Belarus President Calls Zelenskyy ‘Scum’ For Trying To Pressure Belarus Into Russia-Ukraine Conflict with Drone Attack and for Coordinating with the CIA


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko recently ridiculed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesnkyy for allegedly ordering a drone attack on a Russian plane being held in Belarus. Lukashenko accused Zelenskyy, whom he referred to as “scum,” of trying to pressure Belarus into joining the Russia-Ukraine conflict and working with “the leadership of the CIA” to develop “an operation against the Republic of Belarus.”

Note: Lukashenko’s complete remarks on the “terrorist,” Zelenskyy, and the CIA are in the video at the bottom of this post.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of attempting to pressure Belarus into getting involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Lukashenko’s comments come after a Russian aircraft stationed at the Machulishchy air base in Belarus was reportedly attacked by a drone in February. Lukashenko described the attacks as being carried out by a “terrorist” member of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) recruited in 2014. The Belarusian president claimed in his briefing (the entirety of which is available at the bottom of this post) that the “terrorist” was “prepared” by “the leadership of the CIA” and used a Chinese-made drone that fell into Ukrainian hands thanks to the US military.

Infuriated by the attack on his country’s soil, Lukashenko lambasted Zelenskyy for approving the aggressive move. “There can be only one conclusion… President Zelenskyy is just scum. Just scum, as such operations are never carried out without the consent of the head of state and the commander-in-chief. I am telling you this as a president,” the Belarusian president said.

He went on to say Zelenskyy is attempting to push Belarus into the Russia-Ukraine conflict while merely acting like he wants peace in order to appeal to United Nations (UN) leaders. Lukashenko said Zelenskyy is “making circles around Belarus” despite claiming to support “a non-aggression pact” with Belarus back in January.

“I know that they want to drag us into the war on the order of the Americans,” the Belarusian explained. “If you think that by challenging us this way you’ll be able to drag us into the war tomorrow… then you are mistaken,” Lukashenko added.

Lukashenko did not feel the need to sign onto the non-aggression agreement offered by Zelenskyy prior to the attack because his country had no intentions of getting involved in the war. The Belarusian president believes Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian government are hoping to aggravate Belarus with more attacks to push them into the conflict.

Belarusian officials have detained over 20 individuals who are believed to have been involved in the drone attack on the Russian aircraft. The aircraft, a Beriev A-50 surveillance plane (see image in tweet immediately above), was being held at the Machulishchy air base, near the country’s capital, Minsk. Lukashenko said more individuals involved in the attack are still on the run. “To date, more than 20 accomplices [of the ‘terrorist] who are in Belarus have been detained. The rest are hiding,” Lukashenko claimed.

President Lukashenko ordered a nationwide “sweep” be carried out to locate and detain all others involved in the attack. (Watch the “terrorist’s” drone perform its preliminary flyover and landing on the A-50 immediately below.)

Belarus has yet to entangle itself formally in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, the country is an ally of Russia, and Putin’s troops launched their invasion of Ukraine last February by way of Belarus. Ukrainian military leaders also seem to be fearful of another attack on its northern border through Belarus while it continues to fight Russian troops on its southern and eastern borders.

Lukashenko has said before Belarus will only join the fight against Ukraine if it is attacked directly by the country.

WATCH the Belarusian president’s complete remarks:

Feature image: President of Ukraine’s office

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