REMINDER: Sanjay Gupta Needs to Be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity

Here is a reminder that CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta must be tried for crimes against humanity due to his coercing children to accept the experimental COVID-19 injections.

Although it’s hard to remember all of the horrific things supposed medical and public health experts have done since the beginning of the international COVID-19 response, some actions by authorities are worth revisiting. And, indeed, keeping at the forefront of our collective consciousness.

Chief amongst these instances of ineptitude and malfeasance occurred on November 8, 2021, when CNN paired up with the iconic kids program Sesame Street to deliver an “ABCs of COVID Vaccines” segment for children. The segment (above), is about 27 minutes long and features CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, among others, encouraging—and blatantly coercing—children five and older to accept one of the experimental COVID-19 injections.

At the beginning of the video we’re introduced to “Rosita,” a young child-age puppet character who says she has been “staying healthy” by getting a COVID-19 “vaccine.” Rosita says that “my mami and my papi took me to get it this morning.”

At one point Rosita says “my mami and my papi say [the COVID-19 injection] will help keep me, my, friends, my neighbors, my abuela, all healthy.” To which Gupta responds: “Your parents are absolutely right. COVID vaccines are now available for children five years and older. And the more people who get them, the better we’re going to be able to help stop the spread of COVID. And keep everyone healthy.”

Later on in the interview Gupta also highlights (what he says) is the fact that “kids can also play a role in passing the virus on to others, like siblings, and parents, and grandparents as well, so…getting kids vaccinated…is really crucial to protect them as well as the other people in their lives.”

Clearly—unequivocally—Gupta has violated the Nuremberg Code with these statements. Even as of this writing all of the available vaccines in the U.S. are emergency use authorization only. (Those authorized for use are not the ones that have been approved by the FDA.) This, therefore, means that the COVID-19 injections are still experimental.

From the first of ten points from the Nuremberg Code:

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment. The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

Note Gupta unequivocally applied ALL of the following elements to children watching the program: “fraud, deceit, duress, and overreaching.” By telling children that “the more people who get [the COVID-19 injections], the better we’re going to be able to help stop the spread of COVID. And keep everyone healthy,” Gupta is placing children in a state of duress: if getting the COVID-19 injections stops the spread of the disease, conversely, not getting the injection allows it to spread. Gupta is telling children they need to get the injections or face being vectors.

Likewise, when Gupta says that “kids can also play a role in passing the virus on to others, like siblings, and parents, and grandparents as well, so…getting kids vaccinated…is really crucial to protect them as well as the other people in their lives,” he is obviously making children feel like they’re responsible for what the SARS-CoV-2 virus happens to do to their families; and that—only by getting one of the injections—can they help to stop the virus. This is blatantly placing children under duress, and overreaching on the part of Gupta.

Gupta is also clearly fraudulent and deceitful in this exchange. The segment was aired on November 8, 2021, and we know that by July 27, 2021, Fauci was certain that “[V]accinated people who get breakthrough infections can actually transmit their virus to others.” Fauci also said in an interview on August 8, 2021 with Meet The Press that “There’s no doubt that over time, you’re going to have an attenuation of protection.“ He even added that “sooner or later you’re going to see an attenuation to the point where we’re going to have to give an additional boost to people.” This means that it was common knowledge by the time of the CNN/Sesame Street town hall, and that Gupta was NOT PROVIDING A FULL AND CLEAR PICTURE of the “vaccines'” efficacy. For informed consent, Gupta would’ve had to have told the children about attenuation of protection and “breakthrough” infections.

Even the ever-docile and forgiving Dr. Robert Malone called out Gupta on Twitter, saying that “Sanjay Gupta and CNN may have thought they were being cute, but marketing an unlicensed vaccine directly to children crosses multiple major ethical lines. They deserve to be sued, boycotted, and Gupta should lose his license to practice medicine for this. Quite serious, not OK!”

Malone’s Twitter account has since been permanently suspended by the social media company, but a screenshot of his tweet is immediately below. (Malone himself can also still be found on Substack.)

Along with Gupta the other authority figures in this video must also be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity. The authority figures in the video include: Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General; Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett; Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez; Sesame Street Workshop Content Director Rosemarie Truglio; and CNN journalist Erica Hill.

It is now February 28, 2022 and it’s high time to arrest Gupta, and these other malfeasant actors, for crimes against humanity. The first step is to remember the crimes they’ve committed against children. The next will be ginning up support for (TBA) petition to have Gupta’s medical license removed.

Feature image: Sesame Street

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