This Video Shows How ‘Putin’s Invasion’ of Ukraine Is Changing Our World Forever

This in-depth explainer video from YouTuber RealLifeLore shows how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the geopolitical landscape in Europe and Asia.

In March of this year YouTuber RealLifeLore put together a superb overview of what’s happening with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—the video was extensive, covering everything from what happened in Crimea to the oil-dependency Germany has on its increasingly adversarial supplier. Now, in a follow-up video, RealLifeLore gives us his take on how “Putin’s invasion” has changed the world forever.

“It truly appears that a new Iron Curtain is descending across the European continent. This time shifted over slightly to the East from where it was before” RealLifeLore says in his video above. He adds that “thousands of volunteers have been pouring in from dozens of countries across the world in order to help Ukraine’s fight for survival.” (Although it should be noted that a mercenary who was part of the Georgia National Legion of the 102nd Ukrainian Territorial Defense has—surreptitiously—reported that “people need to stop coming here. It’s a trap. And they’re not letting you fucking leave.)

RealLifeLore notes that “the extent of the damage [from the invasion so far] is unclear,” although the YouTuber notes that more than 2.5 million Ukrainians—mostly women and children—have been forced to flee the country. (Again, it should be noted that Gonzalo Lira, an American living in Kharkov, has said that the Zelenskyy regime is forcibly conscripting young men; in turn compelling them to flee along with the women and children through the humanitarian corridors left open by Russia.)

Image: RealLifeLore

Along with the new—physically absent yet still “real”—Iron Curtain that now delineates Belarus, Ukraine, and everything East of the two countries on one side, and Western Europe on the other (above), RealLifeLore also points out the fact that there is, in effect, an Iron Curtain in the airspace between Russia and its allies and NATO.

“As the largest country in the world, Russia’s geographic position on the map now represents a colossal barrier to the free flow of Western airlines around the world,” RealLifeLore says. “And especially represents a huge geographic challenge to fly around for Western flights between Western Europe and East Asia.” As a result, the YouTuber notes that hours have been tacked on to flights that would otherwise have flown over Russia. In effect, this aerial Iron Curtain means there are now Russian flight corridors and completely separate European flight corridors.

Image: RealLifeLore

As in his first video, RealLifeLore also discusses Russia’s extraordinary oil production and exportation, noting that even if the country loses its business with NATO nations, China may enter into an agreement with it to develop a pipeline.

“Under an agreement that is closer than ever now to fruition, a second pipeline [into China], called Power of Siberia 2, may be finally constructed… directly to China’s hungry industrial core around Beijing, RealLifeLore says. “That’ll double Russia’s gas exports to China,” he notes.

The YouTuber covers numerous other topics in the video, which is an incredible 36 minutes long. (Exceptionally long for a YouTube video.) The topics include things like Ukraine and Russia’s critical wheat exports, American corporations pulling out of Russia en masse, and other issues that will likely threaten much more turmoil and starvation in the world.

Feature image: RealLifeLore

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