Is COVID-19 Actually Caused by Snake Venom? Top 7 Takeaways from WATCH THE WATER

Here are the top 7 takeaways from Dr. Bryan Ardis’ documentary interview, Watch the Water, which features the former chiropractor laying out his argument for why COVID-19 is actually caused by a snake venom being spread via the water supply.

Bryan Ardis, a former chiropractor and founder of the Ardis Healing Center in Texas—who says he’s “passionate about exposing corruption of the medical system and the powers that be in this country”—has sat down with Stew Peters for a new interview dubbed Watch the Water. In the interview—a one-on-one conversation between Ardis and the news show host—the outspoken critic of Remdesivir tells Peters he believes COVID-19 is not a respiratory disease, but rather a venom that can spread via the water supply. An absurd hypothesis on its face, but one that has a shocking amount of supporting evidence.

In the interview (in the video immediately below) Ardis explains how he went on a journey of enlightenment to arrive at his unique understanding of the widespread disease; citing numerous studies that indeed show an overlap between the effects of snake venom and COVID-19; and, more importantly, how the enzyme most responsible for the ravages that COVID-19, and Remdesivir, impose on the body is key to snake venom as well.

Beneath the video are the top seven key takeaways from Ardis’ argument. Note that, despite a plethora of supporting evidence, there are serious issues with Ardis’ hypothesis. It’s also unclear what he’s actually able to predict based on what he believes to be true.

1. Ardis Recaps His Criticisms of Remdesivir, Which He Says Is Deadly

After Peters’ introduction—as well as a quick word from the chiropractor-entrepreneur about why he brought this information to the news host—Ardis dives into how his worries over Remdesivir began in May of 2020; when Tony Fauci published a memo in favor of Remdesivir citing untruthful claims from multiple clinical studies.

“Remdesivir is a very toxic and deadly” drug, Ardis says. “It targets specific organs.” He tells Peters that once he realized Fauci et al. were going to push for its use “to mass murder people in America [who] did not need to die,” he made it his life’s mission to “voice to the world a warning to try and protect as many innocent lives as possible from being killed.”

Indeed, while it’s not possible to verify all of Ardis’ Remdesivir claims for this post, there is ample evidence that the Gilead antiviral drug is enormously dangerous. Not only is there a mountain of scientific studies supporting this claim, but the World Health Organization (WHO) itself “recommends against” the use of Remdesivir in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

2. Ardis Speculates COVID-19 Is Not a Virus, but, Rather, a Kind of Snake Venom. Likewise, he speculates Remdesivir works as a Kind of Snake Venom as well.

In the interview Ardis says he initially began to grasp at the idea COVID-19 could be a disease caused by a snake venom after receiving a mysterious text from a doctor with whom Ardis was friends. In the text the doctor, who goes unnamed in the interview, asked Ardis: “Hey Dr. Ardis…If you got bit by a rattlesnake, would you go to a hospital and get antivenom?”

Ardis was unclear why he’d received the unprompted, contextless message, but soon realized “Doctor X” (Sense Receptor’s term) had seen an interview he’d done on InfoWars; one in which he discussed his skepticism of monoclonal antibodies. After linking the text to monoclonal antibodies—antibodies that are highly specific against a particular antigen—Ardis began researching what monoclonal antibodies are exactly. He soon found they—as well as polyclonal antibodies—are also effective as antivenom.


Considering that link, as well as the fact our federal health agencies have serially “bad mouthed” monoclonal antibodies (above are restrictions on the treatment from the FDA) Ardis “realized all of the sudden that monoclonal antibodies are antivenom.” He goes on to ask rhetorically: “The federal government doesn’t want us using antivenom. Why are they bashing antivenom? And why are we finding antivenom works against COVID?”

“Is it not a virus? Is it venom?” Ardis asks rhetorically again, eventually concluding, in his estimation, COVID-19 is indeed a venom.

To buttress the hypothesis, Ardis offers up these 10 supporting pieces of evidence:

a. Genetic sequences from origin-case antibodies match those of venom proteins from two snakes

When researchers genetically sequenced the antibodies from the people originally sick with COVID-19 in Wuhan, “they found their genetic sequence was not most like bats, they were most like two snakes: proteins from the Chinese krait (snake) and the King cobra.” Indeed, in a study published in F1000 Research, Carlo Brogna et al. found that “The types of toxic-like peptides found resemble known conotoxins, phospholipases A2, metalloproteinases, prothrombin activators, coagulation factors, usually present in animal venoms, which are known to have high specificity and affinity towards human ion channels, receptors, and transporters of the nervous system, like the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.”

