Ivermectin Study from Brazil Shows 68% Reduction in Mortality in COVID-19

In a new video retired nurse Dr. John Campbell takes a look at a study in the peer-reviewed journal Cureus, which shows prophylactic ivermectin use reduces mortality for those with COVID-19 by 68%, as well as hospitalizations by 56%.

Retired nurse and YouTuber Dr. John Campbell has put out a new video on his eponymous YouTube channel covering an ivermectin study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cureus. The study, which involved a total of 159,561 participants—the entire city of Itajaí in Brazil—found that prophylactic use of minimal amounts of ivermectin led to a 68% decrease in mortality from COVID-19. The study also showed a 56% reduction in hospitalization rate, and even a 44% reduction in COVID-19 infection.

This “very readable” study shows a “huge” reduction with only a “tiny amount of ivermectin every fortnight” Campbell says in his analysis of the paper (in the video above). Campbell—who’s previously given insight into Pfizer’s March 2022 document dump, along with other interesting topics related to COVID-19—goes on to note, with incredulity, that this information hasn’t been disseminated to the public.

“Why isn’t this in the newspapers?” Campbell asks rhetorically in the video. “Why are people not talking about this? This is why I think ivermectin is going to be one of the huge scandals of this [the pandemic]. It’s almost as if information has been deliberately suppressed throughout the pandemic to be quite honest.” He adds that “the evidence just seems so powerful, present, and overwhelming. I mean, 70%, how do you argue with that number? That is a very high number.”

As Campbell says, the study, led by Kerr L., Cadegiani F. A., Baldi F., et al., included 113,845 regular ivermectin users (or 71.3% of total participants) and 45,716 non-users (23.3%). Those in the ivermectin group took .2 milligrams of ivermectin—an anti-parasitic drug approved in humans for treatment of certain tropical diseases—per day for two consecutive days every 15 days.

A visual summary of the findings. Image: Cureus / Kerr L., Cadegiani F. A., Baldi F., et al.

As for the results, the researchers—clinicians themselves, as opposed to researchers working on big pharma’s behalf—conclude that “in [their] citywide ivermectin program with prophylactic, optional use for COVID-19 ivermectin was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death rates from COVID-19.” The authors even say “When compared to all other major cities in the state of Santa Catarina, [regarding] differences in COVID-19 mortality rate before July 7, 2020, and between July 7, 2020, and December 21, 2020, Itajaí was ranked number one.”

Feature image: John Campbell

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