OB-GYN Says He’s Seeing ‘Shedding,’ Menstrual Abnormalities, Miscarriages, and Birth Defects All from the COVID-19 Injections


In this interview with RAIR Foundation, OB-GYN Dr. James Thorp, who has 44 years of obstetrical experience and specializes in maternal-fetal medicine, describes the horrors related to the COVID-19 injections he’s observed in the medical literature, pharmaceutical data, and his own clinical practice.

In this interview with RAIR Foundation from April 2023, board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. James Thorp, who has 44 years of obstetrical experience and specializes in maternal-fetal medicine, describes the absolute horrors he’s observed related to the COVID-19 “vaccines” in the medical literature and pharmaceutical data, as well as his own clinical experience. Thorp, who’s been an outspoken critic of the enormously dangerous injections, highlights in this interview a wide range of problems they pose to pregnant and nursing women, including their inducing miscarriages, menstrual abnormalities, and malformations in babies that include missing eyes and skulls.

“We have evidence that of the women that have significant menstrual abnormalities that were not vaccinated, what we found… was that… the vast majority of them came in close proximity, three to five days before the onset of their severe menstrual abnormality, to somebody who was vaccinated,” Thorp says in the interview. He adds, “that tells us that there is a huge issue with shedding from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated, causing the menstrual events. So that’s extraordinarily disturbing.”

Thorp goes on to say that he can’t be certain of what’s being shed by those injected with the COVID “vaccines.” The obstetrician-gynecologist notes it could be the spike protein (encoded by the mRNA in the injections), the lipid nanoparticles, or even “exosomal pseudourdinated mRNA.” (That is, exosomes—or extracellular vesicles—containing the genetically altered mRNA from the injections.)

“There are now two publications… that document, that… this manmade, fake, pseudourdinated mRNA in the body’s own exosome, [or] lipid package, is shed intact in the breast milk,” Thorp says. He adds, “no doubt it’s absorbed by the baby’s gut and affects—and may permanently alter—the baby’s DNA. That’s extraordinarily concerning.”

Indeed, there is overwhelming evidence that the contents of the COVID-19 injections can shed via breast milk. Reports appear in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the medical literature, and even Pfizer’s own post-authorization data. The VAERS evidence is available via the post embedded immediately above. Below, in Pfizer’s post-authorization data—which only spanned the first three months of the rollout of Pfizer’s injection—the pharma giant reported 133 “breastfeeding baby cases.” (See post-authorization excerpt immediately below.)

A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Breastfeeding Medicine on September 16, 2021 also found that “Three women reported a change in color of milk (blue-green) following dose 1” and “two reported change in color of milk following dose 2.”

Thorp dissects Pfizer’s post-authorization data collected between December 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021. Although the obstetrician-gynecologist notes that Pfizer wasn’t “even supposed to be doing this on pregnant women” (that is, injecting them with the COVID injections at this early point in the rollout), the post-authorization data show “274 fetuses in 270 pregnant women that were given it…”

Link to post-authorization report

“There were 146 complications in those [cases]… 49 of those were not serious, [and] 75 of those were very serious, so that’s in essence, a 45% complication rate,” Thorp says. He adds “238 of these pregnancies were not followed up [on].”

The complications, Thorp notes, included “spontaneous abortions” and 25 miscarriages.

Thorp goes on to note that the report talks about “uterine contractions during pregnancy, premature rupture of membranes, abortion, missed abortion, fetal death, [and] other clinical events…” He adds “You have… fetal growth abnormalities and you really come down to… at the end of the day, I can only find one live baby that made it out of these 274.”

“There’s over an 80% abortion rate [in these data],” Thorp says. He adds, “they knew this data, they knew it was deadly in pregnancy, of course, if it killed 1,223 people, over 100 people a week… [so] why would you push it on the most vulnerable population in the world, which is my pregnant patients?”

Link to post-authorization report

Of the 124 “mother cases,” 75 were reported as “serious”; including 25 “spontaneous abortions” and cases of “premature rupture of membranes,” “abortion,” “abortion missed,” and “foetal death.” Five mothers also caught COVID-19 after their “vaccination.”

Regarding Thorp’s 80% figure, note that because “no outcome was provided” for 238 pregnancies, and there were 270 in total, that means only 32 pregnancies were available for follow-up. Of those 32 pregnancies, 27 were fetal deaths. Twenty-seven divided by 32 equals 84%.

Thorp also discusses a paper he, Tiffany Parotto—communication and strategy director for Millions Against Medical Mandates—et al. authored, which was published in The Gazette of Medical Sciences. In their paper, Thorp notes that “What we found was that, at the rollout of the vaccination, there was… just an unbelievable, massive number of menstrual abnormalities.”

Link to paper in The Gazette of Medical Sciences

“Parotto had kept track of these on social media… she had tens of thousands of women that had reported menstrual abnormalities and it was so concerning to her, when it started being inconvenient to the narrative of the government and Fauci and the hospitals, and the American boards of OB-GYN… they tried to whitewash it,” Thorp adds.

Thorp notes that the study also found that an “extreme form of menstrual abnormality” called a decidual cast has become a far more frequent occurrence after the rollout of the COVID-19 injections versus before.

There were “Less than 50 of those reported in the medical literature in the last 100 years,” Thorp says. He notes, in seven months of 2021, after the rollout of the vaccine, we had 294 cases reported to us by patients.”

