WHO Whistleblower Says Bill Gates May Be a Clone, Global Leaders Want to ‘Exterminate’ Human Genome, COVID ‘Vaccinations’ Are Radioactive


In a new interview with “Dr. Jane Ruby” WHO whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger elaborates on a recent public argument she had with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole over whether or not there is graphene oxide in the experimental COVID “vaccines.” Stuckelberger, who has a PhD in Public Health and worked at the WHO for a large part of her career, also claims that global leaders (at the WHO, GAVI, etc.) want to “exterminate” the human genome, and that the Bill Gates we now know is either a clone or an impersonator.

In January of this year, at the “Pandemic Strategies Lessons and Consequences” conference in Stockholm, Sweden, a brief argument broke out between prominent COVID “team reality” member Dr. Ryan Cole and World Health Organization (WHO) whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger. In the interview with “Dr. Jane Ruby” below, Stuckelberger describes her side of the story and gives other informed insights; noting that global leaders want to “exterminate” the human genome, the COVID “vaccines” are radioactive, and that Bill Gates may either be a clone or impersonator standing in for the already dead original. (Really.)

In her interview with Ruby (split between the videos above and below) Stuckelberger—who holds a PhD in Public Health and is a scientist and researcher, as well as a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva—says her presentation was interrupted at a key point by the event’s operators, and that Cole tried to censor what she had to say in real-time: namely the idea that there could be graphene oxide (or, as Stuckelberger refers to it, “oxide graphene”) in the contents of the mRNA COVID “vaccines.”

“[T]his guy [Cole] is really trying to diminish what I have to say,” Stuckelberger tells Ruby. “[I]nstead of excusing himself and being humble, he’s choosing the dark path…” the WHO whistleblower adds. She also says that Cole “never shows his work” regarding the COVID “vaccine” vials he says he’s tested. She adds that he’s one member of a group of doctors who are speaking out about the harms of the COVID injections, but simultaneously “censoring” those who believe graphene oxide is indeed in the vials.

For reference, graphene oxide (or GO) is the oxidized form of graphene, which itself is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, and is often proposed for use in lipid nanoparticle technology. Many experts in various fields, including Dr. Robert O. Young, Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee, and Poormina Wagh (who’s had her credentials challenged), say there is GO in the “vaccine” vials, while others, including Cole, believe that is not the case.

In fact, during his argument with Stuckelberger, Cole said of the claims that there may be graphene oxide in the COVID injection vials that it’s “not useful to our cause to put red herrings out there.” Stuckelberger also says virologist Geert Vanden Bossche, who’s worked in high-level positions at both GAVI and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation during his career, was also on stage with her and tried to censor her thoughts on GO. As well as her claims about the injections being radioactive.

“How can someone who[‘s only] looked at biology know what is a nanoparticle?” Stuckelberger asks Ruby rhetorically. She cites the work of several doctors who believe they’ve found non-biological nanotechnology in the COVID injection vials, including Dr. Daniel Nagase. Nagase, an ER physician in Canada, describes what he found in the vials using an electron microscope in the interview linked immediately below.

With his electron microscopy analysis of COVID “vaccine” samples from Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson, Stuckelberger notes Nagase found no elemental trace of nitrogen nor phosphorous; both key elements of life on Earth. He did, however, find “organized little chip structures [that] aren’t made of anything chips are normally made of.” (Nagase’s words.)

It seems Stuckelberger is convinced there is GO in the COVID injections specifically thanks in part to the work of Pablo Campra, a professor of chemical sciences at the University of Almeria in Spain. In the interview with Stew Peters immediately below Campra describes how he used micro-raman spectroscopy to discern “graphene structure[s] in some of the nanoparticles [he and his colleagues] were screening.” Campra notes, however, that he and his colleagues were only able to look at material from seven different vials and four different COVID “vaccine” brand names.

Both Campra and Stuckelberg even claim there is evidence of people injected with the COVID “vaccines” emitting Bluetooth signals. “[E]ven with the embalmer, and even post-mortem in the cemetery you can find a Bluetooth [signal]” from those who’ve been “vaccinated” Stuckelberg tells Ruby. An outlandish-sounding idea, but also one now commonly discussed amongst some doctors and engineers. (Learn more about that via the post embedded immediately below.)

