Former BlackRock Fund Manager Edward Dowd Estimates the COVID ‘Vaccines’ Have Killed 300,000 Americans and Disabled At Least 1.36 Million More


In this interview with NBA Hall of Fame guard John Stockton and former Green Bay Packers offensive tackle Ken Reuttgers, former BlackRock fund manager and founding partner of Phinance Technologies Edward Dowd outlines the massive human and economic damages caused by the enormously deadly and utterly ineffective COVID-19 “vaccines”; specifically highlighting 300,000 Americans killed by the injections and at least another 1.36 million disabled.

In this interview with NBA Hall of Fame guard John Stockton and former Green Bay Packers offensive tackle Ken Reuttgers, former BlackRock fund manager and founding partner at Phinance Technologies Edward Dowd outlines the massive human and economic damages caused by the enormously deadly and utterly ineffective COVID-19 “vaccines.” Dowd, who’s previously framed the COVID-19 narrative as a cover story being deployed as a way to manage and mitigate total global financial collapse, says his team’s recent “damage report” highlights 1.36 million Americans disabled and 300,000 Americans killed by the COVID injections. Looking forward, Dowd also says “the economy is falling off a cliff” and he expects geopolitical tussles over reserve currencies to lead to war.

“[T]he tragedy of what I’m about to talk about is that the numbers are so big they’re there for everyone to see and analyze and there’s only one explanation in my mind,” Dowd says of the deaths and injuries caused by the COVID injections. “I had a thesis: the vaccine was causing deaths and disabilities and as time has rolled on and the data’s been accumulated—the thesis is [correct], I’m 150 to 200% convinced,” Dowd says.

“We call this a fraud in progress,” Dowd tells Stockton and Reuttgers regarding the COVID-injection scheme. “It’s much like on Wall Street, you know when Enron was a fraud, there were those who knew it was a fraud and… 80% of the crowd didn’t think it was a fraud and that’s kinda where we are in this fraud… Twenty percent of us know what’s going on, 80% of the globe still doesn’t have a clue because of the media silence, the government and regulatory body silence. So, the fraud evidence just continues to accumulate because the damage continues to grow.”

Because of his suspicions regarding the COVID injections in 2021, Dowd says he began to monitor the data coming out of insurance companies and funeral homes. (Hear Dowd speak in more depth on that topic via the post embedded immediately above.) He notes the most accurate mortality and disability data show up there “despite any… efforts to suppress the real numbers.”

“And it did [show up]. It did in spades,” Dowd says. He adds, “Funeral home stocks have been growth stocks and some of the best stocks to be in in this terrible stock market the last year-and-a-half. Insurance companies are not doing well, they started taking on… big loss[es]. They took some losses in 2020, but not a lot, because the people who mostly died in 2020 were old and… they didn’t die in group life because… to get a group life plan you have to be employed.”

Dowd says “in 2021, in the third and fourth quarter, that’s when the group life losses started to show up.” (Dowd notes a group life policy is a life insurance policy benefit you get when you sign onto a Fortune 500 company or a mid-size level company.) “In 2021 it went off the rails. The group life policyholders, as reported by the Society of Actuaries, saw a 40% increase [in] mortality in 2021.”

“Just to give an idea of what that means, a 10% increase in this cohort, according to the words of Scott Davison, the CEO of OneAmerica in Indiana, he said a 10% [increase] is a once in 200-year event, [or] a three standard-deviation event,” Dowd says. Meaning “40% [is] off the charts.” (Immediately below is a clip of Davison discussing the excess deaths.)

In regard to disabilities caused by the COVID injections so far, Dowd says he and his team looked at data available via the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and found that household reports of somebody with a disability “took off in February of 2021.”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics disability numbers, Dowd says, “were running around, absolute numbers, 29-30 million, and over the course of 18 months shot up to 33.2 million.” He adds this 10% increase, or “four standard-deviation event,” indicated “a trend change.”

“So something happened, starting in February 2021, but when we broke down the numbers, guess what we found?” Dowd asks rhetorically. He adds: “We found that of the 3.2 million people added, 1.7 million people were employed as of November/December of last year; that’s more than half of the newly disabled. And then we looked at disability rates of the different cohorts in this data and [the] employed disability rate went up 31% starting in February of ’21 until the end of ’22. And the general U.S. population’s disability rate went up 9%. Again, by the very mere fact that you’re employed, you’re healthier than the general US population because you’re able to work, willing to work, and getting yourself to work. So that inverted on its head.”

