Bill Gates Pours Millions Into Company That Wants Cows To Wear Masks In The Name Of Climate Change


In his latest act of “environmentalism” Bill Gates has poured nearly $5 million into a startup agricultural company manufacturing masks that supposedly reduce the amount of methane emitted from cow burps.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced it is giving a grant worth nearly $5 million to an agricultural startup company that sells “special” masks for cows to wear that supposedly reduce the animals’ carbon footprint.

Gates’ website listed a $4.7 million grant to “ZELP” earlier this month. The purpose of the grant is “To develop a device to capture and oxidize methane directly from cows, thereby reducing their effect on climate change and provide [sic] income to small-scale producers.”

ZELP, which stands for “Zero Emissions Livestock Project,” claims it has fashioned headgear that will “neutralize methane” at the source, before a cow burps it out into the atmosphere. ZELP claims the cow face masks take methane exhaled by a cow and process it “through a catalytic mechanism” where it is purportedly “oxidized, resulting in a combination of CO2 and water vapor.”

ZELP recommends cows begin wearing the mask from the age of “6-8 months onwards.” However, the masks need to be replaced every four years. ZELP’s cow masks seek to limit the amount of methane in the atmosphere. According to the company’s website, methane is “85 times more potent at [worsening global warming] than carbon dioxide… [and has] accounted for roughly 30% of global warming since pre-industrial times.”

The ZELP website mentions on the last line of its FAQ section that businesses will “be able to purchase carbon credits in order “compensate [for] emissions” they produce.

As for what that means, it seems that, in practice, environmental-conscious farmers who believe cow burps are harmful to the world will pay ZELP to rent or buy the company’s cow masks; then the farmers can advertise their meat as more environmentally friendly and get societal praise. (Especially from those infected with the Woke Mind Virus, presumably.) ZELP then cashes in on carbon credit sales, which are merely government-issued permits to emit CO2.

If Bill Gates, the literal psychopath—really, read more about that via the post embedded immediately above—getting behind ZELP isn’t enough of a sign of what kind of company this is going to be note that Prince Charles of the UK also supports the startup. In April 2022, Charles directed £50,000 ($67,800) to the startup at his prestigious Terra Cart Design Lab competition. The competition was started by the prince to advance environmental awareness. Something Nobel laureate Kary Mullis probably wouldn’t think is too necessary if he were alive today.

Feature image: Royal College of Art

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