‘Plandemics’ and the ‘Weaponization of Healthcare’ Broken Down by a Pharma Insider, as Well as a Writer/Paralegal


In these recorded presentations played during a webinar conducted by the Stop Vax Passports Task Force, former pharmaceutical R&D executive and entrepreneur Sasha Latypova and writer and paralegal Katherine Watt explain how “plandemics” like COVID-19 are implemented via “the weaponization of healthcare.”

In these recorded presentations played during a webinar conducted by the Stop Vax Passports Task Force, former pharmaceutical R&D executive and entrepreneur Sasha Latypova and writer and paralegal Katherine Watt explain how “plandemics” like COVID-19 are implemented via “the weaponization of healthcare.” Latypova specifically highlights the fact that the COVID-19 injections are not pharmaceutical products, but rather bioweapons, and describes much of both the legal and contractual aspects underpinning how the enormously dangerous and utterly ineffective poisons were allowed to become available in the U.S.

“[P]art of the way these plandemics are implemented is through weaponizing… healthcare,” Latypova says in her presentation. She notes “there are many aspects to this,” including “propaganda and fear-mongering,” as well as “collusion with mass media.”

In her presentation, Latypova focuses on “the legal structure [in the U.S.] and how… healthcare was taken over by the military and pharma and government cartel.”

Latypova first discusses the fact that mRNA injections similar to the ones deployed for COVID-19, ostensibly, “have been in development” since the ’90s and were previously classified as “gene therapy” pharmaceutical products. She even notes “since about [the] late ’90s… gene therapies were designated as a class of weaponizable technology.”

The pharma insider notes, however, that “the promise of curing diseases and curing cancer and fixing genes has never materialized” for the technology, meaning “the only actual, viable use… [for them]… is by using [them]… in their weapons application.”

Indeed, Moderna, established in 2011, was unable to bring even a single one of its mRNA products to market prior to “Operation Warp Speed.” None of its products ever even made it out of Phase 3 clinical trials. Read more about that via the post embedded immediately below.

Using materials assembled by writer and paralegal Katherine Watt, who’s also featured in this webinar (watch Watt’s seminal “Kill Box” presentation via the post embedded immediately below), Latypova explains the broad strokes of “the legal structure that was put [into] place in order to weaponize healthcare,” highlighting three key pieces of legislation passed by the U.S. federal government; including an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) law passed in 1997 under Bill Clinton; an “Other Transaction Authority” (OTA) law passed under Barack Obama in 2015; and the PREP Act, originally passed in 2005 under George W. Bush.

Latypova notes this legal structure “was put in place over a long period of time” and demonstrates “pre-planning” on the part of those who’ve launched the COVID-19-injection bioweapons on humanity.

The pharma industry veteran notes that both the EUA and OTA laws “are being utilized under [a] public health emergency, which was declared by Trump in 2020 and is continued by [the] Biden administration to date.” (The video was posted April 28, 2023.) Critically, Latypova notes that while there has been news that a “national emergency” is no longer in force, “that doesn’t affect it [this legal structure], because we are talking about a different set of laws governing a public health emergency.”

“[W]hen all three of these [laws] are in place [under a public health emergency declared by the HHS secretary, like the one that is still in effect for COVID], then this whole system kind of kicks into high gear and now they [the DOD] can essentially do whatever they like with the healthcare [establishment] and use of these weaponizable technologies on civilians…” Latypova adds.

Latypova expounds on the legal tricks the DOD has deployed in order to launch the COVID-19 bioweapon injections on humanity, noting that in the contracts between the defense department and pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, the injections are referred to as “prototype countermeasures.” A “fuzzy term” that allows the DOD to “legalize otherwise prohibited biological and chemical weapons… .”

“[W]hat happens under this… public health emergency… [is] the Department of Defense is buying military prototype countermeasures,” Latypova says, adding that “instead of [these injections] being pharmaceutical products now, legally they are designated into this class of countermeasures. And countermeasures [is] a very fuzzy term.”

“I cannot define exactly what [a countermeasure] is because anything can be a countermeasure,” the former pharma entrepreneur and executive adds. “For example, a lock on the door is a countermeasure against breaking in—so [the definition of ‘countermeasure’ is] extremely, extremely poorly defined… and that’s done for a reason.”

That reason, Latypova says, is “Because… the Department of Defense loves buying secret things for huge amounts of money.” She adds the DOD especially loves “buying weapons.” (See an excerpt of the DOD’s contract with Pfizer immediately below.)

Link to Department of Defense Contract

The nebulous OTA language, Latypova adds, “basically says through this other transaction authority, [the] Department of Defense can order things that they want from pharmaceutical companies and no regulations apply because this is other transaction authority. And here you could very easily hide weapons, in this language.”

“And so essentially by renaming them [the COVID-19 injections], simply renaming them into these countermeasure things and prototype things, [the] Department of Defense can buy whatever they like, including prohibited weapons of mass destruction,” Latypova says.

