I’m a Paying Twitter Blue User Who Got Locked Out—Now Twitter Owes Me Money

I’m a PAYING Twitter Blue subscriber and Twitter locked me out of my account for 12 hours for posting a political article. @twitter now owes me money for lost time. And this disgusting, filthy, corrupt, garbage platform owes money to any other Twitter Blue member who’s ever been locked out too.

On April 18, 2022 Twitter saw fit to lock me out of my account for 12 hours for violating “the Twitter Rules.” While this has happened many times before, however, this time is different. I’m a paying Twitter Blue subscriber now—who makes payments per month—and the social media platform made it impossible for me to use the product for half a day. Now, I want my f&%cking refund.

Before anybody goes wondering if my “political article” had to do with Nazis or pedophilia or something else approximately nefarious, it was, in fact, an article—DEBUNKING—a video propagating the idea that COVID-19 is caused by snake venom in the water. (It’s a surprisingly compelling idea with a good amount of data behind it, but is likely ultimately wrong.)

Does this article I posted—DEBUNKING—a video about COVID-19 being caused by snake venom warrant a lockout for 12 hours? Did I really violate “the Twitter Rules”? According to the rules themselves—below—I did not. Note that the article I posted did not: promote violence or terrorism; promote child sexual exploitation or abuse/harassment; stand as hateful conduct; encourage self-harm or suicide; or do absolutely anything else on the list of (extremely dumb) rules.

As far as agreeing to PAYING FOR TWITTER’S SERVICE with the knowledge that Twitter can lock me out any time it wants—and, presumably, permanently ban my account—it may have happened. Who knows when going through three purchase steps that usually only involve giving personal and financial information. Maybe there was a TOS document somewhere in there. No matter what legalise Twitter uses to C its A, however, it does not make it clear that the company is taking money from a purchaser, yet can suspend the product whenever it deems fit.

So how much are you going to pay me for my lost time on your garbage, corrupt platform, Twitter? Are you going to amortize the cost and give me less than a buck, or do what’s right and comp the entire month?

It’s OK if you don’t have an answer. I’m sure Elon Musk will after he figuratively and literally owns you.

Feature image: Sense Receptor

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