ED DOWD Says ‘I Don’t Think They Knew It Would Kill This Many This Quickly’ In New Interview

In a new interview with InfoWars, former BlackRock fund manager and billionaire Edward Dowd says that he doesn’t think those in charge of the “vaccine” rollout “knew [the injections] would kill this many this quickly.” Dowd, who has been an outspoken critic of the injections for some time, adds that “there’s asymmetrical risk going on in the insurance industry. They don’t know why—right now—why [the younger] people are dying; they just know they have a problem.”

In a new video with Ali Alexander of InfoWars, former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd discusses his “investment thesis” regarding the fraudulent coverup of mass numbers of deaths due to the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Dowd, who’s been trying to draw attention to the matter for some time, says “in the second year of a pandemic, with ‘miracle vaccines,’ Millennials experienced an 84% increase [in deaths] from baseline into a new high in the Fall of 2021.” This increase, he says, was due to the injections.

Toward the beginning of the interview Dowd talks about some of the key financial problems the federal government and large institutions were trying to solve—or, more accurately, cover up—in the run-up to COVID-19. Dowd says in the interview that:

“The word on the street is [the Federal Reserve was] propping up credit hedge funds through the back door by loaning money to the prime brokers who then loaned [to] the investment banks who then lent the money out to the credit hedge funds… That long-term was untenable; so there was likely going to be a crash regardless of COVID or not. COVID comes along, the market crashes because of the lockdowns. And then, conveniently, the Fed was able to use that as an excuse to print 65% more money; the largest money supply year-over-year increase in the history of the Fed.”

“Mysteriously, all the stocks that benefitted from the lockdowns, like Facebook and Amazon and Google and all sorts of large-box retailers all took off while mid-cap companies had difficulty and small businesses dried and disappeared due to lockdowns [and] not being essential,” Dowd adds.

After discussing Elon Musk’s potential purchase of Twitter—more on that at bottom—as well as the suppression of early treatment during the pandemic, Dowd focuses in on the excess all-cause mortality issue amongst Millennials, and younger folks in general.

Dowd says on the matter, in part:

“in the second year of a pandemic, with ‘miracle vaccines,’ Millennials experienced an 84% increase from baseline into a new high in the Fall of 2021. And you can see… is that spike up into the Fall; August, September, October. What does that represent? That’s called a rate of change. So the argument against it being the vax is ‘oh, we have more people dying from suicides and deaths of despair and drug overdose and people missing their cancer treatments.’ Well, because of the temporal rate of change into that event known as the mandates—that three-month window—I would argue [with anyone] to suggest that everyone decided to commit suicide in that same three-month period, everyone decided to drug overdose in the same three months, and everyone decided to miss their cancer treatment screenings suddenly died. It makes no sense. The only thing that logically makes any sense, to me, as an analyst, is it’s the vaccine.”

Edward Dowd via InfoWars

Dowd goes on to highlight how the data coming out of Canada (demonstrated in the chart immediately above), parallels the data being recorded in the U.S. Although he does note that America’s neighbor to the north has an especially serious data lag issue. (Note: For context, look at the blue linedeaths with COVID-19, ages 0-49—and how it increases dramatically as the number of “vaccine” doses—the green and orange lines, representing first and second doses respectively—increase thanks to the mandates.)

Research done by independent investor Kelly Brown, Dowd says, perfectly showcases the Millennial excess mortality phenomenon in Canada. In Brown’s tweet immediately below, he calls on Premier Jason Kenney to address the “public health emergency” in his province, noting “Millennials & young people are dying at a rate 1.5-2.0x higher than is normally expected.”

“I think they knew it was a garbage vaccine, but I don’t think they knew it would kill this many this quickly, and now they’re like ‘Ruh Roh,'” Dowd tells Alexander in the interview. In response, the billionaire speculates the Deep State, big pharma, et al. will do what everyone does when they get caught: double down.

As for what Dowd thinks of Elon Musk’s attempt to purchase Twitter? He says that:

“I’ve been a critic of Elon in the past, but in this instance, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, as they say. I’ve heard from one person on Wall Street—and again, this is not from me, and this is just one point of view—that he supposedly is doing this for all the right reasons. This is isn’t one of his little games or publicity stunts, he truly wants to do this; to create a free-speech platform. Having said that, he’s involved with other things I don’t like, particularly the chip in the head, the robots, the AI, that’s not my thing; I’m not into transhumanism, but, on this issue, he’s read the room correctly. I mean, the man’s a genius at reading sentiment. And he understands that the sentiment right now is that voices are being squashed.

Feature image: InfoWars via Chembuster

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