A List of Videos From Reiner Fuellmich’s COVID-19 ‘Grand Jury’ Exercise

Here is a list of videos from Reiner Fuellmich et al.’s COVID-19 “Grand Jury” exercise that took place in February of 2022. With the Grand Jury Fuellmich—a German attorney focusing on consumer protection cases—aimed to proceed through a model proceeding of the first phase of a potential “Nuremberg 2.0 by “indicting” those responsible for the COVID-19 crisis and response—the so-called “Davos Clique.”

Other interviews Fuellmich has done with the likes of Dr. Simone Gold, Luc Montagnier, Dr. Robert Malone, Sue Frost, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Catherine Austin Fitts, et al. can be found here.

DAY 1 / Posted February 20, 2022

DAY 2 / Posted February 20, 2022

DAY 3 / Posted February 20, 2022

DAY 4 / Posted February 2020, 2022

DAY 5 / Posted February 21, 2022

DAY 6 / Posted to BitChute on February 26, 2022

Feature image: Reiner Fuellmich via Truth Haven

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