New Jack Maxey Interview Reveals Insights into Incriminating Texts About ‘The Big Guy’

In a new Newsmax interview former Navy officer and journalist Jack Maxey further discusses the contents of Hunter Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop; noting specifically this time that Hunter said at one point in a text message that he’s been giving “50% of [his] take to Pops.”

Writer’s note: The actual interview with Maxey in the video begins at the 1:55 mark.

In a new interview with Newsmax—”America’s fastest-growing cable news channel”—former Navy officer and journalist Jack Maxey once again discusses the contents of Hunter Biden’s now-infamous abandoned laptop. Adding to revelations in previous, recent interviews, Maxey now says there are texts messages evincing President Biden benefitted from his son’s investment business, as well as “pictures of young girls, clothed but behaving in ways that their parents would have not have appreciated.

“Think of how horrifying the original laptop was, and we all had the 28,000 images when we first took a look… .” Maxey tells The Balance show host, Eric Bolling. Maxey, who is currently in Switzerland as he fears retribution from U.S. intelligence agencies, adds: “When we first took a look at the 4,000 we downloaded, it started out as thumbnails we enhanced. I was very uncomfortable looking past, say, the first 10 because these were pictures of young girls, clothed but behaving in ways that their parents would have not have appreciated,” Maxey adds.

Maxey, who received the contents Hunter’s abandoned laptop (on a hard drive) from former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, is referring to what he says is deleted content that he and his colleagues have been able to recover. “[W]e have to remember that he didn’t erase some horrifying stuff,” Maxey says. “So if you went through the effort to erase 80,000 images and videos, there’s gotta be some bad things on there.”

Maxey goes on to say that:

“I showed some of this to a dear friend—sharp tip of the spear—a fellow who also later had a very distinguished career in cybersecurity and he looked at it and he said ‘wow, I should’ve never looked at that, Maxey. If you don’t release enough of this to make them know that you could release the whole thing’—which I have at my ability to the present day and have not done—he said ‘They’re going to get you. They’ll kill you.'”


When Bolling asks Maxey about “The Big Guy,”a reference to a “renumeration email” from Hunter’s colleague James Gilliar, which outlined how the equity in a holding company, Hudson West, would be divided amongst themselves and several others, including 10% for “The Big Guy”—Maxey replies:

“We typed in ‘Big Guy’ on our new search program two nights ago and found about 100 references to ‘The Big Guy. And when it comes to the harm to children there are multiple conversations inside—text communications between President Biden and his son in which they discuss the allegations that Hunter was abusing a family member; they don’t seem to be interested in protecting this little girl, they seem to be interested in protecting Hunter. In fact, at one point Hunter says ‘Dad, you only care about seeing grandchildren and their mom, and he says ‘No, Hunter, I only care about you and mommy agrees with me we don’t care about the grandchildren or their mother.”

Maxey also discusses one particular text between Hunter and his daughter, which Giuliani has previously referred to as the “core” of a racketeering case against Joe Biden: “[In Hunter’s] text message with his daughter on the 25th of December, 2018, he says to her, clearly: ‘You’d be lucky because I’ve had to pay all the bills for this family for 30 years,” Maxey says. He then paraphrases the rest of the message, claiming that Hunter wrote: “And I still have to give 50% of my take to Pops.”

Maxey also touches on Metabiota—a company founded in San Francisco in 2008 that provides “risk analytics” for disease outbreaks, and has financial ties to the DoD, HHS, the CDC, USAID, Amazon’s AWS, and In-Q-Tel, the “venture capitalist” arm of the CIA—as Hunter’s laptop’s contents not only showed Hunter’s own investment firm, Rosemont Seneca had a $500,000 investment in the company, but that he was also actively trying to get Metabiota to team up with Ukrainian energy company Burisma for a “Science Project”:

“It’s very clear [Metabiota] was funded by the Department of Defense in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture—the World Health Organization even questioned why they hadn’t destroyed these biological agents from the Soviet Union when they got them.” Maxey tells Bolling. “Metabiota is also inside the Wuhan lab.”

Indeed, this extensive deep-dive into Metabiota shows how the company has already received approximately $25 million in funding from the DoD. There are also, unequivocally, scientific papers authored by researchers at both Metabiota and the lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In the video immediately below the owner of the computer repair shop at which Hunter dropped off his infamous laptop, John Paul Mac Isaac, gives a brief rundown of his thoughts on this political saga. Isaac, who has now closed his computer repair shop due to frequent harassment, tells Bolling that he “can only speak to the facts.” And the facts are, according to Isaac, that he took the contents of Hunter’s laptop, put it on a 500 gigabyte hard drive, and sent it to Rudy Giuliani, who was, at the time, President Trump’s lawyer.

There is contention, however, as it appears Maxey claims he has access to “deleted” content that Isaac says could not possibly be there. According to Isaac, he sent a 500 gigabyte hard drive to Giuliani, yet Maxey says he now has access to 750 gigabytes in total.

“[T]here are 250 [extra] gigs that are coming from somewhere,” Isaac says. “And that concerns me.”

Feature image: Newsmax

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