Physician and Former Green Beret Dr. Pete Chambers Says There’s ‘Confusion and Chaos’ in East Palestine, the Government Wants to Herd Americans into ’15-Minute Cities’


In a new interview with investigative journalist and lab director Mike Adams former Green Beret and physician Dr. Pete Chambers describes his recent experience on the ground in East Palestine where he says there is “confusion and chaos.” Chambers tells Adams that his sense is that the now-infamous Norfolk Southern train derailment will be used as an excuse for taking people off their farmland and pushing them into so-called “15-minute cities.”

In a new interview with lab director and investigative journalist Mike Adams (a.k.a. the Health Ranger) former Green Beret and physician Dr. Pete Chambers describes the “confusion and chaos” he’s seen on the ground in East Palestine, Ohio as a result of the Norfolk Southern freight train derailment that occurred on February 3 of this year. According to Chambers, the derailment was part of a “fifth-generation warfare” attack on Americans as part of a way to move people into so-called “15-minute cities.”

In the interview with Adams immediately above—which also features former Green Beret and combat correspondent Michael Yon—Chambers describes his assessment of the “center of gravity” in East Palestine. Chambers, who’s also had extensive first-person experience observing what’s going on with the migration crisis at the Texas-Mexico border, has spent what appears to be several weeks in East Palestine recently. (It’s unclear exactly how long he was there, but he did this interview with Maria Zeee from Ohio on February 22.)

This is a “Paul Revere moment,” Chambers tells Adams. He says that the residents of East Palestine understand that the globalists are “trying to push [them] out of this valley.” The former Green Beret adds that the residents know that “the resources, the food abundance, the ground, the energy that comes out of that range in the High River Valley” is important for the U.S. and is thusly a target for those seeking to destroy the U.S. from within.

As for the severity of the train derailment and subsequent “uncontrolled release” of chemicals (Chambers’ phrasing), he says there is still a lot of ambiguity surrounding the facts. Compounding the confusion, Chambers says the government is deploying “fear tactics” and trying to generate “public terror.”

The chemical cloud from the “uncontrolled explosion.” Image: thunderlips36

As for what was actually released into the air after the “uncontrolled explosion,” Chambers says that based on the “bill of lading”—a detailed list of a shipment of goods in the form of a receipt—from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as two other, unnamed sources, he saw two-thirds of the evidence “leaning toward the vinyl chloride side.” The other third of the evidence leaned toward the polyvinyl chloride side. “What I don’t want us to get caught up in is ‘What do we think it was?’ Let’s get into the testing… .”

Chambers also discusses how the EPA has, over the last year, taken oil wells from private industry in the area; first shutting them down, then selling them “pennies on the dollar” to large corporations that use federal grants to buy them. (Apparently, the EPA only has to offer the excuse that there’s a nearby water field and they shut down the wells.)

On a global level, Yon adds that “the farms in the Netherlands are being stolen by the Dutch government, which has been completely captured by WEF [the World Economic Forum].” Yon adds that WEF has “cosanguinated” with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Yon says they’re Siamese twins and that “they’re inseparable.” (He says he isn’t sure if the East Palestine derailment is a similar attempt at a farmland grab.)

Yon says that if the train derailment were a case of sabotage, whoever would have the motive would be the same people behind the Nord Stream pipeline attacks. For reference, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh has made a very compelling case that it was the Biden Administration behind the attack.

“This is war. We are at war,” Chambers adds. He emphasizes the idea of “fifth-generation warfare,” which he’s been discussing for some time. (See the post embedded immediately above.) The physician adds “these people [in East Palestine] will be moved off to the 15-minute cities.” Although he notes there is strident resistance against that plan amongst the locals in the area.

“The stories that I was hearing [from locals] was ‘land grab.’ Or they’re [the government] going to move us. It fits in with the transfer of migration story of human osmotic pressure that Michael [Yon] talks about, and how these people would be moved off to the 15-minute cities…,” Chambers adds.

In regard to animals falling ill or dying due to the chemical cloud from the derailment, Chambers notes the Amish in the area seemed largely unaware of any negative effects that may have been caused by the chemical cloud.

“We clearly are in a state of war, that much is clear,” Yon tells Adams. “And the same across Europe… I spent about four months in Europe and the year before I was in Europe as well. I keep making the circuit, checking things out, walking the line as it were… and you’ll see the same things happening everywhere. They’re doing the same things to the farmers in Japan.”

In the Netherlands, Yon notes that farmers own about 62% of the land. He says that it’s that land that the World Economic Forum and CCP “want to make [a] tri-state city.” (Tri-state here refers to the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.) He notes the new city would make a great “capital of Europe” and would serve as a giant “smart city” or “control city.” (Read more about those types of cities via the post embedded immediately above.)

Regaring Russia, Yon says Vladimir Putin is an enemy of the WEF, which is why “they’re clearly trying to take out Russia.” (Note that Russia-based journalist Riley Waggaman has described how Putin is pushing for the same kind of globalist agenda now taking form in the West; including mandatory COVID “vaccinations” for citizens and the military, digital health passes, a central bank digital currency, and even a stronger, more encompassing NATO thanks to the reaction to his war in Ukraine.)

“America, we are in a semi-permissive environment right now. And it’s moving toward non-permissive by giving your freedoms away,” Chambers says. “By putting on bands around your wrist in East Palestine, saying ‘Here’s your biometric band, because we’re from the government and we’re here to take care of you.'”

Feature image: National Transportation Safety Board

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