Canadian Embalmer Laura Jeffery Describes ‘Parasite’-Like White Fibrous Structures She’s Found in Bodies Post COVID ‘Vaccine’ Rollout


In this interview with the National Citizens’ Inquiry Ontario-based embalmer and funeral director Laura Jeffery describes the white fibrous structures she began finding in bodies after the rollout of the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Jeffery says the structures look like “parasites” that feed off people’s blood.

Since at least January 2022 embalmers and funeral directors have been coming forward with evidence of “white fibrous clots” emerging as a phenomenon in dead bodies after the rollout of the wildly dangerous and utterly ineffective COVID-19 “vaccines.” Alabama-based embalmer Richard Hirschman, Indiana-based embalmer and funeral director Wallace Hooker, Missouri-based embalmer Anna Foster, Alabama-based embalmer Nicky Rupright King, and Buckinghamshire-based funeral director John O’Looney have all already come forward. And now, from Ontario, veteran embalmer and funeral director Laura Jeffery joins the chorus.

In the interview below with the National Citizens’ Inquiry (NCI), Jeffery, who has 27 years of experience as an embalmer, expounds on the horrors she has seen since the rollout of the novel injections, which match up perfectly with those described by the aforementioned embalmers and funeral directors.

Prior to discussing what she’s observed in dead bodies after the rollout of the COVID injections Jeffery notes for an NCI panel (NCI is “a citizen-led and citizen-funded public inquiry into the Covid-19 health-protection measures taken by all levels of government in Canada”) that she only saw seven deaths attributed to COVID-19 in 2020 out of 600 deceased individuals that came through her “very large community” funeral home. Jeffery notes all seven people “of course” had comorbidities and were living in nursing home facilities.

Even without the comorbidities or age taken into account, that would mean 1.1% of the deaths Jeffery saw in 2020 had COVID as their cause of death. Overall in 2020, Jeffery says she saw “nothing” about the yearly average death rate change, except for the fact that “suicides and drug overdoses escalated dramatically.”

Jeffery notes that during the “second lockdown” in Canada specifically she observed that the ostensible public health measure was “too much” for many citizens. These people, who she notes were often women with children, began committing suicide on a weekly basis. (Note that “lockdowns” are an utterly ineffective and massively harmful “policy” as evinced by the litany of studies in the post embedded immediately below.)

In January of 2021, Jeffery began to see anomalies in the blood of people she was embalming. She notes the blood in the bodies she was caring for was noticeably “more viscous”; specifically thicker, darker, [and] more sticky” than she was used to seeing. She also began noticing tiny pieces of “pinhead-sized” clots, which gave the blood a “dirty” appearance.

In the Spring of 2021 (specifically around April/May) Jeffery says she began to see a “new anomaly” coming out of dead bodies’ vessels. Each of these anomalous structures was “like… a parasite that was feeding off a blood clot that it created in the body,” Jeffrey says. She adds the “parasites” first started small (3-4 inches), but grew “longer [and] longer” and were tipped by “integrated jelly [blood] clots.”

The fibrous white structures that Jeffery describes here for the NCI panel are identical to those discovered by the likes of Hirschman, Hooker, Foster, et al. In fact, one survey-based study conducted by independent data analyst and electrical engineer Major Tom Haviland found that 69% of embalmers have been observing these bizarre structures; overwhelmingly after the rollout of the injections. Hear Haviland describe the study himself via the post embedded immediately below.

Not only did Jeffery notice anomalies with people’s blood after the rollout of the COVID injections, but she says she also observed a change in the pattern in regard to how people normally die. Beginning in early 2021 Jeffery says she saw the “average Canadian” die “suddenly at home.” This “went on for a good month and a half” Jeffery says, clarifying that the “unusual” and “unexpected” deaths were “not investigated.”

One particular example Jeffery describes is of a 47-year-old man who was healthy, attractive, and fit, who apparently died soon after he received his COVID injection. She notes his death was investigated and “his family told [her] point-blank he died from [blood] clots.” She clarifies that’s what the family was told. Of course, blood clots are a known side effect of the COVID injections, as evinced by the list of studies available via the post embedded immediately below.

Jeffery also says that prior to the COVID-injection rollout she was used to embalming three to five babies a month. However, for two years after the rollout (“up until recently” as of the NCI interview) she saw “none.” Even though she works in a “very large community.” A friend of hers who works in a “very small community,” on the other hand, saw a “dramatic escalation” in baby deaths following the introduction of the novel jabs. Jeffery seems to believe that social workers in hospitals in larger communities were not giving parents of deceased babies the option to send their bodies to embalmers, even though that was the norm prior to the jab rollout.

Feature image: NationalCitizensInquiryCA / shore215 productions

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