Aside from her thoughts on GO and her exchange with Cole, Stuckelberger also offers a high-altitude view of what she thinks is driving the WHO’s insatiable desire to “vaccinate” the world (over and over again). As well as the organization’s desire to deploy “vaccine IDs” (a.k.a. “green passes” or “health passes”). Namely, control.

As Stuckelberger notes, the first phase of the WHO’s global control plan ran from 2020 through 2021, and focused on “virus fear”—including “forced” vaccination and “media terror.” Phase two, however, has been implementing and continues to implement extreme control mechanisms; such as a cashless society, as well as frequent and multi-purposed editing of the human genome.

Stuckelberger brings up the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) as particularly problematic in this context. She notes the organization’s central goal at this point is to obviate the constitutions of sovereign nations and replace theirs with its own. She highlights the biggest problem section of the WHO’s constitution includes Articles 19-22. Those articles, immediately below, outline how the WHO only requires a two-thirds majority to adopt conventions and/or agreements for all member states. The articles also empower the WHO to dictate “sanitary and quarantine requirements,” establish “standards with respect to diagnostic procedures,” as well as “standards with respect to the safety, purity and potency” of pharmaceutical products. Plus, the advertising and labeling of those products.

Even more broadly, Stuckelberger’s sense of how the global elites are “running the show” so to speak seems to align well with what independent journalist and paralegal Katherine Watt has brought to light. That is, both Stuckelberger and Watt largely pin top central bankers as the key culprits of the crimes against humanity committed in the name of COVID; in Watt’s case, she highlights the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). In Stuckelberger’s, the World Bank.

Stuckelberger also implicates at the highest level the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), a “public-private global health partnership” funded massively by the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank, “donor nations” such as the U.K. and the U.S., and, of course, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

As for why the WHO has become such a power-hungry behemoth, Stuckelberger highlights Bill Gates’ foundation as a major factor. “Since 2012 Bill Gates [has been] leading the global vaccine plan in the WHO,” Stuckelberger says. “And he wanted to become like a [country] in the executive board of [the] WHO in 2016.”

The WHO whistleblower highlights the fact that the funding agreement Bill Gates’ foundation has with the World Bank means that it helps to set the “aid conditionality” for loans, which means it has been conforming recipient countries’ laws to be more receptive to “new tools such as seeds, vaccines, or digital technologies.”

Image: World Health Organization

Furthermore, Stuckelberger says Gates is carrying out his father’s mission of implementing a mass eugenics program on the human race. A fact that isn’t really up for debate. A 2017 paper authored by physicians in Kenya, for example, notes that after World War II had ended “‘Planned Parenthood,’ headed up by Bill Gates’s father… was promoting the idea that population growth, unless halted or reduced by governmental intervention, would inevitably lead to world-wide famine, disease, the destabilization of governments, and at least one more world war.”

Most incredibly (literally) is Stuckelberger’s claim that Bill Gates as the world knows him now is not actually Bill Gates, but rather a “clone” or an “actor.”

“I don’t think it’s him,” Stuckelberger says in the video below. “I don’t know if it’s a clone or who’s playing this guy… because he doesn’t have the same face as before.” Stuckelberger adds “I have not seen him [the real Bill Gates] at the WHO, never, actually. I don’t understand, I don’t know.”

The different hypotheses, Stuckelberger says, are one: “that there’s already been a lot of arrests and executions and they have put actors [in Gates, et al.’s places] instead.” Or two: they have advanced cloning technology and “they can make human clones.”

As for why public authorities (or whoever is doing the supposed killing or cloning) would do this, Stuckelberger says it’s being done for spiritual reasons. “We can only win the spiritual war if more people wake up,” Stuckelberger says. She hypothesizes these spiritual warriors(?) believe they have to have people “get up and wake up, and that’s what’s happening.”

The spiritual war, as Stuckelberger lays it out, is indeed a battle between Good and Evil. The power-hungry globalists (for lack of a more succinct phrase) want to “exterminate the original human genome,” the WHO whistleblower says. She adds “It’s so evil that I even question if they’re human.”

Feature image: ENERGY.GOV / WHO

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