The authors also noted “We observed the existence of amino acid variations which makes this motif even more similar to the neurotoxin motifs of animal venom proteins… .”

Indeed, a study in The Journal of Medical Virology published on January 22, 2020 by Wei Ji et al. found that “2019-nCoV has most similar genetic information with bat coronovirus [sic] and most similar codon usage bias with snake [sic].”

b. Spike protein uses same brain binding receptors as krait and cobra venom proteins

Published studies show particular receptors in the brain—called Nicotinic Acetylcholine receptors—bind most tightly with snake venom of krait and cobra venom. The spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 binds with the same receptors in the brain.

Ardis also says it’s been known since 2005 that hydroxychloroquine blocks these receptors from binding with venom proteins.

Along with that coincidence, Ardis notes smokers, incredibly, were reportedly doing better than most with COVID-19 at the beginning of the “pandemic.” WebMD noted on April 30, 2020, for example, that “Few of those hospitalized with the coronavirus are smokers, and researchers are trying to understand why… .” The outlet went on to note that “One hypothesis is that nicotine, which has anti-inflammatory properties, may interfere with the way that COVID-19 causes an overreaction of the immune system.”

c. Remdesivir consists of lyophilized proteins of King cobra venom, and both Remdesivir and King cobra venom increase prothrombin time

Ardis also notes that he believes Remdesivir consists of lyophilized proteins of King cobra venom. The former chiropractor says when researchers at the University of Arizona evaluated the blood samples and tissues of hundreds of people who died of COVID-19 at two different hospitals in New York—after receiving Remdesivir due to treatment protocols (at least according to Ardis)—they found that “Researchers have identified what may be the key molecular mechanism responsible for COVID-19 mortality – an enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom” (the University post’s author’s words). Indeed, the title of the article describing the research at the time was “Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Researchers Identify Mechanism Driving COVID-19 Mortality.”

“These patterns, number one, told us that the vital organs were in trouble, [but they also] looked like they were being attacked by some enzyme…” Floyd H. Chilton said in an interview (spliced into Watch the Water). Chilton, the lead author of the study outlining the findings from the COVID-19 deceased, added that “this enzyme is a humanized version—part of the same family—as the active ingredient in snake venom.”

d. Bing Liu killed right before revealing “significant findings” regarding COVID-19’s origins

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, led by Bing Liu, worked on unraveling the origins of SARS-CoV-2 for more than six months, but had to shut down their work when Liu was killed. According to BBC News, “Liu, a 37-year-old assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was found dead in his house” just as he was on the verge of making “significant findings” regarding his COVID-19 research. BBC News reported the police investigation ultimately “determined it was a murder-suicide resulting from ‘a lengthy dispute regarding an intimate partner.'”

Ardis argues that Liu was on the verge of discovering COVID-19’s link to snake venom, and was consequently assassinated. Ardis notes Liu’s work, a year-and-a-half on, has not been published.

e. Genentech spent a decade developing a ‘comprehensive catalog of venom-gland-specific genes’

A study published in Nature Genetics on January 6, 2020 by the biotech company, Genentech, describes “a comprehensive catalog of venom-gland-specific toxin genes that can be used for the development of synthetic antivenom of defined composition using recombinant technologies.” (Incidentally, Ardis says the researchers found “19 toxic venom proteins.”)

Kushal Suryamohan, et al. / Nature Genetics

f. Gilead, the producer of Remdesivir, absorbed staff and facilities from Genentech

Ardis notes Gileadthe pharmaceutical company responsible for producing Remdesivir—bought manufacturing facilities—and retained employees—from Genentech in August of 2011. In a press release Fierce Pharma wrote:

“[Gilead] has signed a definitive agreement under which [the pharma company] will purchase a clinical biologics manufacturing facility and certain process development assets located in Oceanside, California from Genentech, a member of the Roche Group (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY). The agreement covers Genentech’s Oceanside Clinical Plant (OCP), a 70,000 square-foot facility at 4049 Avenida de la Plata, as well as certain other process development assets. Gilead will hire certain of Genentech’s biologics manufacturing specialists and process development scientists familiar with the facilities to assist with Gilead’s operations. Genentech will continue to operate and maintain ownership of the Oceanside Commercial Manufacturing (OCN) facilities at One Antibody Way and other adjacent land.”

