Dr. Peter McCullough Says Joe Rogan Is Now ‘Ghosting’ Him and Is ‘Scared to Death’ of Having Him on the Podcast and that Alex Jones Is ‘Greatly Misunderstood’


In this interview with Thomas Carrigan (Tommy’s Podcast), renowned cardiologist and prominent critic of the COVID injections Dr. Peter McCullough says that comedian-podcaster Joe Rogan is “ghosting” him and is “scared to death” to have him back on his show for fear of losing his Spotify contract. McCullough, who reiterates a litany of issues with the COVID injections, says that Alex Jones, on the other hand, has been welcoming and is “greatly misunderstood.”

Writer’s note: McCullough brings up the Rogan ghosting at around the 1:14:30-minute mark in the interview.

In December 2021, internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough went on Joe Rogan’s podcast for an interview, which was largely focused on the wildly dangerous and utterly ineffective COVID-19 injections. Now, in a recent podcast with Thomas Patrick Garrigan on his podcast, “Tommy’s Podcast” (or TPC), McCullough says Rogan has been “ghosting” him and is “scared to death” to have him back on.

In the 90-plus-minute-long interview above with Carrigan, McCullough and co-guest Steve Kirsch outline the numerous and ever-increasing number of reasons the COVID-19 injections—which are actually Department of Defense (DoD) “countermeasure prototypes”—should be pulled from the market immediately.

McCullough discusses with Carrigan much of what he’s covered in other recent interviews—including the one in the post embedded immediately below—providing pinpoint-accurate peer-reviewed studies and pre-prints supporting the idea that the COVID injections cause devastating injuries, and death, on a mass scale.

The renowned cardiologist cites, for example, a recent study by Michigan State University professor Mark Skidmore published in BMC Infectious Diseases, which found that the total number of fatalities due to COVID-19 inoculation may be as high as 278,000… when fatalities that may have occurred regardless of inoculation are removed.” And that figure is only in regards to the first year after the rollout of the COVID injections.

Likewise, McCullough also cites an autopsy study published in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Research in Cardiology, which found that “myocarditis can be a potentially lethal complication following mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.” (A fact that has been obvious since early 2021, when both Pfizer and Moderna declared myocarditis is a “serious” risk of their experimental COVID injections.)

McCullough, Kirsch, and Carrigan also discuss the latest and greatest Project Veritas undercover videos, which captured a Pfizer employee claiming the pharma giant is involved in the “directed evolution” of viruses. (I.e. gain-of-function research.) McCullough highlights several important points from the still-developing story, including the fact that unwitting whistleblower Jordon Trishtan Walker has revealed that Pfizer (implicitly) must know its COVID “vaccines” are failing.

McCullough notes Walker’s claims—now confirmed by the pharma giant itself—mean that “Pfizer has to actually get ahead of the game and actually create new mutations of SARS-CoV-2 and then get them into circulation and be ready to have a vaccine that covers these new strains.” The cardiologist adds that this admission means that “by the time [vaccine] manufacturers come out with a product, it’s too late.”

As an interesting caveat to this story, while McCullough, Kirsch, and many other prominent members of “Team Reality” believe it is a significant blow against Pfizer, others believe the Veritas/Walker narrative only serves to distract from the real (killer) problem: the COVID injections. Example contrarian views from pharma insider Sasha Latypova, as well as Katherine Watt, are summarized in the post embedded immediately above.

Toward the end of the lengthy discussion with Kirsch and Carrigan—after Carrigan calls out podcasters such as Tim Pool and Lex Fridman for not having McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, or Kirsch as guests—McCullough reveals the fact that he’s been ghosted by both Joe Rogan, as well as Glenn Beck.

“Glenn Beck is 15 minutes away in the Blaze studio from me right now and I never got the call,” McCullough tells Carrigan. He adds that “I got Joe Rogan three hours down the road and the guy’s ghosting me, he’s scared to death that I’d ever get near his precious Spotify contract.” (For reference, some estimates peg Rogan’s audience in the tens of millions. Beck’s The Blaze also has, at least, several hundred thousand subscribers.)

While McCullough says that Rogan and Beck have failed him, however, Alex Jones—often touted as a “conspiracy theorist” by the corporate media—has had the impeccably credentialed, renowned cardiologist on his show multiple times. McCullough adds that he believes Jones is “greatly misunderstood.” Immediately above is McCullough’s latest interview with Jones, as of this writing.

Feature image: Tommy’s Podcast

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