Regarding “absence data and worktime loss data”—that is, “people [who are] chronically sick, and they’re missing work”—Dowd says “their work time lost is so far off the charts, it’s what we call a black swan event.”

Dowd notes work time lost “went up in ’21, and then it exploded in ’22.” He adds he and his team believe “that people’s immune systems have been compromised so they’re chronically presenting as sick.” Hear Dowd talk more about this issue via the post embedded immediately above.

Dowd notes that insurance company CEOs initially blamed the increase in all-cause mortality beginning in 2021 on COVID. “But as we roll through time,” he says, “it’s becoming increasingly clear COVID’s a cold and these numbers are not coming down and we’re running around 23% excess mortality in group life policies, which is still abysmal.”

That excess mortality figure has “come off its peak,” Dowd says, “but it’s still not getting better.” The fund manager adds “there are movements afoot in the insurance industry to investigate this. Obviously, you know, the vaccine should be front and center. So there’s starting to be an awareness that something’s gone off the rails.

Dowd adds “They expected… excess mortality above what they expected to trend back to normal, but it hasn’t.”

Dowd highlights the fact that the so-called “Great Resignation,” wherein people are dropping out of the workforce en masse, is not due to them rethinking their lives, but rather suffering from injuries related to the COVID injections.

“[W]e’ve identified in our damage report 1.36 million disabled [and] 300,000 dead,” from the COVID injections Dowd says. He adds “These numbers are probably low, so let’s call it two-and-a-half million for this podcast.” Hear more about how Dowd and his team arrived at those numbers via the post embedded immediately above.

“[S]o the labor force is smaller from that,” Dowd says. “And then the chronically sick, that’s about 26.6 million. So you get to about… all in, it’s 30 million. That’s about 30% of the labor force that’s either dead, disabled, or chronically ill.”

“If you want to apply [the human cost of the COVID injections] to the globe, I did some back-of-the-envelope math—it’s 900 million injured,” Dowd says.

He notes he and his team believe people’s “immune systems have been compromised” due to the COVID injections. He says this “will present over time as chronic illness, and then eventually death. Early, premature death. And… disabilities, and just not working at 100% effectiveness.”

“So what’s the economic cost?” Dowd asks. We just did the simple calculation using the national accounts… and so, it’s $5.2 billion in damage, economically, from the dead. The disabled is $52 billion, and then the injuries, [that is] lost work time, is around $90 billion. So a total cost of $150 billion. That we can measure.”

“What we can’t measure is lost productivity,” Dowd adds. “Meaning somebody who is at work, so you’re not recording lost work time, but they’re chronically ill… They’re working at 50% of capacity, 75% of capacity. And one other thing we also know is that when you’re sick, chronically sick, your IQ goes down, because you get brain fog. You’re just not operating [at] 100%.”

Dowd notes he’s spoken with Army Flight Surgeon and whistleblower Dr. Theresa Long, and she’s told him “‘Ed, I’m seeing exactly what you’re talking about. Dead, disabled, and injuries.”

Dowd adds that Long told him “if these trends continue, [if] we don’t stop this, we won’t have a standing military in five years.”

Regarding his broad financial outlook, Dowd says “It’s looking bad…” and he thinks that “The economy is falling off a cliff.” He notes “Credit is drying up.”

Dowd adds:

“We already had an out-of-left-field bank failure, [including] Silicon Valley Bank, Credit Suisse, the Fed put their finger in the dike… people think they printed money, they didn’t print money, they just made loans. And so these loans are just temporary… backstop measures. I think we’re looking at a hard, hard recession, [which] we’re already in, but it’s going to get worse into the Fall, [specifically in the] third and fourth quarter.”

“We’re seeing an end of an era of what I call the Federal Reserve banking system and we’re gonna figure out what the new system is soon, I think…” Dowd says. “It’s just a lot of chaos and turmoil and change coming.”

Unfortunately, he notes that “whenever there [are] huge bank failures, the attempt to reinflate economies has usually resulted in war. Dowd adds:

“[A]fter World War Two, we [the dollar] became the world’s reserve currency… and then we delinked from gold in the ’70s and were able to reinflate again. Then we’ve had a number of proxy wars. What really took the economy out of recession in ’01/’02 was the Iraq/Afghanistan war; lots of government spending. And we’ve just had a COVID war. COVID was a war [with] unprecedented amounts of spending going after a cold. So that’s what they do. I, unfortunately, see this move by these other countries to get away from the dollar will result in some sort of geopolitical conflict. The U.S. will not stand by and let these countries try to de-dollarize. So war, unfortunately, is one of the conclusions I’m coming to, in addition to a central bank digital currency.”

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