Survey Finds 69% of Embalmers Have Been Finding Novel ‘White Fibrous Clots’ in Corpses, Especially After Mid-2021


In a new conversation with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee retired Air Force major, independent data analyst, and electrical engineer Major Tom Haviland outlines the responses to a survey he’s conducted amongst embalmers in the U.S. regarding the phenomenon of novel “white fibrous clots” appearing in dead bodies. Although Haviland only had 128 respondents in total, his survey found that 69% of embalmers are now familiar with the bizarre, rubbery “structures,” and that a large portion of them have seen the clots most prominently in 2021 and 2022.

Writer’s note: I was unable to find any online profile associated with Major Tom Haviland. Haviland, however, has also appeared on the Eric Metaxas Show, and his survey is available online via this Substack post by A Midwestern Doctor.

As more and more embalmers come forward with stories of pulling “white fibrous clots” from the veins and arteries of dead bodies—particularly since 2021—evidence continues to mount linking the novel blockages to the enormously dangerous COVID-19 “vaccines.” Bolstering that link is a recent survey distributed to embalmers across the country, which its creator, retired Air Force major, freelance data analyst, and former defense contractor Major Tom Haviland, describes in the conversation below with Australian interviewer Maria Zeee.

Haviland, who holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University in Mathematics, a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University, and a Master’s degree in Computer Resources and Information Management from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, says that he was inspired to disseminate a survey to embalmers after watching the “weird” and “kind of kooky” documentary, Died Suddenly.

Haviland notes that at approximately the 13-minute mark in the film—which now has nearly 17 million views on Rumble alone—he heard Indiana-based funeral director and embalmer Wallace Hooker ask an audience of more than 100 embalmers if they’d been seeing these novel fibrous white clots, to which they almost all answered ‘Yes.’ They also almost universally agreed they began to see the odd clots appear in the middle of 2021.

The clots, as described in Died Suddenly, as well as in numerous interviews with embalmers like the one embedded immediately above, are often described as tough, rubbery “fibrin structures” that aren’t actually any form of blood clot. On the contrary, the clots’ texture and tensile strength has earned them the moniker “calamari clots,” and, upon analysis, have demonstrated a bizarre atomic makeup that includes a handful of metals.

Following up on Hooker’s hand survey in Died Suddenly, Haviland says he contacted the Ohio Embalmers Association and spoke to several members, including the organization’s Vice President and Second Vice President. He also brought the phenomenon to the attention of the Ohio State Attorney General’s office (Dave Yost), but received no reaction.

Finally, Hooker commented on a Substack post by Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch—who himself has interviewed an embalmer regarding these bizarre clots, watch that via the post embedded immediately above—and received a response from a woman named Laura Kasner, who just so happened to be an expert on SurveyMonkey—the world’s “most popular” free online survey tool.

Haviland and Kasner subsequently came up with a survey for embalmers, which they distributed to “thousands of funeral homes” and state funeral directors associations in both “red states” and “blue states.” Despite the extensive list of recipients, however, Haviland says he only received back 128 responses—something he attributes to several factors, including there being a “sanctity” to the embalming room and caring for the dead; embalmers not wanting “to ruffle…feathers”; and the possibility that some funeral home owners may have not even given their embalmers the survey in the first place. (Perhaps, Haviland speculates, because the funeral home owners don’t want to be sued for mandating the COVID injections.)

Image: Thomas Haviland via Maria Zeee

As for the survey results, they speak for themselves. And for the dead.

Sixty-nine percent of the respondents, for example, said they had observed the white fibrous clots or “structures” in the bodies they’d embalmed. (That is, 88 of the 126 embalmers who answered that particular question.) Regarding the years during which they recalled seeing the clots, 74 of the respondents saw them in 2021, and 80 saw them in 2022.

Interestingly, although one would expect there to be no incidence of the clots prior to the rollout of the COVID injections if the latter is the cause of the former, there were. In 2018, nine embalmers said they recalled seeing the clots, as well as 11 in 2019. Thirty-two embalmers also said they recalled seeing the clots in 2020. Although 41 of respondents reported they’d never seen the white fibrous clots at all.

Image: Thomas Haviland via Maria Zeee

Notably, 57 of the embalmers who filled out the surveys said that more than 20% of the corpses they’ve been embalming have been presenting with these white fibrous clots. Thirty-three embalmers reported seeing the clots in more than 40% of their corpses, and one even said the clots are appearing in more than 80%.

Image: Thomas Haviland via Maria Zeee

Perhaps most enlightening, however, were the comments provided by the embalmers in a free field at the end of the survey. Haviland reads off several of the embalmers’ comments for Zeee, but they are all fascinating to read.

“I’ve seen clotting coming from most any of the points of incision,” one embalmer wrote. “I mainly embalm in common carotids and have seen many white fibrous clots about the time the vaccine came out. I’ve seen an increase since covid for the jelly clots,” he or she added.

Another embalmer wrote:

The clots almost look like large night crawler worms. They are usually very long. They kind of branch off the main clot. I started noticing them after the Covid vaccine came out. I’ve been embalming for the last 13 years and have only stated seeing these clots for the last year or two.

And another:

My clients that have had the Covid Vaccine and have passed of Covid have had remarkably
more clots. So much that I began to ask families if their loved ones have had the vaccine.

And another:

This is the scariest thing I’ve seen happen in the last 20 years. I worry every day if me or my
family have them growing inside us.

Some embalmers, however, either explicitly wrote that they had not seen the clots at all, or balked at the idea of linking the white fibrous clots to the COVID injections—something Havilan says he made sure not to do anywhere in the survey.

One embalmer, for example, wrote:

The “fibrous” structures being described are blood clots that have always been observed
during embalming. They are ante-mortem (before death) clots. The “grape jelly” clots being
described are clots that form post-mortem due to the coagulation of blood. I have not noticed a
difference in clotting, nor do I have knowledge who is vaccinated or not vaccinated when I am
embalming. I do not believe that the COVID-19 vaccination has anything to do with an alleged
increase in clotting in the deceased.

And another:

I have seen zero changes to the presentation of human remains in the last few years. It is clear that this is a poor attempt at farming anecdotes to malign the Covid vaccine. Please don’t do this, or claim that anonymous survey data is any sort of substitute for rigorous scientific research.

While Havilan says that the idea the COVID injections are causing the clots isn’t yet definitive, he tells Zeee “I think Americans are getting the picture.” He notes people understand the jabs don’t stop an individual from contracting COVID, and there are “rumblings” of “all these side effects,” including, of course, massive amounts of myocarditis.

“I’m trying to raise the warning flag on these white fibrous clots that the embalmers in Died Suddenly saw, and verify that ‘Hey, it’s not just those seven, we’ve got 88 embalmers now saying they’re seeing this,” Haviland says. “This is a big deal, right? This needs to have further investigation.”

Feature image: Maria Zeee

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