Incredibly, Latypova notes that “when [a] public health emergency is announced and these countermeasures are ordered as emergency use authorized prototypes and things, then the FDA regulations also no longer apply to them.”

Latypova notes this piece of the EUA law is cited “everywhere specifically so they [the DOD, FDA, et al.] protect themselves from any liability because they are lying to the public exactly about this issue.” She goes on to say that “[T]hey [the DOD, FDA, et al.] are telling the public that we are rigorously reviewing and approving pharmaceutical products—vaccines—that follow all, very rigorous laws and FDA regulation[s] and that is a lie.” Latypova adds They are not legally pharmaceutical products. They are not legally vaccines. They are not legally anything and, actually, FDA laws don’t apply to them at all.

Link to 21 U.S. Code section 360bbb-3

Specifically, Latypova highlights the fact that under a public health emergency “[the] use of EUA-covered medical countermeasures shall not be considered to constitute a clinical investigation.” (See source legal code section immediately above.) She notes “If it’s not a clinical investigation, then you cannot have a clinical trial. You cannot have clinical trial subjects. You cannot have investigators. No informed consent rules apply. No safety and efficacy criteria apply. None of this applies.”

Latypova says this is “fundamentally the most important lie that the government keeps telling to the public.” Unpacking the issue further, Latypova says there are no criteria nor data required for EUA countermeasures like the COVID injections. Nor even any judicial review of if their use is lawful. “

“The only way these products get deployed onto the public is by a say-so of HHS Secretary, who, under Trump, was Alex Azar, and currently… is Xavier Bacerra,” Latypova says. She adds “The only way these products go on the market is when this person himself decides that the available data, if available—so it doesn’t have to be available—justifies that.”

Link to HHS declaration

Link to HHS declaration

“It literally is just up to their say-so. Their decision. Their judgment,” Latypova says, noting that’s why the bioweapon injections are still available.

“We still have this situation where the HHS Secretary is the sole authorized person to deploy these things [the COVID injections] onto every man, woman, and child in this country, and all other regulators in the world follow the same framework,” the pharma insider adds.

Latypova next outlines how the consortium behind Operation Warp Speed (OWS) functions.

“At the top of this [OWS] organization is the Department of Defense,” Latypova says. “So [the] Department of Defense is in charge.” She describes the power structure underneath the DOD, noting:

“The HHS is only [in an] advisory role, and then there is a whole layer of government at the executive level of the structure that decides everything. So they design the studies. They procure the suppliers [and] supply chain[s], manufacturing, data, security, legislative affairs, legal affairs—which is the Department of Justice that defends them. So this is the machinery of the government. And the [pharma companies] are only a third level down. And the Defense Production Act is utilized to procure these things. So we have the government organized for war, commandeering [the] pharmaceutical base, giving them money through the Defense Production Act, directing them to produce weapons, and then, [the] HHS secretary singlehandedly deploying them onto the public. So that’s how the weaponization of healthcare is being done.”

Image: Sasha Latypova

Regarding “who manufacturers these injections really,” Latypova says it’s “clearly… the machinery of the Department of Defense using their established base of pharmaceutical manufacturers.” She adds “huge amounts of money are flowing through this [structure]” and highlights BARDA, a “militarized arm” of the HHS, has been “giving tremendous amount[s] of money [to] pharmaceutical companies,” which, in turn, “is also used to control everyone and keep everyone in line and following orders.”

“[T]hey utilize these guys, the large pharma companies, Pfizer, Janssen, Moderna—to some extent—and they kind of parade them [around], [saying] ‘Oh, here are the brand names,’ so the public trusts them and gets these injections and gets fooled into the situation that they think this is a pharmaceutical product—they think that all the… FDA rules apply, but, in fact, none of that applies.” Latypova adds the COVID injections are “a weapon being produced through defense-department machinery and deployed through, essentially, a military set of laws.”

Latypova also highlights the fact that, regarding the COVID injections, the DOD has only ordered “demonstrations” of the ability to manufacture the “prototype countermeasures.” She also notes that FOIA’d DOD contracts with the likes of Pfizer have revealed an enormous amount of redacted material, largely blacked out under redaction codes (b)(6) and (b)(4).

Link to Department of Defense Contract

“[Redaction code] (b)(6) stands for disclosure of information that would cause serious harm to relations between the United States and [a] foreign government,” Latypova says. Which means “they are telling us ‘We’re in a national security situation,’ meaning we are at war, and our relations with foreign governments can be hurt by disclosing the names of people who sign these contracts.” The (b)(4) redaction code, used to cover up technical information in the contracts, means “they’re saying disclosure of [this] information… would affect the application of advanced technology in the U.S. weapons system.”

“[T]hey are buying weapons through these contracts, with advanced technologies, and they are covering up that information under the national security agenda and under [a] militarized… healthcare system,” Latypova says. “So, this is just a confirmation for everyone [that] this is exactly what the government is doing.”

Latypova also brings up Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson’s False Claims Act complaint brought against Pfizer, which evinced the fact that “Pfizer wasn’t required to follow any pharmaceutical regulations” during the trial and production of its COVID injections. More information on Jackson’s recently dismissed case against Pfizer can be found via the post embedded immediately above.

