A List of Zelenskyy’s Available Comedy Videos

Here is a handful of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s comedy sketches available online. Zelenskyy, a fan of the World Economic Forum’s “New Normal,” was a comedy actor prior to becoming president.

1. Zelenskyy on Ukraine’s version of Dancing with the Stars

2. Zelenskyy in a black-and-white spoof dance music video. Newsweek speculates the three other actors in the video are Yevgeniy Koshevoy, Stepan Kazanin, and Alexander Pikalov. The news outlet also reports that the video is likely from 2014, and has a title (on YouTube) that translates to: “Cossacks Made in Ukraine, a parody of 2014.”

3. Zelenskyy plays the piano with his penis in a 2016 comedy sketch

4. Scenes from Zelenskyy’s Ukrainian television show, in which he goes from being a teacher, to being the President of Ukraine. In the show, the teacher becomes the President after a video him of him calling out the government for being corrupt goes viral.

5. A scene featuring one of Zelenskyy’s characters gunning down Ukrainian parliament

Feature image: Miguel Ramos

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