Ardis notes this acquisition occurred just as Genentech was beginning its research on snake venom.

g. A Moderna co-founder is using mRNA technology to treat venomous snakebites

Another point Ardis claims in favor of his venom hypothesis is the fact that a co-founder of Moderna—the company responsible for bringing one of the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” to market and literally nothing else ever—is using mRNA technology to treat venomous snakebites.

Indeed, on July 6, 2021 Global News reported that Derek Rossi, a co-founder of Moderna, had become an adviser to a company named Ophirex, which is working on a pill that may be able to help save people’s lives immediately after a snakebite.

In the article Rossi explains how he believes mRNA technology can help to produce this medicine. He claims the tech could be used to manufacture antivenom in a cheaper, better way than the pill allows for.

Rossi notes in the article the traditional antivenom production process involves collecting venom from a snake, injecting it into a horse (since horses don’t die from most snake venoms), extracting the horse’s blood, and using the antibodies that the horse creates.

With the mRNA tech, Global News reported Rossi thinks he can “take the horse out of the equation.” Although it’s unclear what method he’d use to create antibodies if the mRNA tech can only mimic, in this case, the venomous proteins themselves.

(Ardis also notes the Department of Defense, the Wellcome Trust—an organization similar to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with an investment portfolio of $50 billion—and the United Nations fund Ophirex.)

h. “Fact checkers” say COVID-19’s source couldn’t have been a snake

“Fact checkers” said at the beginning of the “pandemic” that the source of COVID-19 couldn’t have been a snake. Ardis says this helps support his hypothesis because “fact checkers” are the antithesis of fact checking.

Indeed, there were numerous articles “debunking” the idea COVID-19 originated with a snake. Including one in Nature dubbed: “Why snakes probably aren’t spreading the new China virus.” The article, which is actually a response to a “controversial” study from a team of researchers in China who found snakes were the most likely culprit as the origin of SARS-CoV-2, claims that “scientists say there is no proof that viruses such as those behind the outbreak can infect species other than mammals and birds.”

(Somewhat incidentally, there were also numerous articles from the likes of Scientific American, Healthline, Live Science, et al. saying that snakes could’ve indeed been COVID-19’s reservoir.)

i. Both COVID-19 and cobra venom result in a long-term loss of taste and smell

When somebody—such as a “healer”—sucks snake venom from a wound into one’s mouth, there is a loss of taste and smell that can last up to a year-and-a-half. This mimics a common symptom of COVID-19: a loss of taste and smell.

j. Snake venom poisoning, as well as COVID-19 and the “vaccines,” can cause elevated D-dimer levels

Toward the end of the interview Ardis notes both the COVID-19 “vaccines” and the disease itself, as well as snake venom, cause elevated D-dimer levels. (Elevated D-dimer levels indicate the presence of micro-clots in the blood.)

3. Ardis Speculates COVID-19 Is Not an Airborne Respiratory Pathogen, but Rather Passed Around via Drinking Water

Ardis notes it’s odd that if you go on the CDC website, there is a wastewater surveillance page that the agency says “can provide an early warning of COVID-19’s spread in communities.”

According to Ardis, the CDC only began to let the public know it was doing this in September of 2020. The agency tests the water with PCR tests, and then is able to say in advance—by four or five days—if a particular community is going to be hit with COVID-19. This, Ardis says, is “completely backwards.”

“If a community has had SARS-COV-2 go through their body, they already had their symptoms. When they eliminated the virus—supposedly the virus—out of their body and it ends up in [their] wastewater, you no longer have symptoms,” Ardis says. “How could you know and then be able to confirm, four to five days from now when we find it in your wastewater supply from your city [that you’ll be hit with COVID-19]… that’s not because there’s an outbreak in that city. Just like in Blacklist.”

Ardis adds that “they are using the water systems because they can target specific demographics.” He also says “they are absolutely confident that the peptides they have chosen for COVID circulated throughout the Earth and throughout the populace, specifically targets—and the vaccines and the mRNA in the vaccines—specifically target organs like your spleen, your pancreas…brain tissue, liver tissue, lung tissue, and heart tissue. So if you already have a disease process of inflammation of any of those organs, you are the ones they’re targeting.”

