTuber Dr. John Campbell. In the video immediately below Campbell combs through all-cause mortality data from the European Mortality Monitoring Project (EuroMOMO), which shows “deaths have been consistently high” for 2022 amongst 27 “sophisticated Western countries.”

In the video Campbell shows, for example, “a significant increase” in deaths amongst those age 0-14 in the 27 participant countries. As the graphs immediately below show, that age group actually had fewer deaths than anticipated for a large part of 2021, but saw that number begin to steadily tick up around the end of the year, until coming to a peak (that may grow higher in the future) at the end of 2022.

“These are young people,” Campbell says, “it’s not lack of treating diseases” that would see their number of excess deaths rise—an idea put forward by many as an excuse for deaths, as lockdowns forced delayed screenings for cancer, as well as other medical procedures. Campbell adds that it’s not a lack of statins killing this age cohort either, as they don’t take them.

Image: Dr. John Campbell
Image: Dr. John Campbell

Campbell also shows how these excess deaths—not just amongst 0-14, but in all age groups in the 27 represented countries—are not due to COVID-19 the disease itself either. He shows using UK Health Security Agency data, for example, how hospitalizations for COVID-19 have been trending downward since April of 2022, and COVID-related ICU emissions have remained “low.” The country’s all-cause mortality, on the other hand, has remained in excess of what’s to be expected. “The vast majority of these [excess deaths] are not attributable to COVID at all,” Campbell says.

More specifically in regard to the all-cause mortality in the UK, Campbell notes in the video immediately below that “we see this really quite dramatic increase” in all-cause mortality in the second half of 2022. He even goes as far as to say that the UK, along with all the other sophisticated Western countries “are in somewhat of an international emergency.” He notes government officials the world over are “ignoring” this fact, along with “most of the mainstream media.”

Image: Dr. John Campbell

“Even if this [the excess deaths] stopped tomorrow, this demands an explanation. And we’re not getting one,” Campbell says. “We need answers,” Campbell adds. He also specifically highlights the fact that the Bradford Hill criteria—a group of nine principles that can be useful in establishing epidemiologic evidence of a causal relationship between a presumed cause and an observed effect—“are met.” Although he leaves it to the audience to figure out met by what.

5. All-Cause Mortality in Germany

While increases in all-cause mortality are clearly linked to the rollout of the COVID injections in countries all over the world, perhaps no better nation presents itself as a more clear-cut case study than Germany. Thanks, perhaps ironically, to the society’s appreciation for precision, even in mortality data.

In the video immediately below German data analyst Tom Lausen, speaking in front of an audience at the country’s federal parliament, offers his analysis of mortality data collected from the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (or KBV). And, as his graphs show—starkly—there were staggering increases in deaths attributed to unknown causes, deaths occurring 24 hours after symptom onset, and “sudden deaths” all perfectly in sync with the rollout of the COVID injections in the country.

In the graph immediately below Lausen shows that “sudden cardiac deaths,” “unspecified cardiac deaths,” “sudden deaths,” “deaths occurring within less than 24 hours after onset of symptoms,” “deaths without [the] presence of other persons,” and “vague or unspecified” deaths all ballooned in number in the first quarter of 2021. And have continued to be sky-high ever since. For reference, each quarter of 2020 saw an average of 6,034 deaths belonging to one of these categories. In the first quarter of 2021, that number exploded to 15,198, and remained at least twice as high as the previous average throughout 2022.

“The health insurance data between 2016 and 2020 are very consistent. The yearly sudden deaths are consistently below 1,000,” Lausen says in his presentation. The data analyst adds that “In 2021, the sudden deaths increased to 9,809… .”

For “vague or unspecified” cause of death, Lausen says the average amongst the years 2016 through 2020 was 5,000. Beginning in 2021, however, that number increased by 300%.

While Lausen doesn’t outright say these extraordinary increases in these death categories are necessarily due to the COVID injections, he strongly hints at the idea. Something must explain the rise in excess all-cause mortality in the country, which Germany’s federal statistics office, Destatis, has pegged at 3.9% for 2021 versus 2020 and 3.4% for 2022 versus 2021. (A 3.4% increase equates to an extra 35,000 deaths than would otherwise be expected for the year.)

Computer scientist and mathematician Igor Chudov has also combed through the all-cause mortality data from Destatis and found a shocking rise after the introduction of the COVID injections. Chudov noted in a series of tweets on February 1 of this year, for example, that Germany experienced “TOTALLY CRAZY!” excess mortality in December of 2022, including some days that were 56% higher than the 2018-2019 daily average. (All of the days from the month, as you can see in the tweet immediately below, were at least 10% higher than the 2018-2019 average.)

Insurance research analyst Josh Stirling—who’s worked alongside Edward Dowd—adds more buttressing evidence to the theory that the COVID injections are causing the increase in Germany’s all-cause mortality. In the video immediately below, at around the 4:30 mark, Stirling discusses aggregated data from tens of millions of individual hospital visits as of May 2022 that he says show “multi-systemic harm” from the injections.

Versus a 2019 baseline average, Stirling notes that in 2022 there was “a lot of increases in ‘other,’ and ‘uknown,’ and ‘we’re not really sure’ categories.” Stirling adds there have been “significant signals” in the data with regard to pulmonary embolisms (blood clotting in the lungs), “fetal problems,” as well as problems with “maternal health.” For example, Stirling says that versus the 2019 baseline there’s been a 67% increase in ovariectomies amongst childbearing-age women. Something that meshes well with the research Chudov has done into the link between the COVID injections and stark drops in birthrates. Another unthinkable horror that is impossible to deny for anybody paying attention.

Feature image: U.S. Secretary of Defense / Rawpixel Ltd.

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