Thorp highlights another paper he co-authored, this time one in the journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, dubbed “COVID-19 Vaccines: The Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes and Menstrual Function.” As the obstetrician-gynecologist notes, the study compares the number of VAERS reports submitted for the COVID-19 injections to the number submitted for the flu vaccine.

“So what we found… was not a two-fold increase… we had, such an egregious increase that we had to make the X-axis a log,” Thorp says. He notes, for example, “there’s almost a 1,200-fold increase in menstrual abnormalities with the COVID-19 vaccine compared to the influenza vaccine.”

Thorp adds he and his co-authors found “a 57-fold increase in miscarriage[s]… and then in fetal death, or stillbirth… a 38-fold increase…”

The experienced physician adds that 16 other “adverse events in pregnancy” all “far exceeded the danger signals for the CDC and the FDA” in the VAERS reporting system. He notes, for example, placental blood clots, placental calcification, significant abnormalities in pre-term, premature ruptured membranes, preterm labor, preterm delivery, subsequent death in premature babies all “far exceeded the danger signal threshold of the FDA and CDC.”

Furthermore, Thorp highlights hospital administration data provided by Michelle Gershman, an RN whistleblower who brought to light more evidence of a startling increase in fetal deaths since the rollout of the COVID injections. Hear a snippet of what Gershman brought to light immediately below.

As Thorp shows, Gershman’s whistleblower hospital administration data show a five-fold increase in the number of fetal deaths since the rollout of the COVID injections compared to the previous baseline.

“Gershwin was seeing only one to two stillbirths every two to three months, maybe one a month—it went up to 22 a month and that didn’t even include them all…” Thorp says. He adds “22 was the highest level that they ever achieved and they reached that level on at least two months, if not more.” Previously, Thorp says Gershman “was seeing only one to two stillbirths every two to three months.”

“If you do the calculations based on 9,000 [births in California City, CA] per year, the fetal death rate went up to 29.3 [per 1,000 births]. Now, you divide 29.3… by the baseline rate of what it should be, say, 5.8, that’s a five-fold increase.”

Thorp also highlights what he’s seen in the reproductive toxicology studies analyzing the effects of the COVID injections as especially horrific. The veteran obstetrician-gynecologist notes the following:

“I’ve been looking at reproductive toxicology studies… for 40 years. That’s the first thing I do when I see a drug that I’m not sure about, don’t have a lot of experience with… and what they found in these studies was unbelievable: [a] massive number of pregnant losses; [a] massive number of malformations, including absent brains, absent skulls, absent eyes, severe rib malformations, and the like… If I saw any of those in any reproductive toxicology study, I would never prescribe the drug. Period. No ifs, and, or buts about it.”

Thorp also reiterates what many people have come to know regarding the pharmacokinetics of the COVID injections’ lipid nanoparticles—that is, where the lipid nanoparticles travel in the body after they’ve been injected in the arm.

Link to Japanese pharma pharmacokinetics study

“We knew way back in 2012… that these lipid nanoparticles are concentrated in the ovaries, and they appear to be concentrated in the testes too,” Thorp says. He adds, “they’re extremely toxic to the sperm progenitors and the ova, the egg progenitors… [which] is why we’ve had the massive reduction in fertility.”

Thorp specifically highlights a pharmacokinetics study performed in Japan that looked at the biodistribution of the lipid nanoparticles in mice and rats, which showed they do indeed collect in the ovaries. See an excerpt from that study immediately above.

“There’s a massive increase in infertility because of this. Not just the abnormal menstrual periods, but because of the poisoning of the ova, and because of the poisoning of the sperm and then because of the adverse consequences of this [injection] in early pregnancy,” Thorp says. “There’s no doubt about it,” he adds. (Computer scientist and mathematician Igor Chudov has shown how the injection rollout has indeed been associated with a drop in birth rates across Europe.)

Thorp also looks at Pfizer’s post-authorization data more broadly and notes there were 1,223 deaths recorded by Pfizer in the first 90 days after the rollout of its COVID injections.

“This is over 100 dead people per week associated with the rollout of Pfizer’s product… 1,223 dead,” Thorp says. He adds, This is the largest, most deadly medical procedure, medical device, medical therapy, vaccine, drug, medicine, whatever you want to call it, ever rolled out in the history of medicine.”

Link to post-authorization repor

In regard to whether or not the 1,223 deaths were undoubtedly caused by the COVID injections, Thorp says “we’ve never had to show causation” with new drugs/vaccines, and highlights the fact that the Swine Flu vaccine was pulled from the market after it was linked to just 26 deaths. Thorp also notes Pfizer redacted the denominator, and that “the vast majority of those people died—over 80%—within two weeks of vaccine. And a huge number within two days of the vaccine.”

Adding on to the evidence showing the COVID injections are enormously dangerous, Thorp also says he “documented every single publication that documented a known death or injury, be it a case report, or a case series of injuries from the vaccine” and found that “there were 1,366 peer-reviewed publications in the world literature documenting injury and death that the authors thought were caused by the vaccine and they published it.”

“The most common vaccine injury, no surprise to Dr. Peter McCullough, is cardiac disease, myocarditis and death… 336 of those publications involved carditis, myocarditis,” Thorp adds. “The second most common cause was vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia [with] 209 case reports.”

The OB-GYN goes on to say: “This is unbelievable. The fact of the matter is… you add up all the vaccines that have been used over the last century, and you look at all the published complications in the medical literature, for a century, pale in comparison to that of the COVID-19 vaccines for just 15 friggin’ months.”

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