For her part, paralegal and writer Katherine Watt outlines the broad societal challenges humanity now faces because of what she refers to as the “COVID-19 attacks” (versus the COVID-19 “pandemic”). Watt, who has done extensive, in-depth research into COVID-19-related laws and how they affect geopolitics, describes here her perspective “that the legal structure [for the ostensibly ‘legal’ crimes committed in the name of COVID] was laid for several decades before the COVID-19 attacks, which [she thinks] of as attacks of governments against their people.”

“Because that infrastructure was laid before the attacks started, in my view, national sovereignty and human, moral, and biological dignity and integrity and those kinds of things have already been destroyed,” Watt says. She adds “That’s what’s happened over the last three years.”

As for the “embedded triggers” that allowed for this systemic destruction, Watt highlights “the 2005 World Health Organization International Health Regulations and then the implementing of [corollary] nation-state laws.” Read more about the WHO’s International Health Regulations and recent key (massively authoritarian) proposed amendments immediately above.

The world’s “globalist enemies are using lies to make the war and most of those lies have a two-layer structure,” Watt says. “And the reason for the two-layer structure is to block human perception that what you’re being given or told, is a lie.”

Watt draws a parallel between these two-layered lies and the COVID-19 injections by noting that, like the “mRNA cellular poisons, which are wrapped in the lipid nanoparticle poisons for the purpose of bypassing the human body’s immune system and chemical detox system,” the “language corruption” used by the globalist enemies is wrapped in “spiritually and intellectually poisonous false statements.” She further notes these false statements come packaged in a “veneer” or “shell structure” of truth in order to confuse and deceive people.

The writer and paralegal notes that these poisonous lies have infected laws and regulations, government announcements or declarations, and financial contracts.

“[A]ll of those things are happening within this false, overarching context of the public health emergency,” Watt says. “And again, the purpose is to confuse people and to bypass the human mind’s cognitive immune system, which most people think of as your bullshit detector. If your bullshit detector has been disabled, you can’t tell you’re being lied to, and you cooperate with things you would not cooperate with otherwise.”

Watt notes these lies have “resulted in an autoimmune attack of the body politic against itself because people are now confused about… what is the self, what is the individual body, what is a legitimate government, and what is the enemy.”

A “short-hand” way of referring to this strategy, Watt adds “is the Trojan Horse model.”

“The enemy’s goal is to destroy all human life-support systems. Every kind of religious, legal, political [organization]… [every] nation-state, every kind of financial or monetary system, every kind of credible, properly ordered medical and scientific institution, and all of the informational-educational systems…” Watt says. To pull this off, a “two-part structure” is required, as the enemy “need[s] people to believe two contradictory things. And to perceive those as being compatible.”

(Immediately below is another look at “the enemy” and its plans.)

The first part of that two-part structure is the idea that “the corrupted systems we see around us, the medical systems, the legal systems, are still credible and functional… .” The second part of the structure is “they need us to perceive… that those corrupted systems are actually corrupted by anything other than them, because they want to present themselves as being the agents who can fix it.”

Watt notes that if we believe both parts of this dichotomy, “we will be cooperative and compliant with the things that they say.” She adds “[I]f we think of these structures as being corrupted, but also reformable, and as not being corrupted by the people who are actually doing it, then we will block our own self-protective instincts for [our] bodies over these injections, and also for the governments that we would otherwise be loyal to.”

On the contrary, “If you know that you’re being attacked, you will not cooperate with the person or the people who are doing that. And if you don’t know that you’re being attacked, then you won’t resist or fight back. And that’s why getting information out and having people talk about things in accurate ways is very, very important,” Watt explains. This is perhaps more difficult than it may seem, however, as “Everything they [the globalist enemies] say is either a straight lie, or a small piece of truth wrapped in a bigger lie or a small lie wrapped in a bigger truth outside of it.”

Watt offers advice for those looking to discern the truth from falsehoods:

“[M]y recommendation and hope is that people will get better at listening to speakers and reading writers, including both people who say they represent the government and also people who claim that they’re only talking on their own behalf, and see how close they get to acknowledging the truth that infiltrators are using the U.S. military and other military and government institutions around the world to sicken and kill human beings by instilling fear, by telling lies, and by injecting poisons. And the closer anybody gets to saying those things in the context of whatever else they want to say, the more truthful they’re being, and the more distance any speaker puts between him or herself and that truth, the more deceptive they’re being.”

In closing, Watt notes that those who’ve called for the FDA to withdraw the “unsafe, ineffective products from the market” are, wittingly or unwittingly, offering “a false characterization” of what’s actually happening with the COVID-19 injections.

The journalist and paralegal explains: “[T]he products are not pharmaceutical products, they’re weapons.” She adds “there… is no market for intentionally poisonous chemical and biological weapons. The FDA doesn’t function in this context as a drug regulator; they have no legal role in weapons control. And there are no consumers in this context.”

Feature image: Wyoming National Guard

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