This Video Compares Prison Population Sizes in Different Countries

In a new video Spanish YouTuber MetaBallStudios uses an enlightening animation to compare the prison population sizes in various countries.

While much of life since 2020 has felt prison-esque—especially for those in heavy blue states or cities—it hasn’t, of course, come close to emulating real prison. For so many people in countries across the globe, however, prison life is real life. In a new edu-tainment video YouTuber MetaBallStudios (MBS) shows us just how many people are dealing with the reality of being locked up in some of the biggest countries in the world.

MBS, an animator named Alvaro Gracia Montoya, recently uploaded the above video to his channel, noting the animation graphically shows the number of people in jails and prisons around the world as of the year 2021. It’s unclear why MBS picked this specific topic to animate, although he’s put together countless comparison videos before. Including ones that’ll make you rethink the size of everything from sea monsters to skyscrapers.

The prison-population comparison begins with countries such as Samoa, Luxembourg, and Iceland, before progressing through larger and more populated ones. Note that each country has a number in parenthesis next to it: this indicates the country’s prison population per 100,000. For example, Qatar has a prison population of (53) people per 100,000.

Image: MetaBallStudios

Toward the end of the two-minute-long video MBS showcases the highest prison populations per capita in the world, with the three following countries taking the number three, two, and one spots respectively: Brazil, China, and, of course, the United States. The U.S., incredibly, has 629 people in prison for every 100,000 citizens. In total, there’s approximately 2.1 million prisoners. Or more than 330,000,000 if the country ever goes into lockdown again.

Feature image: MetaBallStudios

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