Pharma Insider Says DOD Is Using COVID Injections to ‘Hurt, Sterilize, [and] Kill’ People; Global Elites Want to ‘Crash Food Supply’; Gain-of-Function Is a ‘Fairytale’


In this interview with Conservative Daily, pharma industry veteran Sasha Latypova describes how the Department of Defense (DOD) aims to “hurt, sterilize, [and] kill” people across the globe using the COVID “vaccines.” Latypova adds that the DOD has responded to COVID-19 as if it were in a state of war, and that the federal U.S. government’s ultimate goal is to enslave us in a biosecurity prison-state using CBDCs and mass fear of nonexistent gain-of-function viruses.

Pharma industry veteran Sasha Latypova and independent investigative reporter and paralegal Katherine Watt have blown the doors off the narrative that the COVID-19 “vaccines” were launched with good intentions. On the contrary, Watt has exposed how Americans now find themselves inside of a Department of Defense (DOD) “Kill Box,” and Latypova has laid out irrefutable proof of intent to harm behind the injections. In this new interview with Conservative Daily, Latypova expounds on the COVID injections as bioweapons, noting that the U.S. government has declared war against “all people of the world” and is “trying to hurt, sterilize, [and] kill as many as they can with these injections.”

In her interview, Latypova begins by lambasting the outright fraudulent “clinical trials” that were supposedly performed for the COVID injections. The pharma industry veteran—a serial pharmaceutical entrepreneur who graduated from Dartmouth’s business school and spent more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry during her career—notes that, according to FOIA documents, Pfizer and Moderna’s trials were both “deeply fraudulent” and “obviously faked.” She adds the pharma companies just “submitted a bunch of so-called studies,” the majority of which “had nothing to do with their product.”

The fraud was driven “in deep collusion with” governmental regulators like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. and the European Medicines Agency in the European Union, Latypova says. The most critical point of the fraud, Latypova notes, is the fact that COVID “vaccines” are “not pharmaceuticals,” and therefore cannot be regulated as such.

Link to Department of Defense Contract

The COVID injections are “not pharmaceuticals legally,” Latypova says. “They are not regulated as drugs, or biologics or vaccines at all. What they are are countermeasures. They are military countermeasures and they are ordered by the Department of Defense under Other Transaction Authority…”

Indeed, according to mountains of legal evidence, the COVID injections are actually classified as “prototype countermeasures” per, for example, the DOD’s contract with Pfizer (immediately above). Pfizer has also admitted in court that it had no responsibility to perform trials according to “Good Clinical Practices” (GCP) because it was only performing a “demonstration” of clinical trials for its experimental mRNA jabs. See the exact wording from Pfizer in its motion to dismiss whistleblower Brook Jackson’s lawsuit immediately below.

Link to Pfizer’s motion to dismiss

Furthermore, Latypova explains how the U.S. government has responded to COVID-19—which was never a pandemic according to research done on all-cause mortality in the U.S. and elsewhere, as well as “Dr.” Anthony Fauci and Robert Redfield’s March 2020 New England Journal of Medicine paper“as if there is a war” happening. The pharma insider adds that the U.S. government “enacted the legal structure that allows them to order weapons from private contractors and they’re using that [wartime] legal structure.”

“The war is against the people… by our own government,” Latypova says. With the injections, she notes, the government’s “trying to hurt, sterilize, [and] kill as many as they can… .”

Image: Sasha Latypova

As for the actual manufacturing of the COVID injections, Latypova says they “are made very sloppily… on the vial level.” She notes there is “a huge dispersion of what can be there [in the vials]” as well as “how stable it is.” Latypova says that a large number of the injections are “potentially blanks,” while a remaining substantial number can do anything from “destroy [one’s] immune system” to kill them.

Indeed, one only needs to look at the reports in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to observe the extraordinary discrepancy between “lot” numbers (each lot is a large amount of COVID “vaccine” vials produced together) and the number of serious adverse events associated with them. This variance in reports (and therefore injuries or deaths) per lot necessarily means the “vaccines'” ingredient makeup changes lot to lot. (See graph immediately above.)

In general, Latypova says (echoing experts like former Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon) that this crime’s top perpetrators’ goal is “to enslave people.” She explains “this whole thing is based on the finances crashing and the dollar [as] global currency crashing and they’re trying to convert the whole world into these central bank digital currencies, which are basically just BS tokens that the government issues.” (Review recent progress on that front via the post embedded immediately above.)

The problem with rolling out a new financial system after crashing the old one, however, is that “free people will not take BS tokens.” In which case, Latypova says, “the government needs to hold a gun to people’s heads continuously, individually, and this is the way to do it [with] these injections and digital ID[s] and surveillance infrastructure. But in order to do that they need to impoverish everyone and terrify everyone and that’s why you have this crashing of the energy systems, crashing of the food supply.”

As for who the perpetrators of these crimes are, in general, Latypova and Watt have pegged the DOD, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and the World Health Organization (WHO) as some of the key criminal organizations at the top of the pyramid. The WHO’s role is especially noticeable when it comes to smaller nations, per the story embedded immediately above.

In this interview, in the regulatory realm, Latypova also specifically names as perpetrators of this crime former NIAID head Anthony Fauci; former FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock; Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at the FDA Peter Marks; former Director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and COVID-19 Advisory Board member Rick Bright; and former Director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review Marion Gruber, who Latypova says “designed the fraudulent so-called safety assessments [for the COVID injections] from WHO herself and signed off on this nonsense when pharma companies brought her those so-called safety assessments.”

Latypova goes on to say that the key narrative points that allow for the perpetrators of this crime to continue on are one: viruses are something that can be made both more transmissible and more deadly simultaneously and two: that in order to prevent pandemics, a biosecurity state supercharged with tens of trillions of taxpayer dollars is necessary. Latypova goes on to call the idea of gain-of-function (making viruses more lethal and/or more transmissible) “absolute nonsense and fairytales.” Latypova adds that, if one actually looks into the history, a pandemic has “never actually happened a single time” in the past 100 years. She notes this narrative is all about fearmongering over “scary, scary viruses.” (In the post embedded immediately above Latypova expounds on the falsities of the gain-of-function narrative.)

Ultimately, Latypova says that what the globalist perpetrators are doing boils down to a “classic protection racket.” That is, a classic mafia tactic wherein organized criminals will guarantee “protection” to other entities (such as businesses, etc.) in exchange for money, while simultaneously threatening those entities with violent acts if they don’t pay. This is “the same thing,” Latypova says, but “it’s just our military is doing it. Our Department of Defense.”

Feature image: Marco Verch Professional Photographer / Silsor

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