4. Ardis Claims Somebody Released the Venom Purposefully and that the Snake Venom and the Serpent Itself Are Symbolic of Evil

Ardis says the synthesized toxins are “specifically sequenced to target speicific organs; like the pancreas in a diabetic; like the heart in a heart disease patient; like the liver in a hepatitis patient.” He adds that snake venom is “the most obvious bioweapon ever,” as everybody knows “how poisonous snakes are.” Ardis goes on to say that:

“When I say this is the most evil thing I’ve ever encountered in my entire life—could you ever have imagined that the one greatest symbol of evil in all of Christendom—what is the symbol of evil in Christianity? The serpent—can you think of anything more evil than envenomating the entire world with snake venom. And then injecting snake venom into your veins. And then using mRNA technology that they’ve been isolating from snake venom for years—that they know [is] unusually stable, more stable than any other mRNA they’ve isolated from other natural organisms for decades” to inject into people with the “vaccines”

Ardis then gets more specific, saying if somebody wanted to do something evil, they would use the one symbol of an animal that represents evil in all religion.

“If I was going to do something incredibly evil,” Ardis says, “how ironic would it be that the Catholic Church—or whoever—would use the one symbol of an animal that represents evil in all religion; which is either the snake or the dragon, which is actually just a snake with legs. You take that snake or that serpent, and you figure out how to isolate genes from that serpent and get those genes of that serpent to insert itself into your G-d-given… DNA; I think this was the plan all along—to get the serpent’s, the evil one’s DNA, into your G-d-created DNA. And they figured out how to do it with this mRNA technology. They’re using mRNA, which is mRNA, I believe, extracted from King cobra venom… and I think they want to get that venom inside of you and make you a hybrid of Satan—no longer belonging to G-d or a creation of G-d’s.”

Ardis adds that “faith precedes all miracles, not vaccines,” invoking the idea of Jesus.

5. The CDC Is “In on It” Along with “Contracting Companies”

The CDC is responsible for spreading this manipulated venom in the water according to Ardis. He claims the agency is “working with contracting companies to make sure they do it.” He also references the Catholic Church as a perpetrator as well, however.

He provides no evidence in the interview for either claim.

6. Ardis Was Partially Convinced of his Hypothesis’ Validity Thanks to an episode of The Blacklist

Ardis says he was partially convinced of the validity of his hypothesis thanks to episode 15 from the fourth season of the American thriller series on NBC, The Blacklist. In the episode, the lead character of the show, Reddington, a former world-class criminal, awakens in a hospital bed and discovers that he has been poisoned and may only have hours to live. 

In the episode, it ultimately turns out that Reddington was poisoned with peptides unique to the venom of the Red-Headed krait snake. Peptides that left no trace of their effect because they targeted specific organs, but only worsened physiological damage that was already present.

The plot, Ardis tells Peters, confirmed that he “knew [he] was right” and that “other people knew this was planned all along.”

7. Ardis’ claims are too far out for anything mainstream to touch

While Ardis outlines a compelling argument for his hypothesis, it’s difficult to imagine it swaying many people. The idea of COVID-19 as being an illness with a bat as its animal reservoir has been so pounded into people’s brains at this point, even if you’re “crazy” enough to believe the lab leak theory, you still think SARS-CoV-2 ultimately came from a bat.

The invocation of religion, religious symbols, and references to G-d will, likewise, likely hinder people’s ability to consider Ardis’ claims with a clear head. The mixing of religion with science, while fine for some, is a major roadblock for others. Understandably so. (It doesn’t help that Ardis isn’t an MD either.)

There are also some very significant issues with Ardis’ model. Symptomatic transmission of COVID-19 is one of the most glaring. If the disease isn’t caused by a virus, but rather a venom being spread via the water, why do symptomatic people transmit the illness? Does this happen with snake venom infections? (It’s doubtful.)

A manipulated snake venom in the water doesn’t seem to mesh with the seasonality aspect of COVID-19 either. Everywhere in the world COVID-19 shows a characteristic seasonality. Is Ardis saying that “somebody” is pouring this venom in the water systems in cities across the world in accordance with the seasons?

Speaking of which, Ardis says the CDC, “working with contracting companies,” is responsible for the envenomization of the water, but provides no evidence linking the two. Nor does he provide any information about these “contracting companies.” Or even how he found out about the contracting companies.

Ardis’ reference to the Catholic Church is also downright bizarre, especially as he explicitly names the CDC as the culprit behind the supposed poisoning. Are we to believe the Catholic Church is in charge of the CDC?

If Ardis wants people to take this claim seriously, he’s going to have to start making predictions that bear fruit. We’re not in the Garden of Eden anymore, and eating from the tree of knowledge is all we have now.

Feature image: Stew Peters Network

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