Pharma Insider Says a ‘Biowarfare’ Toxin Was Released in 2020, Not a Virus, and That It Was Deployed Around the World by the ‘Great Reset Clan’ Aided by the U.S. Military


In a new interview with Major Jeffrey Prather, pharma insider Sasha Latypova expounds the reasons she believes a “biowarfare” toxin, and not a virus, was spread throughout the world in 2020. Latypova, who says the U.S. military must’ve spread the toxin, also discusses what she refers to as “the Great Reset Clan” and its intention to put into place a worldwide totalitarian government, as well as execute on a depopulation agenda.

Note: The interview (after all of Prather’s unrelated comments) begins at the 8:15 mark in the video.

In a new interview with Major Jeffrey Prather of American Media Periscope, pharma insider Sasha Latypova provides her opinions regarding the geopolitical events that have occurred from 2020 onward. Key amongst her views is the claim that the COVID-19 “pandemic” was actually caused by a “biowarfare agent” that was not a virus, as well as the claim that there is a “Global Reset Clan” that aims to control or kill everyone on Earth and owes no allegiance to any one country.

“I am fairly certain that this agent, this biowarfare [agent], or maybe chemical [agent]—we still don’t know the exact composition of what was used… was deliberately deployed,” Latypova tells Prather. The pharma insider—who attended Dartmouth, spent more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, and sold several successful businesses—adds that those in charge of the narrative (the Great Reset Clan) want people to think about only two options: a “zoonotic virus [that] jumped from bat to pangolin to human” or “it’s some kind of a manipulated virus [that’s] very dangerous [and] was made in a lab that was leaked.”

Latypova refers to both of these options as “stupid,” for reasons she’s outlined in depth in previous interviews (see the post embedded immediately below for one of them). In essence, Latypova says it is against the laws of nature to make a virus (either by the hand of Mother Nature or a human) simultaneously more deadly and more transmissible. This is because, at least according to this understanding, a virus necessarily becomes less deadly as it becomes easier to transmit. (People dying quickly interact with fewer people than people who only experience illness or mild illness.)

Furthermore, Latypova says “Nobody can [even] make viruses.” She notes that Ralph Baric, a virologist at UNC Chapel Hill whom many people believe was key to making SARS-CoV-2 in a lab, did not deal with real viruses. On the contrary, Latypova notes, he only dealt with “infectious clones.” She notes these clones behave not like viruses, but rather like environmental toxins. She likens the spread of these infectious clones to that of poison oak.

Indeed, Baric’s research did deal with infectious clones (see excerpt immediately below). According to the Springer Protocols Handbook an infectious clone is not a virus, but rather “a full-length DNA clone from which infectious transcripts can be obtained in vitro or in vivo with a suitable promoter.”

Link to study in PNAS

As for how the Great Reset Clan spread these infectious clones, Latypova says whoever was in charge of kicking off the fake pandemic likely synthesized some toxin and made “a lot of it at scale.” The military (it’s unclear if only the U.S. military or other countries’ militaries as well) then deployed it in “key locations” around the world.

“They did it all over the world in key locations and they kind of pre-seeded this pandemic. So the initial agent delivered was actually highly toxic and those initial cases were sometimes really bad,” Latypova tells Prather. “What later was sort of released [in] subsequent waves we don’t quite know, but they were much milder. But none of it was particularly dangerous.” Latypova adds unequivocally “there was never any risk of [an] epidemic,” and COVID-19 as a “pandemic” was “clearly orchestrated and largely faked.”

Interestingly, the acronym for the WHO’s key term for a pandemic, PHEIC (or Public Health Emergency of International Concern), is literally pronounced “fake.” (Hear it for yourself via the post embedded immediately above.)

Bolstering her claim, Latypova says the 1918 Spanish Flu was also one big charade, largely put on for the American public.

“This whole Spanish Flu story was manufactured, specifically in the U.S.” Latypova says. She notes, just like with the response to COVID-19, there were “lots of draconian rules” and masking that cropped up in New York City and San Francisco, and new “vaccines” were also rolled out. Specifically dangerous ones (according to Latypova) such as the smallpox vaccine, as well as vaccines for meningitis and typhoid.

Link to Sasha Latypova’s Substack post on this topic.

Latypova also notes that “a big indicator” the Spanish Flu pandemic was likely a ruse is because it wasn’t mentioned at all by the International Sanitary Convention—a naval convention attended by large trade companies that shipped goods around the world—after the supposed outbreak. While the Spanish Flu earned no mention in a 1922 revision of the convention, plague, cholera, and yellow fever still did. Latypova notes this makes no sense if the Spanish Flu killed up to 100 million people by some estimates while the other diseases mentioned only killed on the order of 100,000 people.

In regard to the Great Reset Clan itself, Latypova has several controversial takes on the geopolitics underpinning its plans. She notes, for example, that “[Ukrainian president Volodymyr] Zelenskyy’s obviously a puppet of the WEF and they’re driving this agenda of the Great Reset.” The pharma insider adds the plan is to establish a “totalitarian state globally.”

Indeed, it’s easy to argue Zelenskyy is a puppet of the Great Reset Clan. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who’s become synonymous with the Great Reset due to his unending and excessive support of the cultural phenomenon, strongly endorsed Zelenskyy in early 2020. Zelenskyy was even espousing “the new normal” before any COVID-19 “pandemic” (supposedly) occurred. Hear the Ukrainian’s WEF speech from early 2020 via the post embedded immediately above.

More broadly, Latypova says “The Soviet Revolution or Communist Revolution” of the early 20th century served as a “blueprint” for the Great Reset. “The Soviet Revolution or communist revolution is a blueprint of this [Great Reset]. That was the trial run of how to do it over a very large territory because Russia has about one-sixth of the Earth’s surface,” Latpova tells Prather. “So they [the cabal that spans back in time long before the Great Reset] figured out how to do it over [a] very large territory—[with] many, many countries together—and now they’re trying to do the same thing in the world globally.”

And while that claim may seem outlandish, note that it seems—based on robust and clear evidence—that global elites from countries around the world had been planning the type of unscientific and tyrannical response to COVID we saw in 2020 for at least 20 years before the “pandemic” occurred. (Hear more about those decades of planning via the post embedded immediately above.)

Unfortunately, Latypova says the Great Reset Clan, which consists of the WEF, central bankers, et al., thinks it “literally own[s] the planet” and believes “you’re in the way and occupying their space so they want you gone.” The pharma insider also doesn’t see “any evidence” of any global leader taking up the mantle to fight the Great Reset Clan; including Chinese President Xi Jinping nor Russian President Vladimir Putin. Indeed, as has been reported before, it seems Putin is in favor of mandatory COVID-19 “vaccination” for the military, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and even digital health passes. Read more about that via the post embedded immediately above.

Feature image: Ivan Radic

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